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American Literary Review coverAmerican Literary Review

American Literary Review has been published since 1990 through the Creative Writing Program of the department of English at the University of North Texas.
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Labletter coverLabletter

The Labletter is an annual magazine of art and literature that has its roots in the Oregon Lab, the name given to a group of artists and their annual gathering
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Raleigh Review coverRaleigh Review

Raleigh Review is a national magazine of poetry, art and flash.
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Still Point Arts Quarterly coverStill Point Arts Quarterly

Focuses on artistic expression and creativity. Includes portfolios from artists along with fiction, non-fiction, poetry about art and artistry. Intended for artists and art enthusiasts.
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Able Muse coverAble Muse

A semiannual review of poetry prose and art. With featured poet and artist /photographer with interview. Includes poems, fiction, essays and book reviews.
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About Place poetry, prose [o]

Abraxas poetry, translation, essays, criticism, reviews

Absinthe poetry, prose, essays, interviews

Abyss & Apex fiction, poetry [o]

ABZ poetry

A cappella Zoo poetry, fiction, drama, art

The Acentos Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

The Account poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Acorn haiku

Action, Yes poetry, prose, criticism [o]

ADANNA feminist poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, visual art

The Adirondack Review poetry, fiction, artwork, photography, nonfiction [o]

Adrienne poetry

The Adroit Journal poetry, fiction, art, photography [o]

Aesthetix poetry [o]

Aethlon poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, book reviews

Agave Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, photography [o]


A “workshop of literature where wonderful, audacious and strange things come into being.” —Bernhard Schlink, author of The Reader
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Agriculture Reader poetry, fiction, criticism

Alaska Quarterly Review coverAlaska Quarterly Review

One of America's premier literary magazines and a source of powerful, new voices. AQR is "one of the nation's best literary magazines," The Washington Post Book World.
Read more about Alaska Quarterly Review


Albatross poetry

Aldus translations, poetry, prose, essays [o]

alice blue poetry, prose [o]

Alimentum poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

The Allegheny Review poetry, fiction

Alligator Juniper poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography

Amarillo Bay fiction, poetry, nonfiction [o]

Ambit poetry, short fiction, art, reviews

Ambush Review poetry, fiction, reviews, essays, art

AMERARCANA poetry, prose

American Athenaeum essays, fiction, poetry, photography, reviews

American Letters & Commentary fiction, poetry, essays, translation, critical opinion

American Literary Review coverAmerican Literary Review

American Literary Review has been published since 1990 through the Creative Writing Program of the department of English at the University of North Texas.
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American Poetry Journal poetry

American Poetry Review coverAmerican Poetry Review

The widest range of distinguished poetry, exciting new writers, controversial reviews, and essays at the center of thinking about American literature and social issues.
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American Short Fiction fiction

American Tanka tanka [o]

Amethyst Arsenic poetry [o]

Amoskeag fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

Amsterdam Quarterly fiction, nonfiction, poetry [o]

Anak Sastra Southeast Asian fiction, nonfiction [o]

Anamesa poetry, fiction, essays, translations, visual art

and/or poetry, fiction, comics, visual art

Angle poetry [o]

Anobium poetry, prose

Anomalous poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translation, audio, video, images [o]

Another Chicago Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Anthem Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

The Antigonish Review poetry, prose

The Antioch Review coverThe Antioch Review

A distinguished, well-established literary journal that publishes lively and cogent essays, fiction, poetry and book reviews. Occasional special topics of contemporary interest.
Read more about The Antioch Review


Antiphon (UK) poetry [o]

Apalachee Review poetry, fiction, essay, reviews, artwork

Apeiron Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography [o]

Apogee poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Appalachian Heritage poetry, prose, art, photographs

Apple Valley Review coverApple Valley Review

The Apple Valley Review is an online literary journal established in 2005 and published in the spring and fall. Each issue features a collection of beautifully crafted poetry, short fiction, and essays. [o]
Read more about Apple Valley Review


apt poetry, ficion, nonfiction, essays, art, audio, short films, photojournalism, reviews

Arc Poetry Magazine poetry, reviews, criticism

Arcadia coverArcadia Magazine

Arcadia wants your best. Fiction, poetry, painting, photography, stand-up comedy routine, mockumentary, whatever. We want to see it, read it, hear it, and love it.
Read more about Arcadia Magazine


ARDOR Literary Magazine fiction, nonfiction, short-shorts, poetry, artwork, photography [o]

Arkansas Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, photography, articles

Armchair/Shotgun poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual arts

Arroyo Literary Review coverArroyo Literary Review

Each issue reflects the creative diversity found in the San Francisco Bay Area literary scene, while bringing together material from an international array of poets, writers, and artists.
Read more about Arroyo Literary Review


Ars Medica poetry, prose

Arsenic Lobster poetry [o]

Artful Dodge poetry, prose

Artichoke Haircut poetry, fiction, art

Artifice poetry, prose

Arts & Letters poetry, prose, drama

Ascent ScreenshotAscent

"Simply and unobtrusively one of the best."
-- Literary Magazine Review [o]
Read more about Ascent


Ascent Aspirations fiction, poetry, essays, reviews [o]

Asheville Poetry Review poetry

Asia Literary Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, photography, art

The Asian American Literary Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Assaracus GLBT poetry

Assisi poetry, fiction, essays, photography, art [o]

Asymptote poetry, fiction, drama, nonfiction, interview, criticism, translation [o]

Atlanta Review poetry

Atlas Review poetry, fiction, art

Atticus Review poetry, fiction, mixed media, literary musings [o]

Aufgabe poetry, nonfiction, reviews

The Aurorean coverThe Aurorean

Upbeat New England poetry journal. Small Press Review-recommended; profiled in Poet’s Market. Proudly welcomes newer poets alongside the biggest names in the small press.
Read more about The Aurorean


The Austin Review fiction, flash nonfiction

Avatar Review prose, poetry, reviews, interviews, art [o]


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Bacopa poetry, fiction, nonfiction

The Bad Version poetry, fiction, nonfiction

The Baltimore Review coverThe Baltimore Review

Publishing since 1996, The Baltimore Review is an online and print journal of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry, as well as visual and video arts. [o]
Read more about The Baltimore Review


The Bamboo Hut tank poetry [o]

Banango Street poetry, translation, collaboration, art [o]

The Bangalore Review fiction, poetry, essays, art [o]

Banipal translation

Barcelona Review short fiction, articles, essays [o]

Bare Root Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Barely South Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Barking Sycamores poetry, nonfiction [o]

Barn Owl Review poetry, fiction

Barnstorm poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork [o]

Barrelhouse poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Barrow Street poetry

Bartleby Snopes fiction [o]

Basalt poetry, fiction, cross-genre, translations, art

BASED poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, art, interviews, videos [o]

Baseline Literary Arts Magazine fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography [o]

Bat City Review fiction, poetry, art

Bateau poetry, fiction, drama, comics, art, reviews

BathHouse all forms of visual/linguistic art [o]

Bayou poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Beatdom poetry, fiction

Beecher's Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Beeswax poetry, prose

The Believer book reviews, interviews, essays

Belle Journal poetry, prose, art

Belle Reve Literary Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, interviews [o]

Bellevue Literary Review coverBellevue Literary Review

Bellevue Literary Review is a unique literary magazine that examines human existence through the prism of health and healing, illness and disease.
Read more about Bellevue Literary Review

Bellingham Review coverBellingham Review

The Bellingham Review publishes “literature of palpable quality.” We showcase works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.
Read more about Bellingham Review 


Beloit Fiction Journal fiction

Beloit Poetry Journal coverBeloit Poetry Journal

For over 60 years, the Beloit Poetry Journal has been distinguished for the extraordinary range of its poetry and its discovery of strong new poets.
Read more about Beloit Poetry Journal


Beltway Poetry Quarterly poetry by DC poets [o]

Bent Ear Review spoken-word [o]

Berkeley Poetry Review poetry

Better fiction, poetry, nonfiction, video, audio [o]

Bidoun arts, culture, Middle East

Big Big Wednesday fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

Big Bridge articles, art, fiction, poetry, reviews, interviews [o]

Big Fiction novellas

Big Lucks poetry, prose, visual art

Big Muddy coverBig Muddy

Multidisciplinary issues and events, especially but not solely concerning the 10-state area that borders the Mississippi River, from the Canadian border to the Gulf Coast
Read more about Big Muddy


Big River Poetry Review poetry

Bilingual Review prose, book reviews

Binnacle poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography

bioStories nonfiction [o]

Bird's Thumb fiction, nonfiction, poetry [o]

Birdfeast poetry [o]

Birmingham Arts Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, photography [o]

Birmingham Poetry Review poetry

Bitter Oleander coverThe Bitter Oleander

The Bitter Oleander endeavors to publish imaginative poetry, short fiction, interviews, essays & translations of living poets from every corner of the world.
Read more about The Bitter Oleander


Black Clock poetry, fiction

Black Denim Lit logoBlack Denim Lit

Black Denim Lit provides approachable literary science fiction and fantasy grounded in characterizations of human experience that is at once dark and inspiring, disturbing and longing and always irreverent. [o/p][e-pub]
Read more about Black Denim Lit

The Black Herald (France) poetry, fiction, essays, translations

Black Magnolias poetry, fiction, prose

Black Market Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography, translations

Black Warrior Review coverBlack Warrior Review

Since 1974, Black Warrior Review has published the freshest voices in literature, from established and emerging talents alike.  Each issue includes a poetry chapbook, comics, and full-color art sections.
Read more about Black Warrior Review


Black Wire fiction, poetry, fiction [o]

BLACKBERRY poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, photography

Blackbird poetry, fiction, personal essays/memoirs [o]

Blackbox Manifold Poetry [o]

Blacktop Passages fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography, comics [o/p]

Blank Fiction fiction [e-pub]

BlazeVOX poetry [o]

Blinders Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o][e-pub]

Blood Lotus poetry, fiction, reviews, art [o]

The Bloomsbury Review interviews, reviews, nonfiction, poetry

Blotterature fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

Blue Collar Review poetry, prose

Blue Earth Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Blue Heron Review poetry, art [o]

Blue Lake Review poetry, fiction, essays [o]

Blue Lyra Review poetry, nonfiction, art [o]

Blue Mesa Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

The Blue Route poetry, fiction [o]

Blueline poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography

BluePrintReview poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography [o]

Bluestem poetry, fiction, nonfiction, black & white art [o/p]

Bodega poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

The Boiler coverThe Boiler

"The Boiler publishes some of the liveliest writing I’ve seen online today."—The Adirondack Review. We publish new and emerging writers on a quarterly basis. [o]
Read more about The Boiler


Bomb poetry, prose, art, interviews, articles

Bombay Gin interviews, poetry, prose, artwork, translations

Bone Bouquet poetry

Book Forum prose, book reviews

Booth coverBooth

“The Booth editors seem to have a knack for attracting and selecting pieces that get right into my marrow, fill my bones full with breathing and want.” –Vouched Books. [o/p]
Read more about Booth


Bop Dead City poetry, fiction

border crossing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, reviews, artwork

Borderlands poetry

Boston Literary Magazine poetry, fiction [o]

Boston Review poetry, fiction, essays

bottle rockets haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun

Boulevard poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Box of Jars poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography, video, interviews [o]

Boxcar Poetry Review poetry, artwork, photography, interviews, reviews [o]

Brain, Child nonfiction, fiction, poetry

Breakwater Review poetry, prose, nonfiction, criticism, reviews [o]

Brevity nonfiction [o]

The Briar Cliff Review coverThe Briar Cliff Review

Founded in 1989, The Briar Cliff Review is an eclectic literary, cultural and art magazine. Its full-size format and elegantly simple design provide an aesthetically pleasing venue for the work of contributors.
Read more about The Briar Cliff Review

Brick coverBrick

Focuses on the literary nonfiction essay, and also publishes interviews, memoir, letters, poetry, fiction, and other strange and wonderful literary matter.
Read more about Brick


Brickplight poetry [o]

BRICKrhetoric poetry, prose, photography, artwork

Brilliant Corners poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Broad! poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art [o]

Broad River Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Broad Street nonfiction, poetry, art

The Broken City poetry, fiction, nonfiction, comics, art, photography [o]

Broken Plate poetry, fiction, nonfiction

The Brooklyner coverThe Brooklyner

The Brooklyner was founded to exhibit new narrative, from both emerging and established writers. We publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, reviews, interviews, sketches and translations. Also, audio and video. We're mediatelling. [o]
Read more about The Brooklyner


Bryant Literary Review poetry, fiction, photography

Buffalo Almanack fiction, photography [o]

BULL men's fiction

Burnside Review coverBurnside Review

A truly independent literary journal from Portland, Oregon.
Read more about Burnside Review


burntdistrict poetry


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Cactus Heart poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, art, photography [e-pub]

Cadences (Cyprus) poetry, fiction, criticism

Caesura poetry

Caesura poetry [e-pub]

The Cafe Irreal irreal fiction [o]

Cafe Review poetry, reviews, artwork

cahoodaloodaling poetry, fiction, art, nonfiction, interviews, reviews [o]

Cake poetry, art

Caketrain poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art

Caliban Online poetry, fiction, art, music, video [o]

Callaloo poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, interviews, artwork

CALYX poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, interviews, artwork

Camas poetry, fiction, essays, art, photography

Camera Obscura Journal prose, photography

Canadian Literature articles, poetry, book reviews

Canary poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Cant poetry, prose, reviews

Canteen fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Canyon Voices poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

The Cape Rock coverThe Cape Rock

A Gathering of Poets

Our mission is to print the best poetry: any style, format, or subject matter.
Read more about The Cape Rock


The Capilano Review (Canada)

Cardinal Sins fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography

The Caribbean Writer poetry, fiction, personal essays, one-acts

The Carolina Quarterly coverThe Carolina Quarterly

The Carolina Quarterly has been habitually nascent since 1948. Edited by graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill, we welcome work by established writers and the soon-to-be.
Read more about The Carolina Quarterly


Cartagena Journal poetry, fiction [o]

Carte Blanche poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Carve Magazine coverCarve Magazine

Carve Magazine is honest fiction. We publish the kind of stories that linger long after they are read—stories that are honest, that are willing to reveal the flaws and the beauty hidden in each of us. [o/p]
Read more about Carve Magazine


The Casserole fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, interviews [o]

Catamaran Literary Reader poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art

The Catch: Writings from Downeast Maine fiction, nonfiction poetry [o]

Catfish Creek undergraduate poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Cave Wall coverCave Wall

Cave Wall publishes the best contemporary poetry by emerging and established poets. Each issue features black and white artwork, as well.
Read more about Cave Wall


The Centrifugal Eye poetry, essays, reviews [o]

Certain Circuits poetry, prose, art, video, new media [o]

Cha poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, art, photography [o]

The Chaffey Review fiction, poetry, nonfiction

The Chaffin Journal poetry, fiction

Chagrin River Review CoverChagrin River Review

Out of Northeast Ohio, Chagrin River Review brings you the latest fiction and poetry from exciting new writers, and new work from writers long established. [o]
Read more about Chagrin River Review

Chantarelle's Notebook poetry [o]

Chaparral poetry [o]

The Chapbook chapbooks [o/p]

The Chariton Review coverThe Chariton Review

The Chariton Review showcases work exhibiting a strong sense of the writer’s craft, familiarity with contemporary innovations and conversations, and mindfulness of various rich traditions.
Read more about The Chariton Review

The Chattahoochee Review coverThe Chattahoochee Review

For over thirty years, The Chattahoochee Review has published excellent writing from the South and around the world.
Read more about Chattahoochee Review

Chautauqua coverChautauqua

Writing that expresses the values of Chautauqua Institution broadly construed: a sense of inquiry into questions of personal, social, political, spiritual, and aesthetic importance.
Read more about Chautauqua


Cheat River Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Chicago Quarterly Review poetry, fiction, essays, photographs, artwork

Chicago Review poetry, essays, fiction, reviews

China Grove fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Chinese Literature Today coverChinese Literature Today

Featuring the best of modern Chinese literature and groundbreaking critical essays in high-quality translation, Chinese Literature Today grants the world direct access to China.
Read more about Chinese Literature Today


ChiZine poetry, fiction [o]

Chtenia Russian fiction, translation

Cider Press Review poetry, fiction, book reviews [o]

Cigale Literary Magazine fiction [o]

Cimarron Review coverCimarron Review

Since 1967, Cimarron Review has continually published some of the strongest fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, including work by Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners.
Read more about Cimarron Review

The Cincinnati Review coverThe Cincinnati Review

The Cincinnati Review provides a venue for writers of any background, at any point in their literary careers, to showcase their best work.
Read more about The Cincinnati Review


Circa: A Journal of Historical Fiction fiction, nonfiction, reviews [o]

The Citron Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Clapboard House logoClapboard House

Clapboard House, an online magazine, publishes the finest stories and poetry written by established, emerging, and fledgling writers. [o]
Read more about Clapboard House 


Clare Literary Journal poetry, fiction [o]

the Claremont Review poetry, fiction, drama

Clarkesworld fiction, nonfiction, podcasts, art [o]

Clarion poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art

Cleaver Magazine coverCleaver Magazine

Cleaver Magazine shares cutting-edge art and literary work from a mix of established and emerging voices. Cleaver publishes poetry, short stories, essays, dramatic monologues, flash prose, and visual art. [o]
Read more about Cleaver Magazine


The Cleveland Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, illustrations [o]

Cliterature poetry, short stories, nonfiction [o]

Clockhouse fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama

Cloudbank poetry, fiction, essays

Clover poetry, fiction

Coal Hill Review poetry [o]

Cobalt Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews [o]

Coe Review poetry, fiction

Cold Mountain Review coverCold Mountain Review

A forum for well-told stories. We publish the narrative poetry and lyrical prose, and we are interested in the way contemporary literature is testing the boundaries of genre.
Read more about Cold Mountain Review


Colere: Journal of Cultural Exploration fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

The Collagist fiction, poetry, nonfiction, book reviews [o]

College Literature nonfiction, criticism, reviews

Collision undergraduate poetry, nonfiction, criticism, art, photography [o]

Colorado Review coverColorado Review

Colorado Review publishes contemporary short fiction, poetry, and nonfiction (memoir, personal essays) by both new and established writers.
Read more about Colorado Review


Columbia poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art

Columbia Poetry Review coverColumbia Poetry Review

Since 1988, Columbia Poetry Review (a student-edited journal) has published poetry with an eclectic mix from the established and distinguished to the emerging and exciting.
Read more about Columbia Poetry Review 

The Common coverThe Common

The Common publishes fiction, essays, poetry, documentary vignettes, and images that invoke a modern sense of place.
Read more about The Common


Common Ground Review poetry

The Commonline poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, art [o]

Communion fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews [o]

Compose fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, art [o]

Comstock Review poetry 

Concho River Review coverConcho River Review

Since 1987, Concho River Review has been publishing established and emerging writers from all over the country while keeping a focus on the Southwest.
Read more about Concho River Review


Conclave: A Journal of Character poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, drama

Conduit poetry, art, fiction, nonfiction

Confrontation poetry, fiction, memoirs, drama

The Conium Review poetry, fiction

Conjunctions fiction, poetry, drama, interviews

Connecticut Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, translations, interviews, art

Connecticut River Review poetry, reviews

Connotation Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, screenplay, visual art [o]

Consequence poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews, visual art, book reviews

Conte poetry, prose [o]

contemporary haibun online haibun, essays, interviews [o]

Contemporary Verse 2 poetry, interviews, articles, essays, review

Contraposition fiction, poetry, art

Contrary poetry, fiction, commentary [o]

convergence poetry, short fiction, art, photography [o]

Cordite Poetry Review (Australia) poetry, poetics [o]

Corium Magazine poetry, fiction, artwork [o]

The Corner Club Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

The Cortland Review poetry [o]

The Cossack Review coverThe Cossack Review

An independent journal of excellent new writing. Publishing meaningful, exciting work since 2012. [o/p][e-pub]
Read more about The Cossack Review


Coup D'Etat fiction, nonfiction, poetry [o]

Court Green coverCourt Green

Poetry journal published annually in association with the English Department at Columbia College Chicago. Each issue features a dossier on a special topic or theme.
Read more about Court Green


Crab Creek Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Crab Fat Literary Magazine poetry, fiction [o]

Crab Orchard Review fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, book reviews

Crack the Spine poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews [o/p]

Crannóg (Ireland) poetry, prose

Crazyhorse coverCrazyhorse

Publishes the entire spectrum of today's fiction, essays, and poetry—from the mainstream to the avant-garde, from the established to the undiscovered writer.
Read more about Crazyhorse


Cream City Review poetry, fiction, art

Creative Nonfiction coverCreative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction is the first and the largest journal devoted exclusively to literary nonfiction.
Read more about Creative Nonfiction


Cricket Online Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, video, audio, visual art [o]

Criminal Class Review poetry, fiction

The Critical Flame fiction, poetry, nonfiction [o]

Crossed Out fiction [o]

Cruel Garters poetry

Cumberland River Review LogoCumberland River Review

"Every issue is a revelation." —Davis McCombs, National Book Critics Circle Award finalist for Ultima Thule [o]
Read more about Cumberland River Review


CSHS Quarterly poetry, prose, art [o]

The Cupboard prose

Curbside Splendor poetry, fiction

Curly Red Stories fiction [o]

CutBank coverCutBank

A journal of compelling poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction.
Read more about CutBank

Cutthroat coverCutthroat

We publish high-quality poetry and short fiction from well-known as well as previously unpublished authors.
Read more about Cutthroat


Cyphers (Ireland) poetry, fiction, criticism


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The Dalhousie Review articles, prose fiction and poetry, reviews

Damselfly Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Dandelion Farm Review poetry [o]

Danse Macabre poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography [o]

Dark Matter speculative poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o] [e-pub]

Decades Review poetry, prose, photography, art [o]

december poetry, fiction, nonfiction

decomP prose, poetry, art, and solicited book reviews. [o]

Defenestration poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

defunct essays [o]

The Del Sol Review poetry, prose poetry, nonfiction, fiction [o]

Delaware Poetry Review poetry [o]

The Delmarva Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews

Denver Quarterly poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Descant (Canada) poetry, fiction, plays, essays, interviews, art

Devil's Lake poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, interviews [o]

Devilfish Review fiction [o]

DIALOGIST poetry, photography, artwork [o]

DIAGRAM text, images, sound, new media [o]

Digital Americana coverDigital Americana

We publish Americana—stories, poetry, & prose that possess a modern American quality. Our acclaimed interactive-magazine is made for the iPad, iPhone, and in print. [e-pub]
Read more about Digital Americana


Digital Papercuts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

diode poetry journal poetry [o]

Dirty Chai fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art [o]

The Dirty Goat poetry, prose, drama, visual art

dislocate fiction, poetry, nonfiction

ditch, poetry [o]

Diverse Voices Quarterly poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, photography [o]

DMQ Review poetry, visual art [o]

The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, music [o/p]

Dogwood coverDogwood

Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose is an award-winning annual print journal founded in 2001—also available via LitRagger—publishing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. [print][e-pub]
Read more about Dogwood

Dogzplot fiction [o]

Doorknobs & BodyPaint poetry, fiction, essay, reviews [o]

Dove Tales fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, art, photography

draft fiction, drafts, interviews

drafthorse poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

Drash poetry, prose, photography

Driftless Review poetry, prose, art [o]

Driftwood Press poetry, fiction, interviews, art [o]

The Drum stories, essays, audio lit mag [o]

Drunken Boat logoDrunken Boat

Drunken Boat, an award-winning international online journal of the arts, publishes the best of traditional forms of representation alongside web art, hypertext, multimedia, audio, and video. [o]
Read more about Drunken Boat


Dublin Poetry Review poetry [o]

The Dublin Review (IE) fiction, essays, memoir, travel writing, criticism, reportage

Ducts poetry, fiction, essays, profiles, reviews, drama, art

Dunes Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry

The Dying Goose fiction, nonfiction [o]


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Earth's Daughters fiction, poetry

East Coast Ink fiction, nonfiction, poetry  [o]

East Coast Literary Review poetry, fiction

East Jasmine Review fiction, nonfiction, poetry [e-pub]

eccolinguistics poetry, prose, photography

Eclectica Magazine poetry, essays, nonfiction, drama, reviews, humor/satire [o]

Ecotone poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Educe poetry, fiction, nonfiction [e-pub]

Ekphrasis poetry

Elder Mountain poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Electric Literature fiction

Electric Velocipede speculative fiction, poetry [o]

Eleven Eleven prose, poetry, interviews

Ellipsis poetry, prose, art

elsewhere coverelsewhere

elsewhere is an online bimonthly publication of flash fiction and prose poetry. [o]
Read more about elsewhere


(ĕm) fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, photography [e-pub]

Embodied Effigies nonfiction [o]

Emerge Literary Journal poetry, photography [o/p]

The Emerson Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Empty Sink Publishing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual arts [o]

Emrys Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Enizagam poetry, fiction, essays

Entasis poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography [o]

Epiphany poetry, fiction

Episodic poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

Epoch fiction, poetry, essays, graphic art, cartoons, screenplays

eratio poetry [o]

Esopus fiction, nonfiction, poetry

esque poetry [o]

Essays & Fictions nonfiction, fiction, criticism, analysis, translations [o/p]

Euphony poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, nonfiction, drama

Evansville Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translation

Event nonfiction, poetry, fiction, reviews

The Examined Life poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Exercise Bowler poetry [o]

Existere poetry, short plays, short stories, art, photography

Exit 7 coverExit 7

Exit 7 is produced annually by West Kentucky Community and Technical College and seeks to publish outstanding work from both established and emerging writers.
Read more about Exit 7


Eye to the Telescope poetry [o]

Ezra translations, poetry, prose, drama [o]


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F Magazine novel excerpts

Fact-Simile poetry, prose, artwork [o]

failbetter fiction, poetry, interviews, visuals [o]

Fairy Tale Review coverFairy Tale Review

Fairy Tale Review is an annual literary journal dedicated to publishing new fairy-tale fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translations of fairy tales into English.
Read more about Fairy Tale Review


The Farallon Review fiction

Far Off Places fiction, poetry, drama [e-pub]

Faultline poetry, fiction, translations, artwork

Featherlit erotic poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Feile-Festa coverFeile-Festa

Feile-Festa is an online, literary arts journal that features poets and writers from all the regions of the United States, as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and Scotland. This multicultural journal includes photographs that evoke life primarily in New York City and sometimes Ireland and Italy. [o]
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Fence poetry, fiction, art, criticism

The Fertile Source coverThe Fertile Source

Fertile Source is a literary ezine devoted to fertility, infertility, and adoption-related topics. We accept fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, photos, and reviews of fertility-related publications. [o]
Read more about The Fertile Source


Festival Writer fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre [o]

The Fib Review poetry [o]

Fiction fiction

Fiction Fix fiction, nonfiction, artwork [o]

Fiction International fiction, nonfiction, indeterminate prose

Fiction Southeast coverFiction Southeast

Fiction Southeast is an online literary journal dedicated to flash fiction. The mission of Fiction Southeast is to showcase fiction from today's most promising writers and to create an online literary journal that allows readers to quickly and easily access quality writing from their laptops, iPads, and cell phones. [o]
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FictionNow fiction [o]

Fiddleblack screenshotFiddleblack

Fiddleblack is a small press & journal of literature. We like self and place, antipastoralism and concept horror. [o]
Read more about Fiddleblack

The Fiddlehead coverThe Fiddlehead

The Fiddlehead, Atlantic Canada's international literary journal, is entertainment for the thoughtful with its mix of poetry and stories by established and new writers.
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For 40 years FIELD has been celebrated as one of the most stimulating journals of contemporary poetry and poetics in the nation.
Read more about FIELD


Fifth Wednesday Journal poetry, fiction, essays, photography

The Filid Chapbook fiction, poetry, photography, art

Filling Station (Canada) poetry, fiction, artwork, plays, essays

Firewords Quarterly fiction, poetry

The First Line coverThe First Line

The First Line is unaffiliated, unfunded, unassuming, and far from uninspiring. It is a writer’s journal for readers.
Read more about The First Line


First of the Year political journalism, cultural criticism

FishFood & LavaJuice fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography [o]

Five Points fiction, poetry, essays, photographs, artwork, interviews

Five Quarterly poetry, fiction [o]

Fjords poetry, fiction, translations, reviews, art

FLAPPERHOUSE fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, comics [e-pub]

Flare: The Flagler Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, art

Floodwall poetry, fiction, criticism [o/p]

Florida English poetry, fiction, criticism

The Florida Review coverThe Florida Review

The Florida Review publishes innovative fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, and graphic narrative by established and emerging writers. Spring Editors' Prize awards $1000 in each genre.
Read more about The Florida Review


Flycatcher poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography [o]

Flyway fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

foam:e poetry, reviews, interviews [o]

Fogged Clarity fiction, poetry, visual art, music, interviews, and scholarly essays [o]

Foliate Oak coverFoliate Oak

The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine features cutting edge writing and artwork from writers and artists all over the world. [o/p]
Read more about Foliate Oak


Folio poetry, fiction

The Folio Club prose narrative

Forge poetry, fiction, artwork, photography, nonfiction, comics [o]

Forklift, Ohio poetry

Former People: A Journal of Bangs and Whimpers fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

Found Poetry Review found poetry

Four Chambers coverFour Chambers

Four Chambers is a semi-annual print-edition independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ. We're publishing work to build community. We love the word/idea of community. Also, we're a heart .
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Four and Twenty poetry [o]

Four Ties Lit Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Four Way Review fiction, poetry [o]

Four Winds Literary Magazine fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

The Four Quarters Magazine fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography, translation [o]

Fourteen Hills coverFourteen Hills

Fourteen Hills is a biannual journal publishing the highest quality experimental, progressive, and traditional fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, short plays, and visual art.
Read more about Fourteen Hills

Fourth Genre coverFourth Genre

Devoted to publishing notable, innovative work in creative nonfiction, including personal essays and memoirs, graphic essays, experimental forms, and book reviews.
Read more about  Fourth Genre

The Fourth River coverThe Fourth River

The Fourth River seeks works that approaches nature and place in fresh, unexpected ways.
Read more about The Fourth River


The Fox Chase Review poetry [o]

Fox Cry Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Fredericksburg Literary Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Free State Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Free Verse poetry [o]

Freefall prose, poetry, art, photography

FreezeRay poetry, art [o]

Frequencies nonfiction

Freshwater poetry

FRiGG poetry, fiction [o]

Frogpond haiku, haibun, rengay, senryu, renku, essays, book reviews

From the Depths poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o/p]

Front Porch poetry, short stories, novel excerpts, nonfiction [o]

Frostwriting poetry, fiction [o]

Fugue coverFugue

Fugue is a journal of new literature edited by graduate students within the University of Idaho’s English and Creative Writing Programs.
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Futures Trading fiction, poetry [o]


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Gambling the Aisle poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews, art [o]

Garbanzo poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Gargoyle Magazine coverGargoyle Magazine

Gargoyle Magazine has always been a scallywag magazine, a maverick magazine, a bit too academic for the underground and way too underground for the academics.
Read more about Gargoyle Magazine

Gemini Magazine coverGemini Magazine

Gemini Magazine is an online journal with no rules. We are open to any form of fiction, poetry, memoir, creative nonfiction, art, photography, or other creative work. Every submission gets an equal chance, no matter who it is from. [o]
Read more about Gemini Magazine


Georgetown Review fiction, poetry, nonfiction

Georgia Review coverGeorgia Review

Each issue of The Georgia Review features some 200 pages of fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews—as well as a visual art portfolio, usually in color.
Read more about Georgia Review


Gertrude poetry, fiction, nonfiction, novel excerpts, interviews, art

The Gettysburg Review coverThe Gettysburg Review

The Gettysburg Review, published by Gettysburg College, is recognized as one of the country’s best journals.
Read more about Gettysburg Review


Ghost House Review poetry [o]

Ghost Ocean Magazine poetry, fiction [o]

Ghost Town poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork

Gigantic fiction, dialogues, artwork

Gigantic Sequins poetry, fiction, essays, visual art

Gingerbread House fiction, poetry [o]

Ginosko Literary Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews [o]

Glass poetry [o]

Glass Mountain fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

Glasschord Magazine poetry, prose, video, sound, music, art [o]

Glassworks poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography [o/p] [e-pub]

Glimmer Train Stories coverGlimmer Train Stories

Quarterly literary magazine. 260 pages of short stories by new and established writers from around the world. No advertising. A feast of fiction.
Read more about Glimmer Train Stories


GlitterPony poetry [o]

Glitterwolf LGBT, poetry, fiction, art, photography

Global Graffiti poetry, fiction, essays, criticism, dispatches, reviews [o]

Goblin Fruit poetry [o]

Golden Handcuffs Review essays, fiction, poetry, art, responses

The Golden Key poetry, fiction [o]

Gone Lawn prose, prose poetry [o]

Grain Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction, cross-genre, visual art

Granta reportage, fiction, memoir, biography, photography, poetry

Grasslimb poetry, prose, line art, cartoons, reviews

Gravel fiction, poetry, nonfiction, multimedia

Graze fiction, poetry, nonfiction

Great Lakes Review fiction, poetry, nonfiction, artwork, drama

Great River Review fiction, essay, poetry

Green Blotter fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, artwork

Green Briar Review fiction, poetry, nofiction, photography [o]

Green Hills Literary Lantern poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Green Mountains Review coverGreen Mountains Review

Green Mountains Review publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, literary essays, interviews, and book reviews. We print work by both well-known writers and promising newcomers.
Read more about Green Mountains Review


GreenPrints personal garden writing, prose, art

Green Silk Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews [o]

The Greensboro Review coverThe Greensboro Review

We publish fiction and poetry twice a year, each fall and spring. Work from the journal is consistently cited in collections honoring the finest new writing.
Read more about The Greensboro Review


Grey Sparrow poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, photography

Gris-Gris poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

Grist coverGrist

Founded in 2007 by graduate students in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Tennessee, Grist publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, craft essays, and interviews with writers.
Read more about Grist


Guernica poetry, fiction, features, interviews, art, photography [o]

Gulf Coast coverGulf Coast

Committed to publishing high quality fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and critical art writing from both established and emerging writers. Includes full-color art, interviews, and book reviews.
Read more about Gulf Coast


Gulf Stream fiction, nonfiction, poetry [o]

Gutter Eloquence poetry [o]


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H.O.W. Journal poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art

Haigaonline haiga [o]

Half-Baked poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Halfway Down the Stairs poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews [o]

Hamilton Arts & Letters coverHamilton Arts & Letters

Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine is a biannual online publication featuring artwork, interviews, reviews, essays, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, film, and sound. [o]
Read more about Hamilton Arts & Letters


Hamilton Stone Review poetry, short stories [o]

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review coverHampden-Sydney Poetry Review

One of the longest-running poetry journals in the country. “I like the look of it, the feel of it—the taste of it.” —William Stafford
Read more about Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review

Hanging Loose coverHanging Loose

Hanging Loose, first published in 1966, has consistently published fresh, lively writing by new and older authors who deserve a wider audience.
Read more about Hanging Loose


Harpur Palate poetry, fiction

Hart House Review (Canada) poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, art

Hartskill Review poetry

Harvard Review fiction, poetry, essays, drama, book reviews

Hawk & Handsaw poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art

Hayden's Ferry Review coverHayden’s Ferry Review

Showcases the voices of emerging and established talents in creative writing and visual art from the national and international community
Read more about Hayden's Ferry Review


The Healing Muse fiction, poetry, narratives, essays, memoirs, visual art

The Heartland Review fiction, poetry, art, photography

Heavy Feather Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction [e-pub]

The Helix poetry, fiction, art

Her Royal Majesty poetry, fiction, photography, artwork, recipes [o]

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal coverHermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal celebrates the aura of literary grandeur by publishing some of the finest poetry and prose every two months. [o]
Read more about Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal


The Heron’s Nest haiku

High Desert Journal coverHigh Desert Journal

HDJ is a literary and visual arts magazine dedicated to further understanding the people, places and issues of the interior West.
Read more about High Desert Journal


Hinchas de Poesia poetry, images [o]

Hippocampus nonfiction, essays, memoir, interviews, reviews [o]

Hiram Poetry Review coverHiram Poetry Review

The Hiram Poetry Review has been publishing witty, distinctive and heroic poetry since 1966.
Read more about Hiram Poetry Review


Hobart fiction

The Hollins Critic essays, book reviews

HOOT poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews [o]

The Hoot & Hare Review fiction, poetry, essays, art, interviews

The Hopkins Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Horse Less Review poetry, fiction [o]

Hospital Drive fiction, poetry, nonfiction, photography [o]

Hot Metal Bridge poetry, fiction, nonfiction, criticism [o]

Hotel Amerika coverHotel Amerika

An exciting venue for both well-known and emerging writers. We strive to house in our pages the most unique and provocative poetry, fiction and nonfiction available.
Read more about Hotel Amerika

The Hudson Review coverThe Hudson Review

Since 1948, focusing on how literature bears on the intellectual life of the time. Publishes undiscovered writers. Poetry, fiction, critical essays, book reviews, arts chronicles.
Read more about The Hudson Review


Hunger Mountain art, poetry, fiction, novel excerpts, nonfiction, interviews, translations

The Hyper Texts poetry [o]


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Ibbetson Street poetry

The Idaho Review coverThe Idaho Review

An annual review of literary fiction and poetry, highlighting an array of distinguished writers as well as new and exciting voices of emerging writers.
Read more about The Idaho Review


if&when fiction, nonfiction, poetry [p/e-pub]

Ikleftiko Poetry poetry [o]

The Ilanot Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews, translations [o]

Ilk poetry

Illuminations poetry, translation, artwork

Image fiction, essay, interview, memoir, poetry, visual art

Imitation & Allusion poetry, fiction [o]

Imitation Fruit poetry, fiction, art, photography [o]

The Impressment Gang Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry [p/e-pub]

Inch poetry, fiction

Indiana Review coverIndiana Review

Now in its 36th year of publication, Indiana Review is a non-profit literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers.
Read more about Indiana Review


InDigest Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, music [o]

Infinity's Kitchen poetry, prose, essays, art [o]

Inlandia poetry, fiction, essays, memoir, novel excerpts, reviews, interviews [o]

Innisfree Poetry Journal poetry [o]

Inscape poetry, fiction, nonfiction

The Intentional nonfiction, fiction

inter|rupture poetry, fiction, art [o]

Interim poetry, fiction, translation, eviews, belles lettres

International Poetry Review poetry

In/Words (Canada) poetry, fiction, photography, reviews [o]

iO Poetry poetry [o]

Iodine Poetry Journal poetry

The Iowa Review coverThe Iowa Review

Edited by faculty, students, and staff from the renowned writing and literature programs at the University of Iowa, the Iowa Review—now in its 42nd year of publication—takes advantage of this rich environment for literary collaboration to create a worldwide conversation among those who read and write contemporary literature.
Read more about The Iowa Review


Irish Pages poetry, fiction, essays, nonfiction, reviews, translations

Iron Horse Literary Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, interviews, reviews 

Ishaan Literary Review poetry, fiction [o]

Istanbul Literary Review poetry, short stories, articles [o]

Isthmus fiction, nonfiction, poetry

IthacaLit poetry, nonfiction, art [o]


J - K
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J Journal fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

J&L Illustrated fiction, illustrations

The Jabberwock Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art

James Dickey Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Jelly Bucket poetry, fiction, nonfiction, mixed media

Jellyfish Magazine poetry [o]

Jenny Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

Jersey Devil Press fiction [o]

Jet Fuel Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork [o]

Jewish Fiction .net logoJewish Fiction .net

Jewish Fiction .net showcases the finest contemporary Jewish-themed fiction from around the world (either written in, or translated into, English). Stories and novel excerpts welcome. [o]
Read more about Jewish Fiction .net
Jewish Fiction .net

Jewish Literary Journal fiction, nonfiction, poetry [o]

JMWW poetry, fiction, essays, nonfiction, visual art, interviews [o]

Jonathan fiction

Josephine Quarterly poetry, art [o]

The Journal poetry, prose

Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies literary criticism

Journal of Ordinary Thought personal essay, poetry, fiction

Joypuke fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Jubilat poetry, nonfiction, art

Juked coverJuked

Independent literary journal that publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and photography. Our online edition is updated once or twice a week, and our print publication comes out annually. In publication since 1999. [o/p]
Read more about Juked


Kaleidoscope poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, visual art [o]

Kalyani poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, cross-genre [e-pub/p]

Kartika Review Asian-American fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

ken*again poetry, prose, art, photography [o]

Kenning Journal poetry, spoken word [o]

The Kenyon Review coverThe Kenyon Review

The Kenyon Review features the best new writing by established and emerging authors.
Read more about Kenyon Review


Kestrel poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translation

Kettle Blue Review poetry [o]

Kindred poetry, art, photography

Kinfolks Quarterly fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography [o/p]

Knockout poetry, translations

Konch Magazine poetry, short stories, essays [o]

Konundrum Engine Literary Review poetry, prose, features [o]

Kritya poetry, essays [o]

Kudzu House Quarterly poetry, fiction, art, photography [o]

Kugelmass fiction, essays, humor


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Labletter coverLabletter

The Labletter is an annual magazine of art and literature that has its roots in the Oregon Lab, the name given to a group of artists and their annual gathering
Read more about Labletter


Lackington's fiction, art [o]

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, comics

The Lake poetry [o]

Lake Effect fiction, poetry, nonfiction

Lalitamba coverLalitamba

Lalitamba is an international journal of writings for liberation.
Read more about Lalitamba


Lana Turner poetry, reviews, essays, photography

The Laurel Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Lavender Review lesbian poetry, art [o]

Lavender Wolves Literary Journal fiction, poetry [o]

The Ledge poetry, fiction

Left Curve poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visuals

The Letters Page letters, fiction, poetry, nonfiction [o]

Light poetry [o]

The Licking River Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

Linden Avenue Literary Journal poetry, fiction [o]

The Lindenwood Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction

The Liner poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Lines + Stars poetry, fiction [o]

Lingerpost poetry [o]

Lishanu haikai, translation [o]

LIT poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Literal poetry, fiction, nonfiction, news, essays, art, bilingual

Literal Latte logoLiteral Latte

Mind-stimulating stories, poems, and essays. Get addicted. [o]
Read more about Literal Latte


The Literarian fiction, interviews [o]

Literary Bohemian logoLiterary Bohemian

The Literary Bohemian is the final online destination for first-class, travel-inspired writing that transports the reader, non-stop, to Elsewhere. [o]
Read more about Literary Bohemian


Literary Fever poetry, fiction, reviews, art

Literary Juice coverLiterary Juice

Literary Juice is produced from 100% pure originality. We feature works of fiction and poetry that are clever, bold, and even weird! [o]
Read more about Literary Juice


Literary Mama fiction, poetry, nonfiction, criticism [o]

Literary Orphans poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, photography [o]

The Literary Review fiction, poetry, nonfiction, translations, essays, reviews

Literary Review of Canada articles, poetry, artwork

Litro Magazine poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Little Patuxent Review poetry, prose, visual art

Little Red Leaves poetry, multimedia [o]

Little Star poetry, fiction, essays

Live Mag! poetry

The London Magazine poetry, fiction, essays, reviews

The Long Story fiction

Looseleaf Tea poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art [o]

The Los Angeles Review poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, reviews

Lost in Thought fiction, art

Loud Zoo fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art [o]

Louisiana Literature poetry, prose, review

The Louisville Review coverThe Louisville Review

Since 1976, The Louisville Review has published the best of contemporary writing in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, and writing by children (K-12).
Read more about The Louisville Review


Lowestoft Chronicle poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork [o]

The Lumberyard poetry, fiction

Lumina poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Lunch Ticket poetry, fiction, nonfiction [o]

Lungfull poetry, prose, art

The Lyric poetry

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