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Cave Wall

About Cave Wall: Cave Wall publishes the best contemporary poetry by emerging and established poets. Each issue features black and white artwork, as well.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 29546

Greensboro, NC  27429-9546



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Reading period: spring and fall (see website for exact dates) Response time: 1-5 months Payment: copies Contests: no ISSN: 1937-2507 Founded: 2006 Issues per year: 2 Copy price: $5 Average pages: 72 Sample price (postpaid): $5 Subscription 1 year: $10

Publisher’s description: Each issue of Cave Wall features poetry of all lengths and styles by emerging and established writers. We like, when possible, to publish several poems by each poet. Poems from Cave Wall have been chosen for the Best American Poetry series, Poetry Daily and Verse Daily.

Cave Wall publishes 5-8 pages of black and white art per issue, as well, usually featuring the work of one artist.

Recent contributors include Dan Albergotti, Sandra Beasley, Fred Chappell, Stuart Dischell, Claudia Emerson, Christine Garren, William Greenway, Jennifer Grotz, Jeffrey Harrison, A. Van Jordan, Carl Phillips, David Rivard, Tracy K. Smith, Natasha Tretheway, Charles Harper Webb, Roger Weingarten and Robert Wrigley.

Cave Wall is my new favorite journal. Elegantly printed, thoughtfully edited, Cave Wall gathers together wonder-filled poems with spare drawings to create the perfect read. This is how it should be done!” —Sebastian Matthews

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Recent issues:

Cave Wall, Number 12, features poems by Nathaniel Perry, Cecilia Woloch, Bruce Bond, Mark Jay Brewin Jr, Alison Pelegrin, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Heather Cousins, Carrie Green, Hastings Hensel, David Hernandez, Adam Houle, Katherine Maurer, Judith H. Montgomery, Joanna Pearson, Brian Simoneau, Karen Skolfield, and Jennifer K. Sweeney, as well as art by Bryan Nash Gill.

Cave Wall #11 features poetry by Lisa Ampleman, Christopher Buckley, Rebecca McClanahan, Elizabeth Wade, Penelope Scambly Schott, Michael Chitwood, Dan Albergotti, Charlotte Matthews, Rob Carney, Brent Newsom, Richard Robbins, Diana Pinckney, Stefanie Silva, Jennifer Whitaker, Keith Flynn, Rainer Maria Rilke, Tory Adkisson, Wiliam Olsen, Carolyn Dille, and Matthew Thorburn, with art by Dan Rhett and translations by Susanne Petermann. 

Cave Wall #10 is here, featuring poetry by D.S. Apfelbaum, Joe Bueter, Amy M. Clark, Carl Dennis, Lisa Dordal, Marie Gauthier, Bill Griffin, Rodney Jones, Sally Rosen Kindred, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Andrew Kozma, Keetje Kuipers, Stephen Lackaye, Nathan McClain, Julie L. Moore, Doug Ramspeck, Corinna McClanahan Schroeder, Edythe Haendel Schwartz, Shane Seely, Charles Harper Webb, Chris Wiewiora, and Eliot Khalil Wilson; with art by Laura Pharis. Get your copy today while supplies last.


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