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China Rights Forum

The Journal of Human Rights in China

c/o Human Rights in China

350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3311

New York, NY  10118

Phone: (212) 239-4495



ISSN: 1068-4166 Founded: 1990 Issues per year: 4 Distributors: Human Rights in China Copy Price: $8.50 Subscription (Individuals): $48 Subscription (Libraries): $60

Publisher’s Description: Since its founding in 1990, China Rights Forum has become a key source of information regarding China’s human rights developments.

In particular, CRF provides one of the few English-language outlets for Chinese dissidents, scholars, artists, writers and activists promoting democratic reform, labor rights, freedom of expression, and the rights of religious and ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups. Additional features include thematic resource lists and updates on political prisoners.

CRF is distributed to more than 3,500 individuals and institutions, including Chinese students and scholars abroad, international China experts, journalists, human rights-related NGOs, government officials, and experts and delegates to the UN Human Rights Commission and other human rights bodies.