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The Aurorean

About The Aurorean: Upbeat New England poetry journal. Small Press Review-recommended; profiled in Poet’s Market. Proudly welcomes newer poets alongside the biggest names in the small press.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 187

Farmington, ME  04938

Phone: 207-778-0467



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: no Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 8/16-2/15; 2/16-8/15 Response time: 3 months Payment: copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1521-8376 Founded: 1995 Issues per year: 2 Copy price: $11 (U.S.); $12 (Int'l) Average pages: 70 Sample price (postpaid): $11 current/$7 back issue Subscription (Ind) 1 year: $21 (U.S.); $23 (Int'l) Subscription (Inst) 1 year: $15.75

Publisher's description: The Aurorean has been profiled in Poet’s Market; several-times recommended by Small Press Review (“a journal that has both high production values and quality poetry...perfect to elevate you from the dark night of the soul”). Subject matter/style open; mostly free verse. Focuses: New England; the seasons; haiku; uplifting poetry (not religious or denominational). We routinely publish the biggest names in the small press but are just as pleased to showcase newer poets. Since 1995, the Aurorean has published over 1,000 poets from around the world while being firmly rooted in its New England heritage. We strive to live up to our name, the adjective form of aurora—aurorean—luminescent, like the dawn. We have distinguished ourselves by our reputation of: uninterrupted and timely publication; acknowledging each submission as it arrives; and sending a galley proof for every poem that appears on our pages. 61 pages of poetry (approximately 90 poets, 2 featured); “Best Poem” from last issue receives $30. Contests: Poetic Quote of the Season; Editor’s Chapbook Choice; Outstanding Haiku (students in Creative Writing programs). Guidelines:

Recent issues:

For the 19th consecutive year, we are pleased to bring you poems of New England, nature, meditation, and haiku featuring the most-recognized names in the small press alongside newer poets. This issue (Spring/Summer 2014) features the poetry of Marilyn Dorf and David Stankiewicz. Other contributors including Sam Butcher, Lorraine Caputo, Alan Catlin, Dennis Daly, J. J. Eliot, Rachel King, Simon Perchik, Tzynya L. Pinchback, Catherine Simpson and George Young hail from the United States, Norway, the United Kingdom and Canada.

As always, the Aurorean celebrates the seasons and New England (Fall/Winter 2013-2014), uplifting poetry and haiku, publishing the most well-known poets in the small press alongside newer poets. Poets included in this issue hail from all over the United States and from the United Kingdom. Featured Poets: Jennifer M. Doughty and Robert Noonan. Other selected contributors: Keith Alexander, Teresa Carson, Krikor N. Der Hohannesian, Theodore Eisenberg, Lori Levy, Ed Meek, Susan Carter Morgan, Tom Sexton and Jeri Theriault.

With this Spring/Summer 2013 issue, we enter our eighteenth year of publication. This issue features the poetry of Marydale Stewart and Steve Tomasko. Other selected contributors: Jenifer Debellis, Joan M. Howard, George Looney, Gary Metheny, Randy Phillis, Kathleen M. Quinlan, Zara Raab, Thomas R. Smith and Jadene Felina Stevens. Available in paperback and enhanced digital version.


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