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A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

About Canary: Canary is an online literary magazine addressing the environmental crisis through poetry, essay and short fiction (to 1500 words)

Contact Information:

Editor: Gail Entrekin

Phone: (925) 386-0611



Submission Information:

Genres: poetry, prose

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Online submissions: no Reading period: year-round Response time: 2 weeks Payment: no Contests: no Founded: 2008 Issues per year: 4 Print issues: no

Publisher’s description: The canary in the coal mine was a primitive early warning system used by miners to alert themselves to poison gases seeping into the mines. If the canary was found dead, it was time to get out quick. As a metaphor, its significance includes not only the salvation of the humans, but also the casual loss of the canary, that fragile and innocent bird with its lovely song, sacrificed without a passing regret. Our hope is that Canary will raise awareness of the plight of the natural world before it’s too late and much of it has perished.

We publish well-crafted, thoughtful poetry and prose that is specific and moving rather than general or political. Some of the work simply revels in specific aspects of the natural world, and we hope to persuade by example rather than rhetoric.

Somewhat flexible prose limit of 1500 words.