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Concho River Review

Literature from Texas and Beyond

About Concho River Review: Since 1987, Concho River Review has been publishing established and emerging writers from all over the country while keeping a focus on the Southwest.

Contact Information:

Editors: Dr. Erin Ashworth-King

Angelo State University

Department of English and Modern Languages

ASU Station #10894

San Angelo, TX 76909-0894

Phone: (325) 486-6139



Submission/Subscription Information:

Formats: print Genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, interviews

Simultaneous submissions: yes (see website) Email submissions: yes (see website) Online submissions: no Reading period: year-round Response time: 2 months Payment: copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1048-9568 Founded: 1987 Issues per year: 2 Copy price: $10 Average pages: 150 Subscription (ind) 1 year: $17

Publisher's description: Begun by novelist and short-story writer Dr. Terry Dalrymple in 1987, Concho River Review is a biannual literary journal published by the Department of English and Modern Languages at Angelo State University. Since its inception, CRR has prided itself on publishing some of the finest short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from both emerging and established authors. Although originally designed as a forum for Texas writers, over the years its reach and interests have extended well beyond Texas and the Southwest.

In the words of our former editor Mary Ellen Hartje, CRR aims to provide its readers with “escape, insight, laughter, and inspiration.” Any stories or poems that achieve these aims can be published, but we prefer stories with a clear sense of conflict and well-defined characters and poems that are aurally pleasing and studded with powerful, precise images and diction. The nonfiction we publish comprises literary essays, memoirs, and interviews with prominent authors; most interviews are solicited, as they feature the guest writer at Angelo State’s Writers Conference, conducted in February of each year. We also publish about eight or ten book reviews in each issue, mostly on recent releases from small and university presses across the Southwest.

Recent Issues:

The Spring 2014 issue of CRR features fiction by Paula Starche, Michael McGuire, Robert McGuill, and Raymond Arcangel; nonfiction by Jan Seale, John Robinson, J. Michael Mumme, and Lily Iona MacKenzie; poetry by, among others, Harold Whit Williams, Dan Williams, David Vancil, Jonathan Greenhause, Mark Goad, Colin Dodds, Paul Dickey, Matt Dennison, David Bowles, and Alan Birkelbach; plus ten reviews of books published predominantly by small presses and university presses across Texas and the southwest.

The Fall 2013 issue of CRR is dedicated to the memory of poet Rob Zseleczky, a long-time friend of the journal. It features fiction by Murzban F. Shroff, Jack Hernandez, Shannon Deaton, and James Armstrong; nonfiction by Phillip Parotti, Robert Kostuck, Nels P. Highberg, and Stephanie E. Dickinson; and poetry by too many poets to list here but including Larry D. Thomas, Michael Salcman, Russell Rowland, Sally Ridgway, George Looney, Len Krisak, Mel Kenne, William Virgil Davis, Mary Ellen Branan, and Fred Alsberg.

The Spring 2013 issue features fiction by William Claxon, Jeffrey DeLotto, M. Kaat Toy, and Mark Walling; nonfiction by Allen Gee, Robert Paul Moreira, , Donna Walker-Nixon, and John G. Rodwan, Jr.; and poetry by Gale Acuff, Jeffrey C. Alfier, John Bennett, Clara Bush, Robert Cooperman, Theresa Crisanti, Holly Day, Richard Donnelly, Chris Ellery, William Feeler, and more.


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