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Posted on 26 January 2012


After Image coverAfterimage

Cross-Genre by Damon Krukowski, Naomi Yang

Ugly Duckling Presse, December 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-933254-88-3

Paperback: 80pp; $15.00

A hybrid of lyrical poetry and nonfiction memoir, Afterimage is the testimonial of the son of a survivor of war. The text thinks through a problem prompted by confusions between the author's imagination and his father's history: "Do we only tell each other's stories? Ask others to tell our own? Can we tell our own? Or is that what stories are for—to tell someone else's, and allow another to tell yours?" Naomi Yang’s subtle, quiet photographs bookend the text.


American Mastadon coverAmerican Mastodon

Poetry by Brad Ricca

Black Lawrence Press, December 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-9828766-2-6

Paperback: 62pp; $14.00

Here is an America of absences, monsters, perfect sandwiches, and opposites. Here Sasquatch hides in Sears at Christmas. The night sky remembers a dog that died in orbit, compliments of the Soviets. And here, in the beginning, a five-foot-four human girl was sniffed for by hounds that stayed on Earth. Brad Ricca was born and lives in Cleveland. He teaches at Case Western Reserve University, where he got his Ph.D. in literature and was managing editor of The Emily Dickinson Journal. He produced a documentary film called Last Son (2009) and has a book about Superman forthcoming from St. Martin’s Press. American Mastodon is his first book of poems and was the winner of the 2009 St. Lawrence Book Award.


Country Album coverCountry Album

Poetry by James Capozzi

Parlor Press, December 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1602352773

Paperback: 82pp; $14.00

James Capozzi was born in West Milford, New Jersey. He attended The College of New Jersey and The University of Texas at Austin, where he was a founding editor of Bat City Review and the recipient of a James A. Michener Fellowship. Country Album is the winner of the 2010 New Measure Poetry Prize. He lives in Binghamton, New York, where he is a PhD candidate.


Drastic Dislocations coverDrastic Dislocations

New and Selected Poems

Poetry by Barry Wallenstein

NYQ Books, February 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-935520-43-6

Paperback: 226pp; $18.95

Barry Wallenstein was born in New York City. He received his PhD in modern poetry from New York University in 1972. Early poems first appeared in 1964 and since then six collections of poetry have been published; this new volume includes the author’s choices from each of these previous books. In the early 1970s he began collaborating with jazz artists in the performance and recording of his poetry, and he continues to perform with musicians internationally. From 1965 until 2006 he taught literature and writing at the City College of New York where he founded The Poetry Outreach Center, in which he continues to be involved as Professor Emeritus. He currently resides with his wife, Lorna, on Riverside Drive close to where he lived as a child. He lives part of each year in an old log house in the Catskills.


Hagar Before the Occupation, Hagar After the Occupation coverHagar Before the Occupation,
Hagar After the Occupation

Poetry by Amal al-Jabouri

Translated from the Arabic by Rebecca Gayle Howell, Husam Qaisi

Alice James Books, November 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-882295-89-0

Paperback: 160pp; $17.50

Amal al-Jubouri, a native of Iraq, is the author of five collections of poetry in Arabic. Also an active literary translator, she is the founder and editor of East West Publishing, a press with the mission to introduce works of international literature into the Iraqi literary scene. In 1997, she took refuge in Germany after being listed as #1 on Uday Hussein’s list of renegade Iraqi writers, but returned to live in Baghdad after the fall of the Ba’ath Party. Today she lives and writes in Berlin.


Higher Ground coverHigher Ground

Fiction by James Nolan

Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette, October 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1935754060

Paperback: 271pp; $20.00

Winner of the William Faulkner-Wisdom Gold Medal in the novel. Higher Ground is a comic noir novel that begins five months after a hurricane has devastated New Orleans. Nicole Naquin, home for the first time in decades, is living next door to her mother, an elderly evacuee from Lakeview reduced to pushing pills in a French Quarter gay bar. On the day Nicole’s brother is killed in a drive-by shooting, she crashes her car into her high-school sweetheart’s FEMA trailer, igniting a sexy romance among the ruins. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Vinnie Panarello works at furious cross-purposes with hippie sleuth Gary Cherry to find the brother’s killer.


The Hudson Line coverThe Hudson Line

Poetry by Margo Taft Stever

Main Street Rag Pub Co, January 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-59948-338-2

Paperback: 40pp; $10.00

Margo Taft Stever is the founder and board member of The Hudson Valley Writers' Center and founding editor of Slapering Hol Press. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including The Cincinnati Review, Webster Review, New England Review, Connecticut Review, among others. Her articles, essays, and reviews are found in the CT Review, Minnesota Review, Rain Taxi Review, Poets & Writers, and elsewhere. Her book Frozen Spring was the winner of the Mid-List Press First Series Award for Poetry and was published in 2002. Reading the Night Sky (introduction by Denise Levertov) won the 1996 Riverstone Poetry Chapbook Competition.


The Life of an Unknown Man coverThe Life of an Unknown Man

Fiction by Andrei Makine

Translated from the French by Geoffrey Strachan

Graywolf Press, June 2012

ISBN-13: 9781555976149

Paperback: 192pp; $15.00

In The Life of an Unknown Man, Andreï Makine explores what truly matters in life through the prism of Russia’s past and present. Shutov, a disenchanted writer, revisits St. Petersburg after twenty years of exile in Paris, hoping to recapture his youth. Instead, he meets Volsky, an old man who tells him his extraordinary story: of surviving the siege of Leningrad, the march on Berlin, and Stalin’s purges, and of a transcendent love affair. Volsky’s life is an inspiration to Shutov—because for all that he suffered, he knew great happiness. This depth of feeling stands in sharp contrast to the empty lives Shutov encounters in the new Russia, and to his own life, that of just another unknown man…


The Odditorium coverThe Odditorium

Fiction by Melissa Pritchard

Bellevue Literary Press, January 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1934137376

Paperback: 252pp; $14.95

In each of these eight lyrical and baroque tales, Melissa Pritchard transports readers into spine-tingling milieus that range from the astounding realm of Robert LeRoy Ripley’s “odditoriums” to the courtyard where Edgar Allan Poe once played as a child. Whether she is setting the famed figures of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, including Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull, against the real, genocidal history of the American West, or contrasting the luxurious hotel where British writer Somerset Maugham stayed with the modern-day brothels of India, her stories illuminate the many ways history and architecture exert exert powerful forces upon human consciousness.


Open Winter coverOpen Winter

Poetry by Rae Gouirand

Bellday Books, November 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-9793376-4-2

Paperback: 84pp; $14.00

Winner of the 2011 Bellday Poetry Prize. Rae Gouirand's poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Boston Review, Columbia, The Kenyon Review: KROnline, Seneca Review, Bateau, jubilat, two recent volumes of the Best New Poets series, and on Verse Daily. The winner of the Avery Jules Hopwood Award, the Meijer Fellowship, fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center and the Santa Fe Art Institute, and an award from the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Foundation for outstanding work by emerging poets, she lives in Davis, California and serves as Writer-in-Residence for the Cache Creek Conservancy.


New & Noteworthy Books
Full list of new & noteworthy books received

26 January 2012


The Best of Barefoot Muse Poetry Anthology, Ed. Anna Evans, Barefoot Muse Press

Califlora, Ed. Terry Beers, Heyday Books

The Vanishing Point That Whistles: An Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Poetry, Ed. Paul Muger, et al, Talisman House


Children's/YA Fiction

The Lemon Tree Caper, Rene Saldana, Jr., Piñata Books



Afterimage, Damon Krukowski, Naomi Yang, Ugly Duckling Presse


Children in Reindeer Woods, Kristin Omarsdottir, Open Letter

Country of the Bad Wolfes, James Carlos Blake, Cinco Puntos Press

The Day Before Happiness, Erri De Luca, Other Press

Falcons on the Floor, Justin Sirois, Publishing Genius

The Fourth Fog, Chris Daniels, Lilies & Cannonballs Review Books

Glorious Nemesis, Ladislav Klima, Twisted Spoon Press

The Heat and Hot Earth, Adam Gnade, Punch Drunk Press

Higher Ground, James Nolan, Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette Press

Hollywood Boulevard, Janyce Stefan-Cole, Unbridled Books

I Have Blinded Myself Writing This, Jess Stoner, Short Flight/Long Drive Books

In the Shade of the Shady Tree: Stories of Wheatbelt Australia, John Kinsella, Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press

The Life of an Unknown Man, Andrei Makine, Graywolf Press

The Liminal People, Ayize Jama-Everett, Small Beer Press

A Long-Forgotten Truth, Rachel Ballard, Rozlyn Press

My First Suicide, Jerzy Pilch, Open Letter

The Odditorium, Melissa Pritchard, Bellevue Literary Press

Something in My Eye, Michael Jeffrey Lee, Sarabande Books

Vladimir's Mustache, Stephan Eirik Clark, Russian Life Books

We Are Taking Only What We Need, Stephanie Powell Watts, BkMk Press

The World of a Few Minutes Ago, Jack Driscoll, Wayne State Univ Press


Graphic Novel

The Story of Buddha: A Graphic Biography, Hisashi Ota, Ichimannendo Publishing



The Patron Saint of Dreams, Philip Gerard, Hub City Press

The Poetry of Thought: From Hellenism to Celan, George Steiner, New Directions Books

The Severed Head: Capital Visions, Julia Kristeva, Columbia Univ Press

A Silence of Mockingbirds: The Memoir of a Murder, Karen Spears Zacharias, MacAdam/Cage Pub



American Mastodon, Brad Ricca, Black Lawrence Press

Babel's Moon, Brandon Som, Tupelo Press

Burn Pit, Mary Armstrong, Slapering Hol Press

Country Album, James Capozzi, Parlor Press

The Curiosities, Brittany Perham, Parlor Press

Diving Divas, Ed. Michael Montlack, Lethe Press

Drastic Dislocations: New and Selected Poems, Barry Wallenstein, NYQ Books

Errancities, Quincy Troupe, Coffee House Press

Fat Girl, Jessie Carty, Sibling Rivalry Press

Gaze, Christopher Howell, Milkweed Editions

Hagar Before the Occupation, Hagar After the Occupation, Amal al-Jabouri, Alice James Books

Heavy Petting, Gregory Sherl, YesYes Books

The Hudson Line, Margo Taft Stever, Main Street Rag Pub Co

I Live Here Now, Jackie Clark, Lame House Press

The Joy of the Nearly Old, Rosalind Brackenbury, Hanging Loose Press

Kibbe, Susan Azar Porterfield, Mayapple Press

Marginalia for a Natural History, Keith Taylor, Black Lawrence Press

Messages, Poems & Interviews, Piotr Gwiazda, Pond Road Press

Murder Ballad, Jane Springer, Alice James Books

O Dear Deer, Linda Dove, Squall Press

Open Winter, Rae Gouirand, Bellday Books

Panic Attack, USA, Nate Slawson, YesYes Books

Pity the Beautiful, Dana Gioia, Graywolf Press

Poland at the Door, Evelyn Posamentier, Knives forks and Spoons Press

Silver, Jason McCall, Main Street Rag Pub Co

Slur Ouevre, James D'Agostino, New Michigan Press

Sonics in Warholia, Megan Volpert, Sibling Rivalry Press

Sudden Dog, Matthew Pennock, Alice James Books

That Thread Still Connecting Us, Joseph Green, MoonPath Press

There's Jews in Texas?, Debra L. Winegarten, Poetica Publishing Co

An Unchanging Blue, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Parlor Press

Unsteady, Monique Ferrell, NYQ Books

When the Only Light is Fire, Saeed Jones, Sibling Rivalry Press

White Papers, Martha Collins, Univ of Pittsburgh Press

Yusuf and the Lotus Flower, Doyali Farah Islam, Buschek Books



Dwelling Portably Collection #5, Bert, Holly Davis, Microcosm Pub

Everything Dies #7, Box Brown, Microcosm Pub

Railroad Semantics #1: Eugene, Portland, Pocatello, and Back!, Aaron Dactyl, Microcosm Pub

Simple History: Hawaii (1778-1959), From Western Discovery to Statehood, J Gerlach, Microcosm Pub

Simple History: The Congo, A European Invention, J Gerlach, Microcosm Pub

Simple History: The Spanish Civil War, J Gerlach, Microcosm Pub

Xerography Debt #29, David Breier, Microcosm Pub

Zinester's Guide to Portland 5th Edition!: A Low/No Budget Guide to Living in and Visiting Portland, OR, Nate, Shawn Beaty, Granton, Microcosm Pub