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The MacGuffin

About The MacGuffin: The MacGuffin, a national literary magazine from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan, is a collection of the best poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Contact Information:

Schoolcraft College

18600 Haggerty Road

Livonia, MI  48152

Phone: (734) 462-4400 Ext. 5327



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Reading period: year-round Response time: 1-4 months Payment: copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1527-2346 Founded: 1984 Issues per year: 3 Average pages: 160 Copy price: $9 Sample price (postpaid): $6 Subscription (Ind) 1 year: $22

Publisher’s description: The MacGuffin, established in 1984, is a national literary magazine published by Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. Our 6 x 9” perfect-bound publication features high-quality poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. It also features artwork, including prints, drawings, and black and white photos. The material ranges from traditional to experimental. With its fresh and eclectic content, The MacGuffin attracts a variety of people with many different interests. We publish three issues yearly.

Each year, The MacGuffin offers the National Poet Hunt Contest, with a first place prize of $500 and two honorable mentions. All winning poems, including honorable mentions, are published in the Winter issue of The MacGuffin. Past judges have included Terry Blackhawk, Jim Daniels, Thomas Lynch, and Dorianne Laux. Visit our website or send SASE for contest guidelines.

Recent issues:

Winter 2014: With another Poet Hunt Contest all wrapped up, The MacGuffin is proud to present this year’s winning poems! Chosen by guest judge Philip Levine, Jeanine Stevens emerges from the fray victorious with her poem “New Delhi” (p. 85). Following this are Jane Bridges’s “Talk of Former Loves” and Alexander Payne Morgan’s “Ulysses: The Thinker”, the 18th contest’s two honorable mentions. This year’s Poet Hunt is also on its way, beginning on April 1 and judged by Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Dennis! Along with the award-winning poetry found in this issue, readers are treated to our usual smorgasbord of short prose.

Ending the Fall season with a read to remember is Vol. XXX, No.1 of The MacGuffin. Filled with imagery of nostalgia and despair—such as Alexis Rhone Fancher’s “Mahogany Funeral Urn” and Randy K. Schwartz’s “Going to the Grave of Son House”—The MacGuffin touches both the mind and the heart. Complementing the vivid poetry and fiction is the colorful artwork of Ally Hodges found on pages 97-100. Works from Pulitzer winner Carl Dennis are featured on pages 65-69. We are delighted to announce that he will be judging our 19th National Poet Hunt Contest which will begin in April!

Spring/Summer 2013: The wispy, pastel photography of Monte Nagler graces the cover of The MacGuffin’s Spring-Summer 2013 issue and appropriately sets the tone for what is to follow. The opening poem, Diana Woodcock’s Alaskan “Winstanley Lake, Misty Fiords,” seems tailor-made for the nautical cover. Following this are the reminiscences of Shara Sinor’s time in a Ugandan zoo and Richard Alwan’s fateful day in the Army. While this Army tale leaves out the blood and guts that others make sure to spotlight, Simon Mermelstein’s poem “Ortho-Max” picks up the slack. Rounding out this issue is Corey Ginsberg’s heartfelt love note to ranch dressing.


Last updated 03/27/2014