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Sentence - 2003

  • Subtitle: A Journal of Prose Poetics
  • Published Date: 2003

Size and shape matter — literally and metaphorically. And because they do, Sentence is off to a great start with this inaugural issue. The journal has an inordinately pleasing size and shape, both literally and metaphorically. With an announced bias for work that does not veer toward sudden fiction, editor Brian Clements describes the journal's purpose as "a full-service forum for readers, writers, critics, and scholars of the prose poem tradition…critical and scholarly essays, translations, occasional interviews, a bibliography of recent criticism…and our 'Views and Reviews' section where you can vent your most dearly held opinions…Sentence will have the widest scope." That wide scope includes: the "Sentence Feature," the introduction from contributing editor Peter Johnson's critical study (published by White Pine Press) of Jacob, Ponge, and Follain, followed by translations of their work; glorious prose poems from four dozen writers, including work by Maxine Chernoff, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Denise Duhamel, Ray Gonzalez, and Mary Ruefle; and noteworthy work from lesser-known writers, including a pithy two-liner from P.F. Potvin and Ana Delgadillo's lyrical "Surrounding My Birth in Veracruz." If this issue is an indication of what's to come, Sentence will make an exceptional contribution to the ever expanding universe of the prose poem. [Sentence, c/o Firewheel Editions, P.O. Box 793677, Dallas, TX 75379. E-mail: . Single issue $10,] - SR

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Review Posted on April 30, 2004

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