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Still Point Arts Quarterly

About Still Point Arts Quarterly: Focuses on artistic expression and creativity. Includes portfolios from artists along with fiction, non-fiction, poetry about art and artistry. Intended for artists and art enthusiasts.

Contact Information:

193 Hillside Road

Brunswick, ME 04011

Phone: (207) 837-5760



Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Postal Submissions: yes Online submissions: no Reading period: ongoing Response time: 2-16 weeks Payment: small honorarium and copies Contests: no Founded: 2011 Issues per year: 4 Copy price: $12.50 Average pages: 100 Sample price (postpaid): $16.49 Subscription (Ind/Inst) 1 year: $36 (US), $46 (CAD), $52 (Int'l)

Publisher’s description: Still Point Arts Quarterly has a clear focus on art, artists, and artistry, as it explores issues of expression, imagination, and inspiration. Each issue includes extensive portfolios of contemporary artists as well as articles, essays, fiction, and poetry about art, artists, and artistry. Featured artists have included painters, photographers, and mixed-media artists from around the world, and writers and poets have included novelists, frequent contributors to literary journals, nominees for the Pushcart Prize, and chapbook poets. Still Point Arts Quarterly has been praised for its rich content, magnificent reproduction of artwork, and splendid layout and design. It is, quite simply, a beautiful publication. Intended for artists as well as art enthusiasts, Still Point Arts Quarterly is guided by the premise that art and artistry possess the capability to transform the world.

Recent issues:

The Summer 2014 issue contains the featured gallery exhibition Still Pint VI; portfolios of Jacqueline Doyle Allison, Bobby Baker, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, and Susan Pearlman Karlsberg; poetry by Paul Freidinger, Anthony Labriola, William Miller, and Sarah Brown Weitzman; and features from Joe Baumann, Ruth Ann Blynt, Nigel Featherstone, and Larry Smith.

The Spring 2014 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly features work from Still Point Art Gallery’s current exhibition—Landscapes by Day - Landscapes by Night. Also included are portfolios by photographer Jane Soodalter (Deconstructing Construction), painter Constance Culpepper (Interiors), and mixed media artist Rachel Burgess (Resting Places). Literary work is by Jann Everard (As Seen), K. S. Hardy (A Portrait of the Devil), Helen M. Knowlton (The Painting of Landscapes), and Agnieszka Stachura (Foundation). Poetry is by Diana Pinckney (Soir Bleu, 1914), Lauren McKenzie Reed (The Views / The Prisons), and Tom Whayne (The Black Leather-Bound Books).

The Winter 2013 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly features work from Still Point Art Gallery’s current exhibition—Winter Splendor. Also included are portfolios by photographers Sara Slee Brown (Discoveries) and Ekaterina Bykhovskaya (Jerusalem, Old City); painter Helen Shulman (Starting, Stopping, and What Happens in Between); and mixed media artist Julie A. Struck (Enduring Work). Literary work is by Dorothy Rice (The Paintings in the Rafters); Joan Thornton (Traces of Longing); and Gail Tyson (How to See Clearly). Poetry is by Luisa Villani (The Great, Meditative Self) and Dana Yost (The Art of Field Rock).


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