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Poetry for the 21st Century

About Rattle: Rattle is the journal for people who love poetry—whether they realize it yet, or not.

Contact Information:

12411 Ventura Blvd

Studio City, CA  91604

Phone: (818) 505-6777

Email: timgreen[at]rattle[dot]com

Web: www.rattle.com

Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Reading period: year-round Response time: 4-8 weeks Payment: subscription Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1097-2900  Founded: 1994 Issues per year: 4 Distributors: Ingram, Armadillo, Ubiquity Average pages: 100 Sample copy: $5.95 Cover Price: $5.95 Subscription (Ind): $20/yr Subscription 1 year (Inst): $20

Publisher’s Description: For over a decade people have been discovering a love of poetry through Rattle. Each issue is a demonstration that it doesn’t take a scholar to be moved by the written word, that great literature is something everyone can enjoy. The lawyer, the landscaper, the academic and housewife all share our pages. We put the voices of Dunn and Levine and Laux flush against names you’ve never heard, but won’t forget. We’ve been featured in Best American Poetry, but we’re most proud of the readers we touch, the writers unafraid to make noise.

Lost in the literary shuffle is the simple truth that language is moving, that life is compelling, full of burdens and joys we all share. Published quarterly, each perfect-bound issue is 100 pages of poetry, essays, interviews with heart. Poetry should make you laugh or cry; it should enlighten and entertain. Our mission at Rattle is to cull the 10,000 submissions we receive each year into a collection that will stay with you long after you’ve set it down, a collection you’ll return to again and again. Share in the intimacy of experience only poetry allows. Listen closely: What makes you rattle?

Recent issues:

Rattle #43 focuses on the love poem, with new work by 40 poets. From sonnets, triolets, and villanelles, to free verse, letters, and lyrics—we spent a year looking for love, in all the ways a poet can slice it. Old love new love, red love, blue love. Mean love, green love, thick love, lean love. In one poem kissing is a religion, another’s love is for a chicken. The issue is a strange brew, but love potions often are. To help make sense of it all, we interview poet and philosopher Troy Jollimore, author of the non-fiction book Love’s Vision.

Rattle #42 is another entirely open free-for-all, and we’ve stuffed it to the whim: from personal ads to angels, from plum blossoms to catfish tits (you read that right). Tim Laffey longs for Pindar’s couch, Taylor Mali misreads a magnifying glass, and Patricia Smith has a binder for Mitt. These poems are heavy and light, eye-opening and jaw-dropping, including powerful work by teenager Grace L. Park, seven-year-old Ghanaian Kofi Edufo, and Roberto Acalon’s Rattle Poetry Prize-winner, “The Fire This Time.” In the conversations section, Timothy Green discusses poetry and life with the irreverently funny Ron Koertge.

Rattle’s Fall 2013 issue is dedicated entirely to poets who are (or have been) single parents. These 37 writers have not only taken on the most important job in the world—alone—but have also found it fertile ground for poetry. Five personal essays guide our journey, each shedding light on their inspiring lives from different angles, and an interview with single parent poet/novelist Francesca Lia Block. Whether parenting solo by choice or by tragedy, whether dealing with the stress of sole custody or the sadness of separation, these writers make room for their art, and share with us all stories worth reading.


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