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About Skidrow Penthouse: Skidrow Penthouse is an elegant 300+ page journal that contains the richest and widest possible range of poetry, fiction, and art.

Contact Information:

68 East Third Street Apt 16

New York, NY  10003

Phone: (212) 614-9505



Submission/Subscription Information:

Submissions: indefinite hiatus Founded: 1998 Issues per year: 1 Copy price: $12(US), $16(Cdn) Average pages: 250  Sample price (postpaid): $12(USD), $16(CAD) Subscription (Ind) $12(US), $16(CAD)

Publisher’s description: Due to the editor being diagnosed with a life-threatening health condition, Skidrow Penthouse is on hiatus indefinitely. Issue sixteen will come out as scheduled, so if you've had work accepted for that issue, it will be published, with a tentative release date of April-May.

Rain Mountain Press/Skidrow Penthouse takes its name from “When The Cicadas Return,” a poem by Bill Featherman, an obscure and homeless Minnesota poet and musician: “This is the night Andromeda crawled / down from your ceiling’s flatland / of shining crickets, // a night to check the leaves / and bring the scarecrows to bed // This is the night cicadas landed on Earth / and set out toward the half-fires // and rain mountains that the people left behind.”

We favor writers who speak the language of storms, the smell of fire after the smoke is gone, styles that are idiosyncratic and grounded, while at the same time suggesting realities far beyond themselves, whether those realities be political, cultural, or of some undefined nature. We want to spread the voice scrawled on the walls of an overpass during a cold Rocky Mountain night, the way Bill Featherman did until the night of his death in 1993.

We are now accepting poems and flash fictions within the body of the email at No attachments, please. Continue to mail us your lengthy short stories.

Recent issues:

Skidrow Penthouse #16 features work by James Grabill, Kenneth Frost, Carolyn Gelland, John Goode, Patty Dickson Pieczka, Michael Montlack, Philip Dacey, Juliet Cook, Frederick Pollack, Rosalind Palermo Stevenson, Rebecca Lilly, Mercedes Lawry, Leopoldo Maria Panero (translated by Arturo Mantecon), Torrodur Poulsen (translated by Randi Ward), and fabulous artwork by Alois Nozicka, Richard Baldasty, Chuck Light, Guy Beining, and Oshinn Reid.

Skidrow Penthouse #15 features art by Alois Nožička; a special feature on poetry from Juarez, translated and introduced by Anthony Seidman; a manifesto by j’j hastain and t. thilleman; and work by Catherine Sasanov, David Chorlton, James Grabill, Heller Levinson, Martha King, Nava Renek, Jen Knox, Debrah Morkun, Frederick Pollack, and Kristiina Ehin, among others.

This issue (14) features poetry from Gaspar Orozco, Anna Adams, Paul B. Roth, Andre Oerke, Stephen Campiglio, Jeffrey MacLachlan, Errol Miller, Anthony Seidman, Michael Weston, Chet Hart, Mercedes Lawry, Rebecca Lilly, Dennis Saleh, Leigh Herrick, Margaret Gilbert, W. Todd Kaneko, Susan H. Maurer, Chocolate Waters, Tony Gloeggler, Randi Ward, Jim Cory, Lynne Potts, and more; fiction from Kristiina Ehin, Nitzan Blouin, Jiří Klobouk, Rosalind Palermo Stevenson, Patrick McKinnon, and Patrick Sugrue; and nonfiction from Stephanie Dickinson.


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