Bookstores in Pennsylvania

A guide to the best independent
Pennsylvania bookstores


Moravian Book Shop & Gift Gallery - 428 Main St. - (610) 866-5481 or (888) 661-2888

Bryn Mawr

Main Point Books - 1041 West Lancaster Ave. - (610) 525-1480


Whistlestop Bookshop - 129 W. High St. - (717) 243-4744


Booktenders' Secret Garden Children's Bookstore & Gallery - 42 E. State St. Rear Plaza East - (215) 348-7160 - Children's books

The Doylestown Bookshop - 16 S. Main St. - (215) 230-7610 - New & Used books


Hooked on Books

3701 William Penn Hwy
Phone: (610) 438-4464
Type: Used books
Find us: Facebook

We are a used book store in Palmer Township. We have over 30,000 books from many different genres. Come by and get yourself Hooked on a Book or two!

Quadrant Book Mart & Coffee House

20 N. Third St.
Phone: (610) 252-1188
Type: Used books
Sidelines: Cafe/Food


Let's Play Books - 379 Main St. - (610) 928-8600 - Children's Books

Now And Then Books - 56 S. 4th St. - (610) 966-3114 - Used, Rare, Out-of-Print books


Pages of the Past - 13 Baltimore St. - (717) 334-0572 - Specialty: History


The Reader's Cafe - 125 Broadway - (717) 630-2524


Harleysville Books - 680 Main St. - (215) 256-9311


Midtown Scholar Bookstore - 1302 N. Third St. - (717) 236-1680

Transit News - Harrisburg PATransit News

Harrisburg Transportation Ctr. 4th & Market St.
Phone: (717) 232-7775
Type: New books
Specialty: Literary, Regional, Railroad Books
Sidelines: Coffee/Tea, Gifts, Greeting Cards/Postcards, Magazines/Newspapers, Toys/Games

Transit News is the world's best train station newsstand. In addition to regular newsstand fare, we keep more than 300 classic paperback titles in stock and have everything a traveler needs. Snacks, food, great coffee, soft drinks, souvenirs, train toys, phone chargers, and more. Books of regional interest and about trains for children and older train enthusiasts are also offered. Our collection of more than 1600 train songs serves as the shop's background music.


Children's Book World - 17 Haverford Station Rd. - (610) 642-6274 - Children's books


Cathy's Half Price Books - 7 Manoa Shopping Ctr - (610) 924-0993 - Used books

Kennet Square

Willow on State - 331 E. State St. - (610) 444-8020 - Used, Rare, Antique books


Firefly Bookstore - 230 W. Main St. - (484) 648-2712 - New & Used books


Five Stone Bookstore - 2264 Lebanon Valley Mall - (717) 272-3333 - New & Used books


Second Chapter Books - 139 E. Main St. - (724) 238-7933


Aaron's Books - 35 E. Main St. - (717) 627-1990 - Used & New books


Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop - Mechanicsburg PAMechanicsburg Mystery Books & Gifts

6 Clouser Rd.
Phone: (717) 795-7470
Type: Primarily used books with new books
Specialty: Mystery
Sidelines: Magazines/Newspapers, Toys/Games
Events: Author Signings, Readings
Find us: Facebook

Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop has specialized in Mystery, Spy, Thriller and Horror books since 1990. Our inventory also includes true crime/forensics. Located in south central Pennsylvania, our shelves are filled with new and used books by authors ranging from Agatha Christie to Arthur Conan Doyle ... James Patterson to Tess Gerritsen. We offer themed gift baskets starting at $30. On our website, we offer not only a complete range of mystery, spy, thriller and horror ... you can order anything from books on antiques and collectibles to gardening.

New Hope

Farley's Bookshop - New Hope PAFarley's Bookshop

44 S. Main St.
Phone: (215) 862-2452
Type: New books
Specialty: General Interest
Sidelines: Artwork, Gifts, Greeting Cards/Postcards
Events: Author Signings, Readings
Find us: Facebook // Twitter // Blog

We are a large family run independent bookstore that has been in business for 47 years. We are a general purpose bookstore with a large selection of small presses. We have a cat.


Newtown Bookshop Newtown PAThe Newtown Bookshop

2835 S. Eagle Rd.
Phone: (215) 968-2400
Type: New books
Specialty: General Interest, Children's
Sidelines: Greeting Cards/Postcards, Magazines/Newspapers, Gifts, Toys/Games
Find Us: Facebook

Newtown Bookshop is an independent bookshop with its location in the Village of Newtown Shopping Center. We offer a great selection of books, unique gifts and greeting cards and a staff that helps you find that perfect book!


Big Blue Marble Bookstore - 551 Carpenter Ln. - (215) 844-1870

Black & Nobel - 1409 W. Erie Ave. - (215) 965-1559 - African American

Brickbat Books - 709 S. 4th St. - (215) 592-1207 - Used books

Giovanni's Room - Philadelphia PAGiovanni's Room

345 S. 12th St.
Phone: (215) 923-2960
Type: Primarily new books with used books
Sidelines: Coffee/Tea, Curiosities, Gifts, Greeting Cards/Postcards, Magazines/Newspapers
Specialty: Feminist, GLBT
Events: Author Signings, Readings 
Find us: Facebook // Twitter

There’s no better place to see the breadth and depth of lgbt culture. Our staff has, collectively, more than 100 years’ experience with our books, magazines, and movies, . Our regular announcements of new books and movies comprise the most up to date and complete listings of materials in our subjects available anywhere. Our website, broken into lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual sections, organizes by year and subject (fiction, parenting, etc.) almost all the books we’ve received going back about five years.

Head House Books - 619 2nd St. - (215) 923-9525

House of Our Own Bookstore - Philadelphia PAHouse of Our Own

4526  Spruce St.
Phone: (215) 222-1576
Type: Primarily used books with new books
Specialty: General Interest, Alternative/Political, Educational, Feminist, Literary

Our shop is located on two floors of a quiet, comfortable Victorian house on the edge of the University of Pennsylvania campus. The large stock of general and scholarly books is divided between new and used, and is well-organized and categorized.

Joseph Fox Bookshop - 1724 Sansom St. - (215) 563-4184

Penn Book Center - 130 S. 34th St. - (215) 222-7600 - General books

Pilothouse Nautical Books - 3 N. Columbus Blvd. - (267) 773-7858 - Specialty: Nautical/Maritime/Charts

Wooden Shoe Books & Records

704 South St.
Phone: (215) 413-0999
Type: New books
Specialty: Alternative/Political, Children's, Feminist, GLBT, Cultural Studies, Speculative Fiction
Sidelines: Artwork, Curiosities, Gifts, Greeting Cards/Postcards, Magazines/Newspapers
Events: Author Sigings, Readings, Lectures, Community Meetings, Movies
Find us: Facebook

Founded in 1976, the Wooden Shoe is an all volunteer, collectively-run, anarchist book store. Functioning within a system we oppose, we seek to be an example of one way things can function without anyone commanding or forcing us to think or act a certain way. We have neither bosses nor managers and make all of our decisions through consensus rather than majority rule voting so as to empower those involved. We also identify as an infoshop, meaning that we serve as a space for people to gather, learn, and find out more about like-minded activities happening in their communities.


Amazing Books - 929 Liberty Ave. - (412) 471-1899 - Used & New books

The Big Idea - 4812 Liberty Ave. - (412) 687-4323 - Alternative

The Book Center - 4000 Fifth Ave. - (412) 648-1455 - General books

Caliban Books - 410 S. Craig St. - (412) 681-9111 - Used, Rare books

Copacetic Comics Company - Pittsburgh PACopacetic Comics Co.

3138 Dobson St. 3rd Floor
Phone: (412) 251-5451
Type: New books
Specialty: General Interest, Art, Children's, Comics & Graphic Novels, CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray
Sidelines: Cafe/Food, Coffee/Tea
Events: Author Sigings, Bi-Monthly Salons
Find us: Facebook // Twitter // Blog

Supporting individual creators, self-publishers and small presses while offering a curated collection of the best in comics, literature, art, music and cinema. An oasis at the crossroads of culture.

East End Book Exchange - 4754 Liberty Ave. - (412) 224-2847 - Used, Rare, Local books

Eide's Entertainment - 1121 Penn Ave. - (412) 261-0900 - Specialty: Comics, Sci Fi, Counter Culture

Eljay's Used Books - 3233 W. Liberty Ave. - (412) 344-7444 - Used books

Journeys of Life - 810 Bellefonte St.-Shadyside - (412) 681-8755 or (877) 681-8755 - Specialty: Metaphysical/New Age/Recovery

Mystery Lovers Bookshop - 514 Allegheny River Blvd. - (412) 828-4877 or (888) 800-6078 - Specialty: Mystery


Penguin Bookshop - 420 Beaver St. - (412) 741-3838

Slippery Rock

SGA Bookstore - Slippery Rock University Union - (724) 738-2104 - General books


Authors Books & Music Warren PAAuthors Books & Music

227 Liberty St.
Phone: (814) 688-3009
Used - Specialty: General Interest, Alternative/Political, Children's, Literary, Metaphysical/New Age, Mystery, Regional
Find Us: Facebook

We are a Real Brick & Mortar Book Shop. Primarily used books, we also carry vintage vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, Audio Books and Sheet Music. We are open 6 days a week and on Sundays "By Chance." Thousands of Books in all subjects, from the more recent to the old, rare and obscure, you're sure to find something to satisfy you literary desires.


From My Shelf Books & Gifts Wellsboro PAFrom My Shelf Books & Gifts

25 Main St.
(570) 724-5793
Used & New - Specialty: General Interest, Children's, Regional
Sidelines: Greeting Cards/Postcards, Gifts, Curiosities, Toys/Games
Find Us: Facebook

From My Shelf is located in beautiful, small-town Wellsboro, PA, right on historic Main Street. We're proud to be a customer-centered, independently-owned bookstore. Our knowledgeable staff and eclectic, ever-changing inventory has garnered us praise from big-city visitors and fellow small-town dwellers alike.

West Chester

Baldwin's Book Barn - 865 Lenape Rd. - (610) 696-0816

Chester County Book Co. - West Goshen Center, 967 Paoli Pk. - (610) 696-1661


Otto's Book Store - Williamsport PAOtto Book Store

107 West 4th St.
Phone: (570) 326-5764 or (888) 762-4526
Type: Primarily new books with used books
Specialty: General Interest, Children's, Metaphysical/New Age, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Sidelines: Greeting Cards/Postcards
Events: Author Signings
Find us: Facebook

Established in 1841, Otto's is the oldest independent bookstore in the USA. Family owned since the '30s. Huge selection of both new and used. Web site lists over 3 1/2 million books and e-books. Speedy special orders. Come find the book you didn't know you needed.   


Irvin's Books - 2159 White St., Ste. 18 - (717) 843-2947 - Used & New books



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