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Posted on December 17, 2009

The Vera Wright Trilogy coverThe Vera Wright Trilogy

Novels by Elizabeth Jolley

Persea Books, February 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-89255-325-5

Paperback: 560pp; $19.95

From back cover: This trilogy of autobiographical novels begins in 1939 in wartime England,when seventeen-year-old Vera leaves school against her parents' wishes and becomes a nurse in a military hospital. It follows her through unorthodox passionate entanglements with both men and women, two unwed pregnancies and the hardship of living as a single mother, until, in her thirties [. . .] she migrates to Austrailia to start (and write about) a new life.


0 , 0 cover0°, 0°

Poetry by Amit Majmudar

TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University Press, October 2009

ISBN-10: 0810126265

ISBN-13: 978-0810126268

Paperback: 80pp; $14.95

From website: 0° , 0° is where the equator and prime meridian cross, but it is also, in Amit Majmudar’s poetic cartography, "the one True Cross, the rood’s wood warped and tacked / pole to pole." Unlikely intersections lie at the heart of Amit Majmudar's first collection of poetry. Mythical, biblical, political, and scientific allusion thrive side by side, inspiring surprise and wonder.


In the Presence of the Sun coverIn the Presence of the Sun

Stories and Poems, 1961-1991

Collection by N. Scott Momaday

University of New Mexico Press, October 2009

ISBN-10: 0826348165

ISBN-13: 978-0826348166

Paperback: 184pp; $18.95

In the Presence of the Sun collects 30 years of work by N. Scott Momaday who has been honored with a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and more.


Rudy's Memory Walk coverRudy's Memory Walk

Roosevelt High School Series

YA Fiction by Gloria L. Velasquez

Pinata Books, October 2009

ISBN-10: 1558855939

ISBN-13: 978-1558855939

Paperback: 140pp; $9.95

From website: As Rudy juggles everything going on in his senior year at Roosevelt High School, including his relationship with Juanita and his friends’ attempts to convince him to enroll in college, his feelings of guilt grow. He can’t help but wish he had his room to himself and that life would go back to the way it was before Abuela moved in.  


New & Noteworthy Books

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December 17, 2009


0°, 0°: Poems, Amit Majmudar (TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University Press)

The Ancient Book of Hip, D.W. Lichtenberg (Fourteen Hills)

Boomerang, Brenda Cardenas (Bilingual Press)

The Cormorant Hunter’s Wife, Joan Kane (NorthShore Press)

Dot-to-Dot, Oregon, Sid Miller (Ooligan Press) 

Mayweed, Frannie Lindsay (Word Works) 

The New Century, Ewa Lipska (Northwestern University Press)

Six Lips, Penelope Scambly Schott (Mayapple Press) 



Angel and Apostle, Deborah Noyes (Unbridled Books)

Hot Springs, Geoffrey Becker (Tin House Books)

The Last River Child, Lori Ann Bloomfield (Second Story Press) 

Song Over Quiet Lake, Sarah Felix Burns (Second Story Press)

The Vera Wright Trilogy, Elizabeth Jolley (Persea Books)



In the Presence of the Sun: Stories and Poems, 1961-1991, N. Scott Momaday (University of New Mexico Press)



Rudy’s Memory Walk, Gloria Velasquez (Pinata Books) 


Graphic Novels/Comics

Burn Collector 14, Al Burian (Microcosm Publishing)

My Brain Hurts, Liz Baillie (Microcosm Publishing)



Unemployment, Aaron Lake Smith (Microcosm Publishing)