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Posted on January 17, 2013

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All Standing coverAll Standing

The Remarkable Story of the Jeanie Johnston,
The Legendary Irish Famine Ship

Nonfiction by Kathryn Miles

The Free Press, January 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1451610130

Hardcover: 256pp; $26.00

All Standing recounts the journeys of a famous ship, her heroic crew, and the immigrants who were ferried between Ireland and North America in an attempt to flee the Irish famine. More than one hundred thousand of them would die aboard one of the five thousand aptly named “coffin ships.” But in the face of horrific losses, a small ship named the Jeanie Johnston never lost a passenger. Why did these individuals succeed when so many others failed? Using newspaper accounts, rare archival documents, and her own experience sailing as an apprentice aboard the recently re-created Jeanie Johnston, Kathryn Miles tells the story of these extraordinary people and the revolutionary milieu in which they set sail.

Black Crow Dress coverBlack Crow Dress

Poetry by Roxanne Beth Johnson

Alice James Books, January 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1882295951

Paperback: 80pp; $15.95

A haunting collection of lyrically intense persona poems, Black Crow Dress is at once about the emancipation of slaves in their myriad voices as well as a meditation on the self. The collection’s lush imagery takes us from churchyard to church, chanting the old spirituals, as Roxane Beth Johnson seeks to embody the spirits of the dead: Clea, Caroline, and Zebedee.

Diadem coverDiadem

Selected Poems

Poetry by Marosa di Giorgio

Adam Giannelli - Spanish

BOA Editions, November 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-934414-97-2

Paperback: 170pp; $16.00

Marosa di Giorgio has one of the most distinct and recognizable voices in Latin American poetry. Her surreal and fable-like prose poems invite comparison to Franz Kafka, Julio Cortázar, or even contemporary American poets Russell Edson and Charles Simic. But di Giorgio’s voice, imagery, and themes—childhood, the Uruguayan countryside, a perception of the sacred—are her own. Previously written off as “the mad woman of Uruguayan letters,” di Giorgio’s reputation has blossomed in recent years. Translator Adam Giannelli’s careful selection of poems spans the enormous output of di Giorgio’s career to help further introduce English-language readers to this vibrant and original poet.

For the Star that May have Died coverFor the Star that May Have Died

Poetry by Nicole Andonov

NYQ Books, November 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-935520-73-3

Paperback: 106pp; $14.95

For the Star that May Have Died is Nicole Andonov’s first full-length book. Collecting numerous chapbooks and 81 years of life experience this book shares intimate moments of her life as an immigrant and an American as well as her reactions to chaotic events that have touched us all, from 9/11 to climate change. Using a variety of styles but a singular, strong voice, she snapshots her way through this lived life with wonder, irreverence, and occasional sadness.

Goldfish and Rose coverGoldfish and Rose

Poetry by Robert Hershon

Hanging Loose Press, March 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1934909300

Paperback: 80pp; $18.00

This is Robert Hershon’s thirteenth poetry collection, his other most recent titles being Calls from the Outside World and The German Lunatic. His work has appeared in American Poetry Review, The Brooklyn Rail, Vanitas, The Nation, and The Recluse, among many others, and he has written for the websites of The Poetry Foundation and Best American Poetry.

Little Oblivion coverLittle Oblivion

Poetry by Susan Allspaw

Elixir Press, March 2013

ISBN-13: 978-1932418477

Paperback: 104pp; $17.00

Winner of the Judge’s Prize from the Elixir Press 12th Annual Poetry Awards, Susan J. Allspaw’s debut collection brims with exquisitely textured poems that capture the essence of Antarctica’s stark beauty. In Little Oblivion, we find a place saturated with such whiteness that “the sky bleeds into the earth / so that a whole body becomes a palindrome.” These luminous poems sweep panoramically across mesmerizing landscapes while meditating on the human condition through deep and reverent encounters with the natural world. “White will follow me everywhere,” says the speaker in one of the poems. After reading Little Oblivion, white will follow us, too.

Paranoia coverParanoia

Fiction by Victor Martinovich

Translated from the Russian by Diane Nemec Ignashev

Northwestern University Press, March 2013

ISBN-13: 978-0-8101-2876-7

Paperback: 296pp; $21.95

Banned in Belarus two days after it was published, Paranoia is a harrowing journey into one of the world’s last closed societies. The book never mentions Belarus or its capital, Minsk, but the setting is unmistakable. Paranoia is a timeless story of doomed romance between a young man, Anatoly, and a mysterious young woman he notices at a café. Their whirlwind romance draws Anatoly into a world of privilege and danger, as he discovers that the third party in their love triangle is the omnipotent and omniscient head of state security.

The President in Her Towers coverThe President in Her Towers

Fiction by Tom Whalen

Ellipsis Press, February 2013

ISBN-13: 978-0-9637536-7-0

Paperback: 176pp; $14.00

Through the corridors of the university’s Humanities and Sciences Towers, rumors are swirling about the President: her bizarre decrees, her midnight meetings, her strange projects (the Head-in-Progress, the Activated Eye, the Gestation Chamber). The President’s dedicated personal assistant, Thomas (a.k.a. Herr Abjectus), is charged with investigating and reporting on these and other matters, but it won’t be easy—especially since the President has disappeared. And now there is a new rumor: that she has been marked for assassination.

Wally coverWally

Fiction by Don Peteroy

Burrow Press, October 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0-9849538-1-3

Paperback: 206pp; $12.00

Charming, manic Wally Tiparoy has done something awful to his wife, Elizabeth, and he’s determined to prevent it from happening again. Knowing that his problem is too big for medication or psychoanalysts, Wally takes Elizabeth’s Honda and puts all his faith in a therapeutic road trip from Cincinnati to Inuvik, the northernmost town on the continent.


Full list of new & forthcoming books received

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Posted January 17, 2013


Bite: An Anthology of Flash Fiction, Ed. Katey Schultz, John Carr Walker, Trachodon Publishing

Daughters of Icarus, Ed. Josie Brown, Pink Narcissus Press

Have a NYC: New York Short Stories, Ed. Peter Carlaftes, Kat Georges, Three Rooms Press

Homage to Etel Adnan, Ed. Lindsey Boldt, Steve Dickison, Samantha Giles, Post-Apollo Press

Monsters: A Collection of Literary Sightings, Ed. B.J. Hollars, Pressgang

Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents The Art of the Short Story, Ed. Lorin Stein & Sadie Stein, Picador USA

The People's Apocalypse, Ed. Ariel Gore & Jenny Forrester, Microcosm Pub

Woven Voices: 3 Generations of Puertorriquena Poets Look at Their American Lives, Anita Velez-Mitchell, Gloria Vando, Anika Paris, Ed. Linda Rodriguez, Scapegoat Press



25 Sightings of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, Re'Lynn Hansen, Firewheel Editions

A Disturbance in the Air, Michele Poulos, Slapering Hol Press

The Genius of J. Robert Oppenheimer, William Tod Seabrook, Firewheel Editions

A Note on the Text, Seth Landman, above/ground Press

Parapagus, Roland Prevost, above/ground Press

Parlor, Sarah Mangold, above/ground Press

Poem beginning with a line by Pinder, Rob McLennan, above/ground Press

The River is Blind, Allison Grayhurst, above/ground Press

Rumor of Hope, Laurel Mills, Encircle Publications

A Special Gun for Elephant Hunting, Howie Good, Dog on a Chain Press

The Sultan, The Skater, The Bicycle Maker, Cindy Hunter Morgan, Ledge Press

A Web of Holes, Shannon Maguire, above/ground Press



Ashes Rain Down: A Story Cycle, William Luvaas, Spuyten Duyvil

The Consummation of Dirk, Jonathan Callahan, Dzanc Books

The Dervish, Frances Kazan, Opus

Here Is How It Happens, Spencer Dew, Ampersand Books

In a World of Small Truths, Ray Morrison, Press 53

In Times of Fading Light, Eugen Ruge, Graywolf Press

Jagannath, Karin Tidbeck, Cheeky Frawg Books

Loving You the Way I Do, Ron Savage, Black Lawrence Press

Make It, Take It, Rus Bradburd, Cinco Puntos Press

Mariposa's Song, Peter LaSalle, Texas Tech Univ Press

Morning Crafts, Tito Perdue, Arktos Media Ltd.

Other Life Forms, Julia Glassman, Dinah Press

Paranoia, Victor Martinovich, Northwestern Univ Press

The President in Her Towers, Tom Whalen, Ellipsis Press

Third Wife, Jiri Klobouk, Rain Mountain Press

Twitching Heart, Matt Mendez, Floricanto Press

Wally, Don Peteroy, Burrow Press


Graphic Novel

Peck and Pock: A Graphic Poem, Kathleen Driskell, Fleur-de-Lis Press



All Standing: The Remarkable Story of the Jeanie Johnston, The Legendary Irish Famine Ship, Kathryn Miles, The Free Press

The Arvon Book of Crime and Thriller Writing, Michelle Spring, Laurie R. King, Bloomsbury Publishing, Beat Poetry, Larry Beckett, Shabda Press

C. S. Lewis and the Middle Age, Robert Boenig, Kent State Univ Press

Everyday Bicycling: How to ride a bike for transportation (whatever your lifestyle), Elly Blue, Cantankerous Titles

Evolved: Chronicles of a Pleistocene Mind, John Alcock, Torrey House Press

Gathering Noise from My Life: A Camouflaged Memoir, Donald Anderson, Univ of Iowa Press

The Hemingway Short Story: A Study in Craft for Writers and Readers, Robert Paul Lamb, Louisiana State Univ Press

Iranian and Diasporic Literature in the 21st Century: A Critical Study, Daniel Grassian, McFarland

Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Charles R. Cross, It Books

Unshakable Spirit: Stories of Compassion and Wisdom, Kentetsu Takamori, Ichimannendo Publishing

Vivd and Continuous: Essays and Exercises for Writing Fiction, John McNally, Univ of Iowa Press

Writing 21st Century Fiction: High Impact Techniques for Exceptional Storytelling, Donald Maass, Writer's Digest Books



Aphoria, Jackie Clark, Brooklyn Arts Press

Black Crow Dress, Roxanne Beth Johnson, Alice James Books

A Bouquet: Of Czech Folktales, Karel Jaromir Erben, Twisted Spoon Press

A Cup of Water Turns into a Rose, Lawrence Raab, Adastra Press

Diadem: Selected Poems, Marosa di Giorgio, BOA Editions

Elseplace, Laurie Filipelli, Brooklyn Arts Press

For the Star that Many Have Died, Nicole Andonov, NYQ Books

Goldfish and Rose, Robert Hershon, Hanging Loose Press

Instructions for Preparing Your Skin, Ariana Nadia Nash, Anhinga Press

Light at Point Reyes, Joan I. Siegel, Shabda Press

Little Oblivion, Susan Allspaw, Elixir Press

The Messenger, Stephanie Pippin, Univ of Iowa Press

nomad of salt and hard water, Cynthia Dewi Oka, Dinah Press

Pinol: Poems, Sayra Pinto, Shabda Press

Portuguese, Brandon Shimoda, Tin House Books

Salem in Séance, Susana H. Case, WordTech Editions

Samsara, Erica Anzalone, Noemi Press

School of the Americas, David Rigsbee, Black Lawrence Press

Tables, Alfred Corn, Press 53

We Are the Bus, James McKean, Texas Review Press

What We Ask of Flesh, Remica L. Bingham, Etruscan Press

What We Did With Old Moons, M. V. Montgomery, Winter Goose Publishing


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