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Growing Edge International

PO Box 1027

Corvallis, OR  97339

Phone 541-757-8477

E-mail: tom <at> growingedge <dot> com


ISSN: 1043-2906 Founded: 1989

Publisher's Description: Growing Edge International is the trade journal of record for the ever expanding hydroponics industry. Growing Edge International presents to its readers the latest techniques for growing vegetables, flowers and herbs without soil. It is possible to grow year-round if environmental inputs are available such as a greenhouse or an indoor grow room.

Growing Edge International readers include commercial growers, hobby growers, students from elementary schools through universities, teachers and professors and scientific researchers at NASA and other institutes. There is always an article that is geared to each of the sub-groups of readers. What really attracts a loyal readership is the human interest angle woven through each article.

Over 200 American public schools are now using hydroponics in science and botany classes. Commercial market growers get crops to grow faster and harvest two to three times the amount of crops in the same volume of space using hydroponics. Hobby growers can cultivate their favorite plants throughout the year.

Growing Edge is now an online magazine and will no longer be in print format, however back issues are still available in print.