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Korean Quarterly

Box 6789

St. Paul, MN  55106

Phone: (651) 398-2325

E-mail: koreanquarterly@gmail.com

Web: www.koreanquarterly.org

ISSN: 1536-156X Founded: 1997 Issues per year: 4. Copy Price: $6 Subscription (Individuals): $20 Subscription (Libraries): $22

Publisher’s Description: Korean Quarterly provides independent and alternative reporting on issues of identity, racism, politics and the arts and is a forum for the ideas and creativity of the whole Korean American community.

Our coverage focuses on the place where identity, creativity and culture intersect. We seek out unheard voices and new perspectives. From the Twin Cities to Chicago, LA, NYC, Europe, Pyongyang and Seoul, we have been there to cover a variety of views and issues – from former comfort women, reunification/reconciliation efforts and war crimes tribunals to recording stories from elders and documenting 1.5/2nd generation and adopted Korean perspectives.

Korean Quarterly’s readers are members of the Korean American community, including adopted Koreans, 1.5/2nd generation, bi-racial and intercultural Korean Americans. It also attracts many non-Korean readers, including families of adopted Koreans, other Asian Americans, and people who have an interest in Korean culture and history, the Korean American community or racial and ethnic identity issues of minority populations in America.

Korean Quarterly includes coverage of the arts, politics, Korean culture, business, and national and international news. We publish feature material, such as personality profiles, business features, personal essays, creative writing and poetry. We also do critical analysis, including book, film and music reviews, and editorials. KQ has also received 17 awards of excellence from the MN Newspaper Association and a nomination for a national award for Ethnic Issues coverage in 2002 from the Independent Press Association.

Recent issues:

15th Anniversary Issue (Summer 2012) featuring Taste Memories; Oprah vs. Juche: Reviewing the North Korean border capture, captivity and trial of Laura Ling and Euna Lee; Yul Kwon: Not just "that Asian guy who won Survivor; Ishle Park: Writer, spoken word artist, musician and poet; Geographies of Kinship: Deann Borshay Liem's new film project; AdopSource and others work to stop adoptee deportation; The Origen's Project: Memoirs in Motion; A grim view of the world: Minouk Lim teams up with local choreographer for collaborative exhibit at the Walker Art Center; Food diva Mary Lee Vance: An introduction to miyeok and kim. Plus much more! Support KQ by subscribing today! Visit: www.koreanquarterly.org