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The Sow's Ear Poetry Review - Number 15

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  • Issue Number: Volume 15 Number 4
  • Publication Cycle: Quarterly

The Sow's Ear Poetry Review does better than many literary magazines at integrating poetry and visual arts. In fact, marrying the two genres is the express intention of its "Crossover" section, which features the 8 x 10-inch digital mixed-media selections Wholeness and Eternity by Jing Zhou. Part of a series called "Ch'an Mind; Zen Mind," these black-and-white pieces demand repeat "readings," as does Sandra Kohler's nine-part poem cycle "The Unveiling." With its elliptical structure, recurrent imagery, and timeless theme, this poem amply rewards the reader who peels back the layers of craft and meaning. More direct but no less moving are Christine Leche's "Three-Minute Egg" and "Eye of the Storm," and upon reading Kelly Jean White's "I Cannot Say How Deep the Snow," I felt a chime of recognition. I would have positioned "The Drowning Man" by Nick Conrad as the issue's finale poem, for its haunting quality will linger with readers long after they have set the journal aside.

[The Sow's Ear Poetry Journal, 355 Mt. Lebanon Rd., Donalds, SC 29638-9115. Single issue $5.]

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Review Posted on December 31, 2006

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