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Published March 09, 2015
This cover photo of Caketrain #12 is "Kingdom of Heaven" by Yonca Karakas Demirel, more of whose work can be found here on his tumblr site. And if you wonder if the cover is refelctive of the contents, you can find out for yourself in a generous 54-page exerpt of the print magazine offered online.

I simply appreciated the simple senitiment on this cover of Apt issue #5. Apt publishes "continously" online, but also offers print publications - holding to their love of long fiction. This issue features only five stories on its 208 pages. There's still enough winter left to sink into this one and enjoy it.

This cover art by Erkembode on Gigantic Sequins 6.1 just made me smile. Sometimes that's all it takes.
Published March 05, 2015
I'm going for warm colors here, as once again it is snowing, blowing and below zero windchill outside. This front cover image of Off the Coast (Winter 2015) is "Indigo Meditation" by Iryna Lialko. The issue's theme "Get You Some Wings" comes from a Clint Smith poem included within.
I love this hypnotic design on the cover of CutBank #82. The image comes from with a bit of artistic manipulation by Art Editor Meghan O'Brien.
Parcel Fall/Winter 2014 features artwork by Juliana Romana, both on the cover (which opens to a full front/back of this oil painting to include one more young girl sitting at the foot of the bed) and within with several full-color images. Also included in this issue is a cool print by Giant Pancake, a screen print studio. The design looks a bit like the iconic reindeer sweater needlework, only with a skull and crossbones, tie fighter, and a hot air balloon "stitched" in.

Published February 23, 2015
What's not to adore about this image on the cover of Grain? The theme for the issue (42.2) became "Artist as Watcher / Writer as Witness" and was influenced by the featured artist Wilf Perreault. "Two Waiting Ladies" (1982) graces the cover.

angle2This cover image of the online poetry journal Angle mesmerized me. Though it's from the Autumn/Winter 2014, Amy Wiseman's photo, "Sunset Through Hag Stone on Cromer Beach," warmed me through and has me looking forward to summer.

adroitThe online Adroit Journal regularly features cool cover art. The last several issues have a "floaty" theme about them. "Whirl" is an award-winning piece by Jedidiah Gist, a freshman at Clemson University.

Published February 09, 2015
Still in the bleak of Michigan winter, I'm going for color first this week. West Branch Winter 2015 features Wetlands at Dawn by Sophia Heymans (2012, acrylic, papter mache, oil on board).
Inappropriate Fear, mixed paints on canvas by Julian Kimmings is the feature image on the cover of A cappella Zoo. "Fear makes the wolf look bigger," is the accompanying text, appropriate perhaps for this publication of magic realism and slipstream stories.

Published January 26, 2015
Staring out the window at leaf bare trees, snow and ice, and grey skies threatening more accumulation to come, the cover of New Letters brought some much needed warmth of color to my day. "The Books of Common Prayer" by Margaret Brommelsiek is a hand-pieced collage, digitally scanned for archival printing.
Transference is the annual publication of the Department of World Languages and Literatures at Western Michigan University and is available in print and online for free downloading. This year's cover features Leticia R. Bajuyo's "Wow and Flutter: Noiseless" - an installment of player piano roll paper, typewriter, metal, and table (2012; photo by Darrell Kincer).
Stunning for its visual composition, The Literary Review (TLR) fall 2014 issue, "Women's Studies: Not by the book," features Achim Thode's 1972 photograph of German visual artist Rebecca Horn, White Body Fan.
Published January 19, 2015
"100 Days of Summer" by poet and photographer Steve Lautermilch graces the cover of Cimarron Review's Fall 2014 issue. Images of summer are the perfect antidote to these remaining 100 days of winter.

fourteen-hillsBecause this cover made me look twice and then keep looking to really get the full sense of the image, Fourteen Hills 20.1-2015 makes the post. "Don Pepe" by Camilo Restrepo from the series Los Caprichos (2014) is ink, water-soluble wax pastel, tape, glue, newspaper clippings and saliva on paper. Yup. Saliva.

cahoodaloodalingFrom the online magazine, Cahoodaloodaling: "Our cover artist, Jenny Schukin, is a 20-year-old artist, born in Moscow, Russia, and currently residing in Israel. Mainly inspired by nature, mythology, and folk-tales, Jenny enjoys surreal, fantasy and animal themed artwork. Her preferred media is traditional and her tools of choice are watercolors, inks, and pencils. Jenny's plans for the near future include attending an art academy in the field of illustration." In a word: Gorgeous. More of her work is featured in the online issue.

Published January 12, 2015
This cover of the newest issue of Image (#83) features performance photography by Zhang Huan from his series Breath, 1999, in Miami, Florida. More of his performance and series work can be found on his website.
It must just be the time of year, with snow storms and wind chill temperatures in the negative double digits, that makes me appreciate the brightly colored covers. Sugar House Review #10 celebrates their five-year annivesary with this special double issue packed with poetry. I believe credit goes to Natalie Young, editor and graphic designer.
And then, after the talk of bright colors, I pick this one? For good reason. I love 6x6 for their design. Ugly Duckly Press has been putting this magazine out - six pages of poetry by six different poets - since 2000, using offset printing with lovely inks and tactile papers, and each folded and bound with a sturdy, color coordinated rubber band. It's a production value that merits special appreciation in our digital age.

Published January 05, 2015

This colorfully fun, free flowing cover image for Pretty Owl Poetry Winter 2014, The Gift of Saturn, was created by featured artist Ernest Williamson III, accomplished and prolific poet as well as artist.
Printer's Devil Review online literary and visual art magazine published by Black Key Press consistently has some of the most stunning visual art covers I've seen. This cover of their fall 2014 issue features Nicola Verlato's Crash 5 (2012; Oil on canvas, 36 in. x 48 in.).
This cover of Psychopomp (Winter 2015) online journal of prose and visual art caught my eye because it reminded me of Heinz Edelmann, art director for the 1968 animated Beatles film Yellow Submarine. Good times. This piece, Cross Section of a Cloud, is by multi-talented artist Cate Anevski.

Published December 29, 2014
Amy Eavou's cover photo for Iron Horse Literary Review (v16.6), appropriate for this time of year, is likewise aptly titled "Snowy Horse Muzzle."
Mamalode's cover photo by Holly Andres provides the visual understatement of the year for the publication's December theme: "It's Complicated."
Marcello Castellani's "Dualidad Prismatica 2" print on canvas creates a stunning cover image for the winter 2014/2015 issue of Zymbol.
Published December 15, 2014
There is just something I can appreciate from such an austre image on the front of a magazine - the kind that draws me in, though I can't quite say why, and makes it hard to look away. This image on the cover of Brick #94 is a photograph of East Jerusalem street scene by Teju Cole. Though it looks black and white, it is in full color.

green-mountains-reviewI selected this cover image on Green Mountains Review (v27 n2) because the artist, Nancy Dwyer, is featured within the publication as well with a portfolio entitled, "Words are the Furniture of the Mind." Eight full-color images are featured in addition to this cover.

molitov-cocktailIt was both the image and the opening editorial lines that drew me to this issue of The Molotov Cocktail: "Issue 5.17 will drag you to Hell." Okay, I'm game. Self-defined as "A Projectile for Incendiary Flash Fiction," the publication is produced by Josh Goller.
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