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Stone Voices

193 Hillside Road

Brunswick, ME 04011

Phone: (207) 837-5760



Simultaneous submissions: yes Postal submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: no Reading period: ongoing Response time: 2-12 weeks Payment: yes, plus copies Contests: yes (announced twice each year) ISSN: 2163-9639 Founded: 2011 Issues per year: 4 Copy price: $14.50 Average pages: 100 Sample price (postpaid): $14.50 Subscription (Ind/Inst) 1 year: $38

Publisher’s description: Stone Voices explores the many connections between visual arts and spirituality. Its premise is that making and experiencing art can be a transformative experience when approached with clarity, mindfulness, and intention. Art has the capability to touch the human spirit, to awaken conditions for genuine healing, and to enrich people’s lives with tremendous joy. Each issue of Stone Voices includes art portfolios representing a diverse group of artists from around the world, as well as articles, essays, fiction, and poetry about art and spirituality. Featured artists have included painters, photographers, and mixed-media artists. Featured writers and poets have included long-time artists, Buddhist teachers, Yoga teachers, meditation masters, eco-art therapists, and chapbook poets. Stone Voices is unlike any other publication produced today, and its readers praise its rich and relevant content as well as its magnificent presentation of art and its beautiful layout and design. Intended for artists, art enthusiasts, spiritualists, seekers, and anyone who craves to connect art with spirit.

Recent issues:

The Summer 2014 issue features art portfolios by Peter Azrak, Holly Friesen, Charlie Savedoff, and David Wells; columns by Azrak, Vincent Louis Carrella, and Theresa Sweeney, poetry by Leonore Wilson, Lisa Rosinsky, and Gary Glauber; features by Eileen M. Cunniffe, Molly Holinger, and Christopher Woods; and an interview with Michael O’Keefe on the artistic process.

The Spring 2014 issue of Stone Voices features art by photographer Douglas Beasley (Accidental Enso) and painters Karla Van Vliet (God’s Voice Through Dreams: The Scored Night) and Ann Hart Marquis (Rivers of Desert). Literary contributions are from David Denny (Gravidation), Kathryn Hall (Clean Up After a Storm), Leslie Ihde (Work in Progress), Susan Scott (Still Life), and Naomi Beth Wakan (The Art of Japanese Calligraphy). Poetry is by Neil Carpathios (The Last Leaf) and Wanda Lea Brayton (Stone Voices). Regular columnists provide their views on art and spirituality: Peter Azrak (Soul and Spirit); Vincent Louis Carrella (The Beautiful Surprise); and Theresa Sweeney (The Art of Patience).

The Winter 2013 issue of Stone Voices features art by photographers Andy Ilachinski (Synesthetic Landscapes) and Ralph Hassenpflug (Dance . . . Like a Flame); painter Lorna Filippini-Mulliken (Water); and mixed media artist Ann J. Calandro (City of Dreams). Literary contributions are by Sandell Morse (Hidden Messages); Megan Steusloff (The Masterpiece); Rob Ziegler (Krantzie Paints the Wrong World Right); and Carla Woody (Acts of Creation). Poetry is by Neil Carpathios (Theophany) and James B. Nicola (Jackson Pollock and the Atom Bomb). Regular columnists provide their views on art and spirituality: Peter Azrak (The Shadow); Vincent Louis Carrella (Tree People); Teresa Piccari (Smoke and Mirrors: The Camden International Film Festival); and Theresa Sweeney (The Goldfinch and the Teddy Bear).


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