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E - The Environmental Magazine

28 Knight Street

2nd Floor

Norwalk, CT  06851

Phone: (203) 854-5559

E-mail: info@emagazine.com

Web: www.emagazine.com

ISSN: 1046-8021Founded: 1990 Issues per year: 6 Distributors: One Source, Ingram, New Leaf Copy Price: $5 Subscription (Individuals): $24.95/1 year, $34.95/2 years Subscription (Libraries): $20

Publisher’s Description: E/The Environmental Magazine covers everything environmental – from rainforests to recycling, and from the "personal to the political." E covers all the key issues, providing contact information so readers can research further or get involved. Plus, E’s Green Living section provides loads of practical information for “greening up” one’s personal lifestyle.

E is carried by over 3,000 public & school libraries and is accessible to readers (and students) of all ages. E is an ideal source for research, current events, or general informational reading.