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Posted July 17, 2014

Another English coverAnother English

Anglophone Poems from Around the World

Anthology edited by Catherine Barnett & Tiphanie Yanique

Tupelo Press, April 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-936797-40-0

Paperback: 390pp; $19.95

In this unprecedented anthology, acclaimed poets from around the world select poems from their countries of origin to share with new readers, who will find idiosyncrasy, eloquence, and urgency. Here are poems that are all in English but spring from widely varied voices, histories, and geographies.

Bright Shards of Someplace Else coverBright Shards of Someplace Else

Fiction by Monica McFawn

University of Georgia Press, September 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0-8203-4687-8

Paperback: 164pp; $24.95

In the eleven kaleidoscopic stories that make up Bright Shards of Someplace Else, Monica McFawn traces the combustive, hilarious, and profound effects that occur when people misread the minds of others. The characters—an array of artists, scientists, songwriters, nannies, horse trainers, and poets—often try to pin down another's point of view, only to find that their own worldview is far from fixed.

Cold Type coverCold Type

Fiction by Harvey Araton

Cinco Puntos Press, July 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-935955-71-9

Paperback: 271pp; $15.95

1996. "Cold type," aka computerized typesetting, is wreaking havoc among newspaper workers. Jamie is a reporter for the NYC Trib. Union workers go on strike. Jamie's father, a hardcore shop steward (unusual for a Jew in Irish-dominated unions) expects Jamie not to cross the picket line. But Jamie's unhappy wife leaves him, taking their son. He needs a job.

Repairable Men coverRepairable Men

Fiction by John Carr Walker

sunnyoutside, October 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1-934513-47-7

Paperback: 108pp; $13.00

Set in the new American West, the stories in Repairable Men look at the small towns and rural farms where families stay for generations, newcomers never quite feel at home, and expectation and judgment are country neighbors. Trapped by dead-end work, hostile relatives, and the troubling legacies of their forebears, John Carr Walker's characters are caught in the turmoil of seeking escape, forgiveness, and redemption.

Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet coverTax-Dollar Super Sonnet

Featuring Sarah Palin as Poet

Poetry by Nicole Mauro

Black Radish Books, August 2014

ISBN-13: 978-0-9850837-3-1

Paperback: 63pp; $15.00

Using text from 44 presidential speeches, lines from Emily Dickinson's books, and Sarah Palin's Going Rogue, Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet is a slim opus of American rhetoric re-structured into a delightfully absurd poetic.


Complete List of Books Received
from Independent & University Presses

Posted July 17, 2014


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Another English: Anglophone Poems from Around the World, Ed. Catherine Barnett & Tiphanie Yanique, Tupelo Press


Children's/YA Fiction
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Ken's War, B.K. Fowler, Fire and Ice YA


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[[ there. ]], Lance Olsen, Anti-Oedipus Press


Across My Big Brass Bed, Gary Amdahl, Artistically Declined Press


Animals in Peril, Ryan Kenealy, Curbside Splendor


Bridge, Robert Thomas, BOA Editions


A Brief Moment of Weightlessness, Victoria Fish, Mayapple Press


Bright Shards of Someplace Else, Monica McFawn, Univ of Georgia Press


Cold Type, Harvey Araton, Cinco Puntos Press


Cows, Frederic Boyer, Noemi Press


The Faulkes Chronicle, David Huddle, Tupelo Press


Faulty Predictions, Karin Lin-Greenberg, Univ of Georgia Press


The Glob Who Girdled Granville & The Secret Lives of Actors, Peter Grandbois, Wordcraft of Oregon


Her Own Vietnam, Lynn Kanter, Shade Mountain Press


Induced Coma, Harold Jaffe, Anti-Oedipus Press


Let Me See It, James Magruder, Northwestern Univ Press


Miruna: a Tale, Bogdan Suceava, Twisted Spoon Press


A Moveable Famine, John Skoyles, Permanent Press


Parallel, Sharon Erby, Harvard Square Editions


Primordial: An Abstraction, D. Harlan Wilson, Anti-Oedipus Press


Repairable Men, John Carr Walker, Sunnyoutside


Swarm to Glory, Garnett Kilberg Cohen, Wiseblood Books


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52 Little Lessons from Les Miserables, Bob Welch, Nelson Publishers


Churchill in North America, 1929, Bradley P. Tolppanen, McFarland


Influencing Hemingway: The People and Places That Shaped His Life and Work, Nancy W. Sindelar, Rowman & Littlefield Pub


Texas Girl, Robin Silbergleid, Demeter Press


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Apologies, Kristin P. Bradshaw, Burning Deck Press


Blood Lyrics, Katie Ford, Graywolf Press


The Bottom, Betsy Andrews, 42 Miles Press


Copia, Erika Meitner, BOA Editions


Death, Gordon Massman, NYQ Books


Francis Jammes: On the Life & Work of a Modern Master, Ed. Kathryn Nuernberger & Bruce Whiteman, Pleiades Press


From the Extinct Volcano a Bird of Paradise, Carter Revard, Mongrel Empire Press


From the Standard Cyclopedia of Recipes: Adapted Poems, B.C. Edwards, Black Lawrence Press


Hollow Tin Jingles, Fred Rosenblum, Main Street Rag Publishing Co.


In This Place: Selected Poems 1982 - 2013, Tom Montag, MWPH Books


Lavando La Dirty Laundry, Natalia Treviño, Mongrel Empire Press


Like Oysters Observing the Sun, Brenda Sieczkowski, Black Lawrence Press


The Long Blue Room, Joan Gelfand, Benicia Literary Arts


Love, Gordon Massman, NYQ Books


Nonfiction, Shane McCrae, Black Lawrence Press


of difficult things, Elzbieta Cichla-Czarniawaska, Norbertinum


Of Dirt and Tar, June Sylvester Saraceno, Cherry Grove


On My Way to Becoming a Man, A. D. Winans, NYQ Books


Precarious, Allan Peterson, 42 Miles Press


Self-Portrait, Emanual di Pasquale, NYQ Books


The Shape of Our Faces No Longer Matters, Gerardo Mena, Southeast Missouri State Univ Press


So I Began, Lisa Lubasch, Solid Objects


Streets as Elsewhere, J.L. Jacobs, Mongrel Empire Press


A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, Mary Biddinger, Black Widow Press/Commonwealth Books


Sweet Husk, Corrie Williamson, Perugia Press


Sylph, Abigail Cloud, Pleiades Press


Tax-Dollar Super Sonnet: Featuring Sarah Palin as Poet, Nicole Mauro, Black Radish Books


Thieves in the Family, Maria Lisella, NYQ Books


Uprising, Michele Battiste, Black Lawrence Press


The Walmart Republic, Quraysh Ali Lansana & Christopher Stewart, Mongrel Empire Press


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