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Light of Consciousness cover

Light of Consciousness

Journal of Spiritual Awakening

Desert Ashram

3403 W. Sweetwater Drive

Tucson, AZ  85745-9301

Phone: (520) 743-8821



ISSN: 1040-7448 Founded: 1988 Issues per year: 4 Distributors: Source Interlink, Ingram, OneSource Copy Price: $6.99 Subscription (Individuals): $19.95 Subscription (Libraries): $28

Publisher’s Description: Light of Consciousness has been called “The best produced journal on spiritual and yogic thought” by Dr. David Frawley, author and Vedic scholar. Published since 1988, it is dedicated to all who are interested in awakening consciousness, personal and global transformation, and the timeless wisdom of the world’s great religious traditions.

Each issue of Light of Consciousness features an enlightening spiritual discourse or Satsang of Swami Amar Jyoti plus inspiring articles, art, photography and poetry relevant to living and practicing spirituality in today’s world. Recent issue themes include Compassion and Wisdom, Humanity at the Crossroads, Visions of the Goddess, Karma and Spiritual Growth, and Prayer for Awakening. Recent authors include H.H. the Dalai Lama, Rupert Sheldrake, Linda Johnsen, Ekhart Tolle, Mirabai Starr and What The Bleep producer/director William Arntz.

Offering readers a rare depth of spiritual nourishment, many subscribers express their eagerness to receive each issue. As one wrote: “In the midst of all the commercial and superficial, Light of Consciousness stands out; simply holding it, one feels a sense of peace.” Another: “It feeds my soul.”

With a fresh, new design and additional inside color, this artistic magazine is exquisite in presentation. Subscribe today. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.