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About Cleaver Magazine: Cleaver Magazine shares cutting-edge art and literary work from a mix of established and emerging voices. Cleaver publishes poetry, short stories, essays, dramatic monologues, flash prose, and visual art.

Contact Information:

Editors: Karen Rile, Lauren Rile Smith



Submission Information:

Genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, artwork

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: 2-8 weeks Payment: no Contests: yes (see website) Founded: 2013 Issues per year: 4 Print issues: no

Publisher's description: Cleave is a Janus verb, meaning both to stick tight and to fall away. A cleaver is the most broad-edged and brutally efficient kitchen knife, designed to be swung like a hammer for the most effective channel of force.

Cleaver Magazine shares cutting-edge art and literary work from a mix of established and emerging voices. Cleaver publishes poetry, short stories, essays, dramatic monologues, flash prose (300 words or less), and visual art. Cleaver presents a mix of national and international writers, creating a blend of content that is both accessible to readers who have never heard of flash fiction and fresh to those accustomed to reading cutting-edge literature.

We are a quarterly online journal. Look for issues in March, June, September, and December.

“I can certainly see why Cleaver has put forward a preview issue; with a solid design and an already established style with crisp writing, it has me licking my lips in anticipation for the first full issue...”
—Kirsten McIlvenna, NewPages

Recent Issues:

Cleaver Magazine’s Issue No. 6 features selections by guest Poetry Editor Teresa Leo. Poems by Charlotte Boulay, Susan Charkes, Grant Clauser, Megan Denton, Leonard Gontarek, Kelle Groom, Steve Klepetar, Deirdre O’Connor, and Brooke Schifano. Short stories by Erin Peraza, Geoff Peck, Jenny Wales Steele, Sidney Thompson, Henry Margenau, Erika Price, Grace Connolly, Patrick Dacey, Max Bartlett, and Amy Burns. Flash Fiction by Connor Towne O’Neill, Melissa Sarno, Shaun Turner, Mercedes Lawry, Joshua Isard, and Devin Kelly. Essays by Rebecca Entel, Elizabeth Mosier, and Tricia Park. Art journalism by art essays by Myra Lotto (Fujiko Nakaya, Fog Artist), Jay Pastelak (On Snapshots), and Ilana Ellis.

In Number 5, March 2014 issue, you can read short stories by Brennan Crusack, Alina Grabowski, Juniper Green, Jason Kapcala, Gabriel Ojeda-Sague, Daniel W. Thompson, Shannon Sweetnam, B.A. Barghese, and Anthony Wallace. Poetry by Nichole Callihan, Lauren Hall, Zachary Lundgren, George Moore, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Kim Suttell, Kathy Lou Schultz, and J.C. Todd. Flash by Royee Zvi Atadgy, Laurie Blauner, Nick Kolakowski, Thompson Mayes, Olive Mullet, Justin Nicholes, Ray Scanlon, and Robert Wexelblatt, and Essays by Rick Bailey, Jane Carroll, Melissa Duclos, Michael G. Smith, Mary van Ogrop, and Shannon Viola.

Issue 4, December 2013: Short Stories: Jo Beckett-King, Brian Druckenmiller, R. Daniel Evans, Emma Greenberg, Shane Joaquin Jimenez, Lynn Levin, Henry Marchand, Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Barbara Nishimoto, Jarred Yates Sexton, Anne Dyer Stuart, Anthony Wallace. Poems: Cullen Bailey Burns, Zach Fishel, Christine Hamm, Peter LaBerge, Teresa Leo, Pattie McCarthy, Jesse Minkert, Jessica Morey-Collins, Marie Nunalee, Monica Wendel. Flash: Kathryn Kulpa, DC Lambert, Lori Lamothe, Sean Lyon, Catherine Mosier-Mills, Lisa Piazza, Kristen Sharp, Kevin Tosca, Donna Vorreyer. Essays: Sam Cha, Ann de Forest, Kaori Fujimoto, Ivy Hughes. Art: Dmitry Borshch, Donna Festa, Tish Ingersoll.


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