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Posted on August 19, 2010


At This Distance coverAt This Distance

Poetry by Bette Lynch Husted

Wordcraft of Oregon, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-877655-69-2

Paperback: 104pp; $14.00

New book of poems from the author of Above the Clearwater, finalist for the 2004 Oregon Book Award in Creative Nonfiction. //


Best Western coverBest Western

and Other Poems

Poetry Eric Gudas

Silverfish Review Press, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-878851-57-4

Paperback: 75pp; $14.95

Winner of the 2008 Gerald Cable Book Award


Changing the Subject coverChanging the Subject

Fiction by Stephen-Paul Martin

Ellipsis Press, October,2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-9637536-5-6

Paperback: 204pp; $14.00

From website: Stephen-Paul Martin once again deforms traditional notions of the story, giving us [...] revenge-fantasies, his singular and uncanny brand of the shaggy dog yarn, and uproarious moral tales. //


Extraordinary Renditions coverExtraordinary Renditions

Fiction by Andrew Ervin

Coffee House Press, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-56689-246-9

Paperback: 192pp; $14.95

"Music, war, and imperial ambition touch three lives in this intricately woven story."


Finding the Way Home coverFinding the Way Home

Poems of Awakening and Transformation

Anthology Edited by Dennis Maloney

White Pine Press, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-935210-12-2

Paperback: 220pp; $16.00

The poems in this anthology span two millenniums and draw from various cultures from ancient China, Japan, and India to contemporary America and Europe. //


The Green Corn Rebellion coverThe Green Corn Rebellion

Fiction by William Cunningham

Univ of Oklahoma Press, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-8061-4057-5

Paperback: 256pp; $19.95

From website: First published in 1935, it tells the story of Jim Tetley, who wants simply to be a good farmer — if the banks will only let him. As Jim copes with poverty, family rivalries, and community tensions, he must also weigh the need to respond to the call for armed rebellion.


Hard Grass coverHard Grass

Life on the Crazy Woman Bison Ranch

Nonfiction by Mary Zeiss Stange

Univ of New Mexico Press, August 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-8263-4613-1

Hardcover: 320pp; $27.95

Colorful tales explore complexity of ranch life in Modern America. //


Here Comes Another Lesson coverHere Comes Another Lesson

Fiction by Stephen O'Connor

Free Press, August 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-4394-8199-7

Paperback: 305pp; $15.00

In these stories, O'Connor "depicts a world that no longer quite makes sense." //


A Novel Bookstore coverA Novel Bookstore

Fiction by Laurence Cosse

Europa Editions, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-933372-82-2

Paperback: 416pp; $15.00

Ivan, a one-time world traveler, and Francesca, a ravishing Italian heiress, are the owners of a bookstore that is anything but ordinary. Rebelling against the business of bestsellers and in search of an ideal place where their literary dreams can come true, Ivan and Francesca open a store where the passion for literature is given free reign. Tucked away in a corner of Paris, the store offers its clientele a selection of literary masterpieces chosen by a top-secret committee of likeminded literary connoisseurs. To their amazement, after only a few months, the little dream store proves a success. And that is precisely when their troubles begin. //


Now Lays the Sunshine By coverNow Lays the Sunshine By

Poetry by Andrew Hughes

BookThug, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-897388-58-7

Paperback: 89pp; $18.00

First collection of poetry from editor of Tight.


The Physics of Imaginary Objects coverThe Physics of Imaginary Objects

Fiction by Tina May Hall

Univ of Pittsburgh Press, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-8229-4398-3

Hardcover: 147pp; $24.95

Short story collection selected by Renata Adler for the Drue Heinz Literature Prize.


Poets on Teaching coverPoets on Teaching

A sourcebook

Nonfiction edited by Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Univ of Iowa Press, August 2010

ISBN-10: 1-58729-904-6

Paperback: 344pp; $29.95

In response to a lack of source works for wide-ranging approaches to teaching poetry, award-winning poet Joshua Marie Wilkinson has gathered ninety-nine micro-essays for poets, critics, and scholars who teach and for students who wish to learn about the many ways poets think about how a poem comes alive from within—and beyond—a classroom.


Riding with Destiny coverRiding with Destiny

Poetry by Jayne Lyn Stahl

NYQ Books, April 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-935520-26-9

Paperback: 112pp; $14.95

"[V]ibrant imagery combines with streetwise wit." //


Robin Blaser coverRobin Blaser

Nonfiction by Stan Persky, Brian Fawcett

New Star Books, June 2010

ISBN-13: 978-155420-052-8

Paperback: 128pp; $16.00

Two writers write about Robin Blaser as a poet, teacher, and mentor. //


Sarah - Of Fragments and Lines coverSarah - Of Fragments and Lines

Poetry by Julie Carr

Coffee House Press, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-56689-251-3

Paperback: 74pp; $16.00

Selected by Eileen Myles for the National Poetry Series


Seoul Bus Poems coverSeoul Bus Poems

Poetry by Jim Goar

Reality Street Editions, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-874400-46-2

Paperback: 57pp; £7.50

"These poems were written in Seoul, South Korea, 2004-07. While most began on a bus, one began in Bangkok and others in rooms between Yonsei University and Bongwon-sa." //


Tales of Woe coverTales of Woe

Nonfiction by John Reed

MTV Press, August 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-57687-540-7

Hardcover: 199pp; $20.00

Contains "twenty-five short essays of cultural reportage" and features more than 45 pages of original art from eleven artists.


Thin Kimono coverThin Kimono

Poetry by Michael Earl Craig

Wave Books, September 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-933517-46-9

Paperback: 128pp; $14.00

Thin Kimono continues Michael Earl Craig's singular breed of … absurdist poetry … slanting the realities of daily existence.”


Visitation coverVisitation

Novel by Jenny Erpenbeck

Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky

New Directions Books, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-8112-1835-1

Paperback: 150pp; $14.95

New English translation of book by prestigious German author.


We Know What We Are coverWe know what we are

Chapbook by Mary Hamilton

Rose Metal Press, 2010

Paperback: 36pp; $12.00

Winner of the Rose Metal Fourth Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest judged by Dinty W. Moore.


World News Story coverWorld News Story

Poetry by Michael Woods

BookThug, 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1897388525

Paperback: 111pp; $20.00

The writing in this collection experiments with the stories of conflicts, border disputes, elections, revolutions and other matters of world politics and affairs as told by contemporary media.


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August 19, 2010


Finding the Way Home, Ed. Dennis Maloney, White Pine Press //

One Word, Ed. Molly McQuade, Sarabande Books //



We know what we are, Mary Hamilton, Rose Metal Press



Changing the Subject, Stephen-Paul Martin, Ellipsis Press //

Extraordinary Renditions, Andrew Ervin, Coffee House Press

The Green Corn Rebellion, William Cunningham, Univ of Oklahoma Press

Here Comes Another Lesson, Stephen O'Connor, Free Press //

Horse, Flower, Bird, Kate Bernheimer, Coffee House Press

A Novel Bookstore, Laurence Cosse, Europa Editions //

The Physics of Imaginary Objects, Tina May Hall, Univ of Pittsburgh Press

Rivers Last Longer, Richard Burgin, Texas Review Press //

Trio, Eve La Salle Caram, Plain View Press //

Visitation, Jenny Erpenbeck, New Directions Books

War and Music, Max Evans, Univ of New Mexico Press //



Daring Steps, Ringu Tulku, Snow Lion Publications //

Hard Grass, Mary Zeiss Stange, Univ of New Mexico Press //

Poets on Teaching, Ed. Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Univ of Iowa Press

Robin Blaser, Stan Persky, Brian Fawcett, New Star Books //

Tales of Woe, John Reed, MTV Press



10 Mississippi, Steve Healey, Coffee House Press

The Alchemist's Kitchen, Susan Rich, White Pine Press //

At This Distance, Bette Lynch Husted, Wordcraft of Oregon //

Bathsheba Transatlantic , Sarah Wetzel, Anhinga Press //

Best Western, Eric Gudas, Silverfish Review Press

Blood Writing, Sean Sexton, Anhinga Press //

BRICKBRICKBRICK, Mark Laliberte, BookThug //

Going to Seed, Charles Goodrich, Silverfish Review Press //

The Last Lie, Tony Gloeggler, NYQ Books

The Livelihood of Crows, Jayne Pupek, Mayapple Press //

Nativity, Lasana M. Sekou, House of Nehesi Publishers //

Now Lays the Sunshine By, Andrew Hughes, BookThug

The Puzzle Master, F.D. Reeve, NYQ Books //

Riding with Destiny, Jayne Lyn Stahl, NYQ Books //

Sarah - Of Fragments and Lines, Julie Carr, Coffee House Press

Seoul Bus Poems, Jim Goar, Reality Street Editions //

The Still Position, Barbara Blatner, NYQ Books //

Thin Kimono, Michael Earl Craig, Wave Books

Tracelanguage, Mark Goldstein, BookThug //

World News Story, Michael Woods, BookThug

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