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Posted on November 12, 2009

When I Caem West coverWhen I Came West

Memoir by Laurie Wagner Buyer

University of Oklahoma Press, March 2010

ISBN-10: 0806140593

ISBN-13: 978-0-8061-4059-9

Paperback: 194pp; $14.95

From back cover: As a young college student in the early 1970s, Laurie Wagner had never camped out, never gone hiking, and never lived without electricity or indoor plumbing. Yet she walked away from these comforts and headed for the wildest reaches of Montana to live with a man she had not met in person.


Dialect of a Skirt coverDialect of a Skirt

Poetry by Erica Miriam Fabri

Hanging Loose Press, November 2009

ISBN-10: 1934909106

ISBN-13: 978-1-934909-10-2

Paperback: 88pp; $18.00

This is the first book of poetry from Fabri, a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She received her MFA in poetry from the New School.


The Little General and the Giant Snowflake coverThe Little General and
the Giant Snowflake

Picture Book by Matthea Harvey

Illustrations by Elizabeth Zechel

Tin House Books, November 2009

ISBN-10: 0982053916

ISBN-13: 978-0-9820539-1-1

Hardcover: 64pp; $10.95

From website: In this compelling tale, there is a little general who heads an army called the Realists. Every day he and his troops practice battle formations while the Dreamers, the opposing army, play strange, peaceful games. The little general's soldiers include Sergeant Samantha, who is very tall and wishes the general would pay more attention to her, and Lieutenant Lyle, an imaginative fellow who always seems to get into trouble.


Homicide Survivors Picnic and Other Stories coverHomicide Survivors Picnic
and Other Stories

Fiction by Lorraine M. Lopez

BkMk Press, November 2009

ISBN-10: 1886157723

ISBN-13: 978-1-886157-72-9

Paperback: 163pp; $16.95

This is the latest book by Lopez, who has won the International Latino Book Award and other prizes.


Interfictions 2 coverInterfictions 2

An Anthology of Interstitial Writing

Edited by Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak

Small Beer Press, November 2009

ISBN-10: 1931520615

ISBN-13: 978-193152061-4

Paperback: 302pp; $16.00

From website: Delving deeper into the genre-spanning territory explored in the first Interfictions, this anthology showcases 21 original and innovative writers. Features work by Jeffrey Ford, Brian Francis Slattery, Nin Andrews, and M. Rickert. With an introduction by Henry Jenkins and an afterword/editor interview by Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray.


Seducing Velasquez and Other Plays coverSeducing Velasquez and Other Plays

Drama by Dayana Stetco

ahadada Books, October 2009

ISBN-13: 978-0-9811704-6-6

Paperback: 142pp; $16.95

From website: Dayana Stetco’s plays have been produced in her native country, Romania, the US and the UK. In 2001 she founded the interdisciplinary physical theatre ensemble, The Milena Group. 


New & Noteworthy Books

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November 12, 2009


An Algebra, Dan Bogen (University of Chicago Press) 

Angles of Disorder, Zachary C. Bush (BlazeVOX [books]) 

Blessings and Curses, Anne Whitehouse (Poetic Matrix Press) 

Dialect of a Skirt, Erica Miriam Fabri (Hanging Loose Press) 

Dreaming of Sunflower Fields, Barbara L. Thomas (ahadada books) 

Flay: a book of mu, Caty Sporleder (BlazeVOX [books]) 

Frammenti Della Vita, Ed. Marian Granfield (Fresco Fine Art Publications)

Give, Eat, and Live: Poems of Avvaiyar, Tr. Thomas H. Pruiksma (Red Hen Press) 

The Goddess of Goodbye, James R. Whitley (Word Press) 

Hollerin from this Shack, Grace C. Ocasio (ahadada books) 

Home Test, Gregory Dunne (Adastra Press) 

The Raindrop’s Gospel, Maurya Simon (Elixir Press) 

Stars of the Night Commute, Ana Bozicevic (Tarpaulin Sky Press) 

Sueno(s) for Alejandra, Robert Estep (ahadada books) 

Tips for Domestic Travel, Hayden Saunier (Black Lawrence Press) 

Watching Mother Disappear & Other Poems, Toni Mergentime Levi (Mayapple Press) 

Wild Flight, Christine Rhein (Texas Tech University Press)



Cursing Columbus, Eva Tal (Cinco Puntos Press) 

Every Boat Turns South, J. P. White (The Permanent Press) 

Homicide Survivors Picnic & Other Stories, Lorraine M. Lopez (BkMk Press)

Lift, Rebecca K. O’Connor (Red Hen Press) 

Second Line, Poppy Z. Brite (Small Beer Press) 

Small Kingdoms, Anastasia Hobbet (The Permanent Press)

The Wind Thief, Martha Engber (Alondra Press)



Interfictions 2, Ed. Delia Sherman, Christopher Barzak (Small Beer Press)



Seducing Velasquez and Other Plays, Dayana Stetco (ahadada books)



The Little General and the Giant Snowflake, Matthea Harvey (Tin House Books)

Singing for Mrs. Pettigrew, Michael Morpurgo (Candlewick Press)



Building to Endure, Ed. Paul Lusk, Alf Simon (University of New Mexico Press)

Droppers, Mark Matthews (University of Oklahoma Press) 

Girl in a Library, Kelly Cherry (BkMk Press) 

A Volume of Friendships, Ed. Kristie Miller, Robert McGinnis (Arizona Historical Society) 

When I came West, Laurie Wagner Buyer (University of Oklahoma Press)