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About Gargoyle Magazine: Gargoyle Magazine has always been a scallywag magazine, a maverick magazine, a bit too academic for the underground and way too underground for the academics.

Contact Information:

3819 North 13th St.

Arlington, VA  22201

Phone: (703) 525-9296



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Reading period: 6/1-6/30 Response time: 1-3 months Payment: see website Contests: no ISSN: 0162-1149 Issues per year: 1 Founded: 1976 Copy Price: $18.95 Subscription (Ind): $30/2yrs Subscriptions (Inst): $40/2yrs

Publisher’s Description: Gargoyle Magazine has always been a scallywag magazine, a maverick magazine, a bit too academic for the underground and way too underground for the academics. We are a writer’s magazine in that we are read by other writers and have never worried about reaching the masses. What masses? We publish fiction, poetry, nonfiction, interviews, and graphics.

Recent contributors: Kwame Alexander, John Amen, Antler, Naomi Ayala, Linda Joy Burke, Tom Carson, Joan Colby, Kathleen de Azevedo, Gloria Dyc, Bobbi Dykema, Sean Enright, Ed Falco, Gary Fincke, Hugh Fox, James Grady, Robert Gregory, Myronn Hardy, Lucy Honig, Marilyn Kallet, Karen Kovacik, Angela Labordeta, Gerry LaFemina, Elise Levine, Norman Lock, Barbara Moraff, Susan Smith Nash, Lalita Norohna, Carol Novack, Lorraine Schein, Steven Schutzman, Judith Skillman, Marilyn Stablein, Adrienne Su, Todd Swift, ruth weiss, Allison Whittenberg, and many more.

“A recent survey of small press publishing by a Calyx intern revealed only twenty-five percent of those published are women. . . In contrast is the percentage of women on the list of contributors to Gargoyle, the annual literary magazine edited by Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody in Arlington, Virginia, which is also celebrating thirty years in print. At least 45 percent of the writers who have had work published in Gargoyle since 1976 are women, including Kathy Acker, Rita Dove, Jennifer Egan, Shelley Jackson, and Naomi Shihab Nye. But Gargoyle, which has also published the likes of T.C. Boyle, Russell Edson, Allen Ginsberg, Ben Marcus, and Rick Moody, doesn’t make any declarations about gender distinctions. The cover of its anniversary issue, also released in August, features an illustration by Patricia Storms that pretty well sums up thirty years of work by a magazine that doesn’t take itself too seriously: A UFO indiscriminately beams up its cargo, including toilet paper, a telephone, a rat, a cat, a drumstick, a brassiere, a granny with a book, and Frankenstein with a typewriter. God bless literary magazines with a sense of humor.” - Kevin Larimer, Poets & Writers Magazine

Recent issues:

Number 61 features great selections of nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and graphics from a number of writers including Carrie Addington, Mary Bargteil, Jose Padua, Samina Najmi, Linda Blaskey, Candance Black, Rafael Alvarez, Debra Booth, Trevor Dodge, Paula Bonnell, Rich Boucher, Judith Bowles, Wayne Karlin, Nathan Leslie, Joan Colby, Kelly Davio, Amelie Olaiz, Gary Fincke, Jim Gross, David A. Taylor, Sally Toner, Piotr Gwiazda, Gregg Shapiro, Stuart Ross, Rose Solari, Basil White, Gregg Wilhelm, Shangrila Willy, Pamela Murray Winters, Bill Yarrow, Theodora Ziolkowski, and many, many more.

Gargoyle No. 60. Based in the D.C. area. Features: Anya Achtenberg, Yesim Agaoglu, Nin Andrews, Cassia Beck, Gary Blankenburg, Cort Bledsoe, Ann Bogle, Dmitry Borshch, Rae Bryant, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Patrick Chapman, Joan Colby, Nina Corwin, Bill Costley, Jim Daniels, Kristina Marie Darling, Barbara DeCesare, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Guillermo Fadanelli, Gary Fincke, Rebecca Foust, Stephen Gibson, Maria Gillan, Joe Hall, Michael Hemmingson, Chip Livingston, Kat Meads, Teresa Milbrodt, Leslie F. Miller, Donaji Olmedo, Catherine Owen, Doug Ramspeck, Doug Rice, Barry Silesky, Curtis Smith, Barry Spacks, Susan Tepper, Meg Tuite, Sara Uribe, Vallie Lynn Watson, Brandi Wells, Mary-Sherman Willis, Bill Wolak, and many more.

Gargoyle No. 59 features nonfiction by Mary Carpenter, Deborah Gold, Mark Spitzer, and Mark Terrill; poetry by Karren Alenier, Kelli Allen, R. A. Allen, Elaine Bander, Kacee Belcher, Jocko Benoit, Jill Bergkamp, Vanessa Blakeslee, Chris Bullard, Emily Carr, Robert Cole, Nicelle Davis, Lori Ellison, Corey Ginsberg, Jasper Haze, Susan Maurer, Deanna Larson, Terese Svoboda, Kirby Wright, and more; fiction by Bonnie Arning, Rachel Brill, Chris Dungey, Gloria Dyc, Allison Hedge Coke, Robert Kloss, Len Kruger, Mark McBride, Yarrow Paisley, Jenniey Tallman, Ann Wahlman, and more; plus cartoons by Nin Andrews and cover art by random eye candy photography.


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