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About Able Muse: A semiannual review of poetry prose and art. With featured poet and artist /photographer with interview. Includes poems, fiction, essays and book reviews.

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Able Muse

467 Saratoga Avenue #602

San Jose, CA 95129



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: no Email submissions: yes Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: less than 3 months Payment: copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 2168-0426 Founded: 1999 Issues per year: 2 Distributors: Ingram, Small Press Distribution Copy price: $14.95 Average pages: 160 Sample price (postpaid): $18 (US), $20 (foreign) Subscription (Ind) 1 year: $22 (US), $29 (foreign) Subscription (Inst) 1 year: $30

Publisher’s description: Able Muse publishes metrical poetry complemented by art and photography, fiction, non-fiction including essays, book reviews and interviews with a focus on metrical and formal poetry.

We look for well-crafted poems of any length or subject that employ skillful and imaginative use of meter and rhyme, executed in a contemporary idiom, that reads as naturally as your free verse poems.

All forms of formal poetry are welcome. We will also occasionally publish, the exceptional free verse poem. For examples of what we're interested in, check the poetry of Philip Larkin, Elizabeth Bishop, James Merrill, Derek Walcott, Richard Wilbur, Marilyn Hacker, Anthony Hecht…

We invite you to become acquainted with any publication is to read its recent issues. Enjoy and study our online archives or to subscribe to Able Muse print edition at the Able Muse Press website at You can purchase the current issue at the NewPages Literary Magazine Webstore.

Please visit our website and view our guidelines before submitting.

Recent issues:

Able Muse Number 16, Winter 2013
Includes the winning story and poems from the 2013 Able Muse Prize for Poetry & Fiction. With the winner and runner-up sonnets from the 2013 Able Muse / Eratosphere Sonnet Bake-Off. Editorial: Alexander Pepple. Featured Artist: Peter Svensson. Featured Poet: Jehanne Dubrow; (Interviewed by Anna M. Evans). Fiction: Cheryl Diane Kidder, Charles Wilkinson, Blaine Vitallo, Donna Laemmlen. Essays: A.E. Stallings, Peter Byrne, Philip Morre, David Mason, Chrissy Mason. Book Reviews: Rory Waterman, Jane Hammons. Poetry: Rachel Hadas, R.S. Gwynn, Catharine Savage Brosman, John Savoie, D.R. Goodman, Jeanne Wagner, Richard Wakefield, Melissa Balmain, Tara Tatum, Anna M. Evans, Matthew Buckley Smith, Stephen Harvey, and more.

Able Muse Number 15, Spring 2013
Featured Artist — Clara Lieu;(Interviewed by Sharon Passmore). Featured Poet — Greg Williamson;(Interviewed by Stephen Kampa).Fiction — Jim Meirose, Ilya Lyashevsky, Haley Hach, Jonathan Danielson. ESSAYS — David Mason, N.S. Thompson, Peter Byrne.Book Reviews — David Caplan.Poetry — Dick Allen, Fred Longworth, Catharine Savage Brosman, N.S. Thompson, Timothy Murphy, D.R. Goodman, Len Krisak, Propertius, Callie Siskel, Jen DeGregorio, Robert J. Levy, Ryan Wilson, Robert Schultz, Colin Dodds, Gerald Bosacker.

Able Muse Number 14, Winter 2012
Includes the winning story and poems from the contest winners and finalists. Featured artist: Nicolas Evariste. Featured Poet: Catherine Tufariello; (Interviewed by Uche Ogbuji). Spotlight Poet: Ted Kooser. Fiction: Carole Rosenthal, Lewis Buzbee, Evelyn Somers, Gigi Mark, Adrianne Aron. Essays: Gregory Dowling, Derek Furr, Michael Cohen, Peter Byrne. Poetry: Richard Wakefield, Catharine Savage Brosman, Timothy Murphy, Lorna Knowles Blake, Wendy Videlock, Thomas Carper, Tony Barnstone, Leonard Kress, Elise Hempel, Stephen Harvey, Victor Hugo, Catullus, Len Krisak, Rose Kelleher, Kathryn Locey, Annabelle Moseley, Ted Mc Carthy, Peter Kline, John Beaton, Sarah White, Susan McLean, Susan Cohen, Jeanne Wagner, Bruce Berger, Richard Meyer.


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