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The Gettysburg Review

About The Gettysburg Review: The Gettysburg Review publishes poetry, prose, and visual art by established and emerging talents in issues that are as handsome as they are stimulating.

Contact Information:

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg, PA  17325

Phone: (717) 337-6770



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Reading period: 9/1-5/31 Response time: 3-6 months Payment: yes (see website) Contests: no ISSN: 0898-4557 Issues per year: 4 Founded: 1988 Distributors: Ingram Periodicals, Ubiquity Distributors Average pages: 168 Sample copy (postpaid): $10 Copy Price: $10 Subscription 1 year: $28

Publisher’s Description: The Gettysburg Review, published by Gettysburg College, is recognized as one of the country’s premier journals. Since its debut in 1988, more than one hundred short stories, poems, and essays first published in its pages have been reprinted in the prize anthologies The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, The Best American Poetry, The Best American Essays, The Best American Mystery Stories, The Best American Short Stories, Best American Voices, Best New Poets, New Stories from the South, and Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards, or have reappeared in such esteemed publications as Harper’s and Utne Reader.

In addition, the Gettysburg Review's editing, elegant design, and stunning graphics have earned numerous prizes, including a Best New Journal award and four Best Journal Design awards from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals, the most recent of which was granted in 2003, and a PEN/Nora Magid Award for Excellence in Editing. Contributors include luminaries such as E. L. Doctorow, Rita Dove, James Tate, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Wilbur, and Donald Hall as well as emerging artists such as James Haug, Ginger Strand, Kyle Minor, Holly Goddard Jones, and Charles Yu.

With its award-winning editing, writing, and design, the Gettysburg Review is, as one reader put it, “Pure delight, every time.”

Recent issues:

The Autumn 2014 edition includes, as usual, an assortment of wonderful writing, such as Mary Alice Hostetter’s essay “Zeit und Raum.” Fiction wise, we have a couple of standouts including Judith Edelman’s “The Parchment Is Burning, but the Letters Soar Freely” and Monica McFawn’s “Line of Questioning” You will also find the usual assortment of poetic delights by veterans Richard Lyons, Michael Waters, and Christopher Howell, as well as poems by newcomer (to our pages at least) Tina Barr and many others.

The Summer 2014 issue features essays by Elizabeth Weller, Catherine Jagoe, Kenneth Garcia, MaryJo Thomas, and Floyd Collins; fiction by Reed Johnson, Katherine Heiny, Catherine Tudish, and Corey Campbell; poetry by Linda Pastan, Rebecca Lehmann, Robert Hedin, John Allman, Steve Lapinsky, Zaccaria Fulton, Sherod Santos, Eleanor Stanford, and Carly Landa; and graphics by R. Scott Baltz.

In the Spring 2014 edition, you will find the usual assortment of delights, but highlights include “Telref,” Edward McPherson’s story about a young, hip couple’s experience of 9/11 NYC, “A Duck with One Leg,” Aviya Kushner’s essay tribute to her childhood piano teacher, as well as poems by Richard Lyons, Meghan Privitello, and Lynn Domina. Enjoy!


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