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About The Brooklyner: The Brooklyner was founded to exhibit new narrative, from both emerging and established writers. We publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, reviews, interviews, sketches and translations. Also, audio and video. We're mediatelling.

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Genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations, artwork

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: 3 months Payment: no Contests: yes (see website) Founded: 2011 Issues per year: 4 Print issues: yes (see website)

Publisher's description: Books and magazines are changing. Reading is changing. The Brooklyner believes that the relevant power of social networking is its rhythm of descriptions and accounts, which form the basis of storytelling. We want to be part of those cadences, inclusive of technology, inspired by the pervasive appetite for narrative.

The Brooklyner is a team of collaborators with diverse experience—writers, editors, actors, filmmakers, artists—inviting creatives to present stories with whatever they’ve got. We call it mediatelling. Imagine a narrative and use a computer, a camera, a smartphone, a microphone, to aptly communicate that story.

We publish free web issues four times a year, while updating the site on an ongoing basis. Downloading past issues offers the best sense of what we publish.

Past contributors include: Nick Antosca, Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi, Michael Bazzett, Z.Z. Boone, Emma Borges-Scott, Danica Colić, Matthew Draper, BG Firmani, Jackie Gendel, Stuart Greenhouse, Derek Gromadzki, Benjamin Hale, Karen Heagle, Ayana Mathis, Andy Mozina, Kristine Ong Muslim, Paulius Norvila (translated by Rimas Uzgiris), Poger Pincus, Eric Paul Shaffer, Monica Wendel, and Pui Ying Wong, among others.