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Magazines Received May 10, 2021


briar cliff review 2021 The Briar Cliff Review

Volume 33, 2021
In this issue, find poetry by John Blair, Simon Perchik, Twyla M. Hansen, Julie L. Moore, Tony Tracy, Dante Di Stefano, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Ann Hudson, Michael Hill, Jimmie Cumbie, Alyse Knorr, and more; fiction by Tim Bascom, Kathy Bergen, Nancy Bourne, Nimra Azmi, and Susan Frith; and nonfiction by Jacob M. Appel, Diane LeBlanc, Sarah Lass, and Allison Macy-Steines. Plus, book reviews, and plenty of visual art. Learn more...


carve spring 2021 Carve Magazine

Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 issue features short stories by and interviews with Sydney Rende, Sam White, Kimm Brockett Stammen, and Caroline Kim. New poetry by Michael Quinn, Ruth Baumann, Will Thomas, and Mureall Hebert and nonfiction by Jory Pomeranz and Christie Tate. Prose & Poetry Contest winners: Mona’a Malik, Ryan Little, and Alisha Acquaye. Additional features include Jacqueline Keren in Decline/Accept, One to Watch interview with Maisy Card by Sejal H. Patel, and illustrations by Justin Burks. Learn more...


greensboro review spring 2021 The Greensboro Review

Number 109, Spring 2021
Featuring the Robert Watson Literary Prize-winning story, Casey Guerin’s “What Consumes You,” and the Prize-winning poem, Chelsea Harlan’s “Some Sunlight.” Issue 109 also includes an Editor’s Note by Terry L. Kennedy and new work from Rachel Abramowitz, Allyn Bernkopf, Melissa Bowers, Michelle Poirier Brown, Colin Dekeersgieter, Amina Gautier, Isabel Geary Phelps, Emily Greenberg, Miah Jeffra, Louisa Lam, Gary Percesepe, Simon Perchik, Lucas Daniel Peters, Kimm Brockett Stammen, Beth Weinstock, The Cyborg Jillian Weise, Jim Whiteside, Kris Whorton, Kathleen Winter, and Joe Woodward. Learn more...


kenyon review may june 2021 Kenyon Review

May/June 2021
The May/June 2021 issue of the Kenyon Review is now available. This issue features stories by María José Candela, Gina Chung, Maureen Langloss, and Katherine Sharpe; essays by Sophie Beck, Jonathan Gleason, and Amit Majmudar; and poems by Hussain Ahmed, Sara Backer, Marianne Boruch, Bill Carty, Marianne Chan, Rita Dove, Rebecca Lehmann, Sandra McPherson, Jesse Nathan, and Paul Nemser. Learn more...


main street rag spring 2021 The Main Street Rag

May/June 2021
The Spring 2021 issue features Postscript to a Postscript: an interview with Bill Glose, Winner of the 2020 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award, interviewed by M. Scott Douglass. Fiction by Abe Aamidor, Allison Daniel, Tony Hozeny, Michele Lovell, Bob Moskowitz, Robert Stone and poetry by Bill Glose, Joan Bauer, Frederick W. Bassett, Joan Bernard, Burt Beckmann, Ace Boggess, Marion Starling Boyer, Dale Cottingham, Paula Brancato, Douglas K Currier, Steve Cushman, John Walser, Sandra Dreis, Howie Faerstein, William A. Greenfield, and more. Plus, a selection of book reviews by Luanne Castle, Ryan Clark, Mike James, Jeanne Julian, and others. Learn more...



Green Horizon

Number 42, Winter/Spring 2021

Space and Culture

Volume 24 Number 2, May 2021


Magazines Received May 03, 2021

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about place journal may 2021 About Place Journal

Volume 6 Issue 3, May 2021 online
“Geographies of Justice," edited by Alexis Lathem with Richard Cambridge and Charles Coe. An extraordinary testament to extraordinary times: includes poetry from Susan Deer Cloud, Tammy Melody Gomez, Richard Hoffmann, Jacqueline Johnson, Petra Kuppers, and Danielle Wolffe; nonfiction from Teow Lim Goh, Andréana Elise Lefton, David Mura, Nicole Walker, and Catherine Young; fiction from Michael McGuire, Flavian Mark Lupinetti, and Monica Macansantos; visual art from Patty Harris, Jacinda Russell, and Page Turner; and photography by Gioia Kuss, Younes Mohammad, and James Reade Venable. Learn more...


adroit journal april 2021 The Adroit Journal

Issue 37, April 2021 online
With Issue #37, we celebrate the extraordinary work of our Gregory Djanikian Scholars—six poets with immense talent who have yet to publish a full-length collection (hello, poetry presses!): Jari Bradley, Donte Collins, Jane Huffman, L. A. Johnson, Nastasha Rao and Brandon Thurman. We’ve also included poems from our finalists: Ghinwa Jawhari, Hannah Perrin King, JD Debris, Jacob Lindberg, Jai Hamid Bashir, Rob Shapiro, and from select semi-finalists. Learn more...


creative nonfiction spring 2021 Creative Nonfiction

Issue 75, Spring 2021
This milestone issue features some of our favorite prizewinning essays. These curious, beautiful, nuanced stories about everything from surviving lightning strikes to the relief of solving medical mysteries consider the many perils, as well as the tremendous power, of living in a body. Plus, brief excerpts from some of the phenomenal interviews we’ve published over the years, with advice and reflections on craft from writers including Dave Eggers, Leslie Jamison, Patricia Hampl, and many others. Including essays by Emily Bernard, Brian Doyle, Joe Fassler, Amaris Ketcham, Judith Kitchen, Sonya Huber, and more. Learn more...


hole in the head review spring 2021 Hole In The Head Review

Volume 2 Number 2, May 2021 online
We're all masked up and ready to roll out our latest issue! Poetry, videos, music, a dog with a frisbee, Nobel Laureate, art work, photography. Poetry from Anne Pierson Wiese, Tim Suermondt, Samantha DeFlitch, Dawn Potter, Ralph Savarese; Art from Tilly Woodward, Joseph Garcia, Megan Decino; Photography from Greg Clary, Joachim Frank; Michael Hettich interviews poet Mildred Barya and much more! Learn more...


into the void quarter 2 2021 Into the Void

Issue 19, Quarter 2 2021
Issue #19 of Into the Void is by far our biggest issue yet! Containing 12 fiction pieces, 3 creative nonfiction pieces, 15 poems, and 11 beautiful art pieces, Issue #19 is vast, vivid and vibrant. Fiction by Sean Cunningham, Laurel Doud, Mark Foss, Jones Irwin, Chris Neilan, and more; creative nonfiction by Kate Hargreaves, Will McMillan, and Erica Viola; and poetry by Maryam Barrie, R.L. Farr, Steve Henn, Heller Levinson, Betsy Littrell, Rachel Sandle, Peter Taylor, and Kristin Wong. Plus a large selection of visul art by Aisling Phelan, Mickey Lee, Mimi Seery, and others. Learn more...


the lake may 2021 The Lake

May 2021 online
The May issue is now online featuring Johanna Boal, Claire Booker, Robert Cooperman, Jenny Hockey, Toby Jackson, Jacqueline Jules, Rose Lennard, Beth McDonough, Kunle Okesipe, Tineke Van der Eecken. Reviews of Alicia Hoffman’s Animal, David Callin’s Always, Charles Rammelkamp’s CatastroikaLearn more...


poetry may 2021Poetry

Volume 218 Number 2, May 2021
The May 2021 issue features work by Ashlee Haze, Emily Gallacher Viall, Imru Al-Qays, Rebecca Foust, Rachel Jamison Webster, Tarik Dobbs, Courtney Faye Taylor, Rosemary Catacalos, Casey Thayer, Artress Bethany White, Amanda Gunn, Vernita Hall, Caroline Crew, Kyle Carrero Lopez, Jennifer Huang, Elena Ramirez-Gorski, January Gill O’Neil, Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, Rochelle Hurt, H. R. Webster, Faisal Mohyuddin, and Cynthia Dewi Oka. Learn more...



The New Guard

Volume 9, 2021


Magazines Received April 26, 2021

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apple valley review spring 2021 Apple Valley Review

Volume 16 Number 1, Spring 2021 online
Featuring new fiction by Michael Beadle and Mary Gulino, an essay by Carl Schiffman, and poetry by Linda K. Sienkiewicz, Giovanni Raboni (translated from the Italian by Zack Rogow), Joseph Fasano, James P. Cooper, Katherine Fallon, Barbara Daniels, and Mark Belair. Cover painting by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. Learn more...


baltimore review spring 2021 Baltimore Review

Spring 2021 online
Our spring issue features poems, fiction, and creative nonfiction by Cezarija Abartis, Bryana Atkinson, Robert Erle Barham, Melinda Brasher, Laura Todd Carns, Charlie Clark, Will Ejzak, Sari Fordham, Lance Larsen, Jeff Liao, Colleen Mayo, Ed Meek, Scott Nadelson, Mike Nees, Claire O'Connor, and Hannah Whiteman. Learn more...


bitter oleander spring 2021 The Bitter Oleander

Spring 2021 online
Special to this issue: The Central New York poet Paul B. Roth in dialogue with John Taylor, with a selection of his poetry included. Also in this issue: fiction by William Nuth, Marilee Dahlman, and more; poetry by Andrea Inglese, Patty Pieczka, Lake Angela, Pedro Serrano, Silvia Scheibli, Fabio Pusterla, Serena Fusek, Patrick Lawler, Alan Britt, Franca Mancinelli, Anthony Seidman, George Kalamaras, Hedy Habra, Stephanie Dickinson, Scott King, Sergey Gerasimov, Rob Cook, Rich Ives, and more. Learn more...


dogwood spring 2021 Dogwood

Volume 20, Spring 2021
Find the 2021 Dogwood Award Winners in this issue. Also featuring work by Padya Paramita, Ellen Graf, Sheree La Puma, Christine Chen, Anne Hampford, Vanessa Haley, S.M. Ellis, Willie Lin, Cristina Baptista, Emily Polk, and more. Learn more...


macguffin winter 2021 The MacGuffin

Volume 37 Number 1, Winter 2021
The MacGuffin’s Vol. 37.1 comes at you with an expanded selection of poetry and expanded coverage of our Poet Hunt contest(s) too! We start with Matthew Olzmann’s selections from Poet Hunt 25: Vivian Shipley’s grand prize winning “No Rehearsal” and honorable mention selections from Rita Schweiss and John Jeffire. We then look ahead to Poet Hunt 26, open April 1-June 15, 2021, with a four-poem spotlight on guest judge Indigo Moor. Kevin Tosca’s humorous “How Quaint” and Lance Olsen’s slowly unfolding “Skin Elegies” round out this issue’s prose selections. Joe Lugara’s deep, digital paintings serve as this issue’s art feature. Learn more...


raleigh review spring 2021 Raleigh Review

Volume 11 Number 1, Spring 2021
This issue features the winners of the Flash Fiction & Geri Digiorno Contests. New flash fiction from Frank X. Christmas, Andrea Eberly, Amina Gautier, Katherine Hubbard, Alana Reynolds, and Nicholas A. White. New poetry by Julia C. Alter, Melissa Boston, Jessica Dionne, Chelsea Harlan, Marcus Jamison, Heather Lang-Cassera, Ashley Danielle Ryle, Bob Watts, John Sibley Williams, Haolun Xu, and more. Featuring the art of Alexis Avlamis. Learn more...


wordrunner echapbooks issue 42 Wordrunner eChapbooks

Issue 42, Anthology 2021 online
Our theme for this issue is LOVE in all its painful, confusing, passionate and joyous diversity. Featuring fiction by Louise Blalock, Margaret Emma Brandl, Ed Davis, Stefan Kiesbye, and Nick Sweeney; memoir by Jane Boch, Ruth Askew Brelsford, Laura Foxworthy, and Carmela Delia Lanza; and poetry and prose poems by Leonore Hildebrandt, Robert Murray, and Jacalyn Shelley. We are pleased to present first publications by two authors: Louise Blalock’s “Submerge” and Laura Foxworthy’s “Whisper to a Scream.” LOVE may be read online or a pdf of the entire chapbook can be downloaded. Learn more...



American Book Review

Volume 42 Number 1, November/December 2020            

Bellingham Review

Issue 82, Spring 2021 online
Our feature on asemic writing highlights the talents of artists working in an imaginative, stunning field of expression that you truly must see to experience. This issue likewise includes our amazing 2020 contest winners, as well as a robust collection of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and hybrid work.

Blue Collar Review

Winter 2020-21

In These Times

Volume 45 Number 5, May 2021               

Mud Season Review

Issue 55, April 2021 online 


Magazines Received April 19, 2021

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alaska quarterly review winter spring 2021Alaska Quarterly Review

Volume 37 Numbers 3 & 4, Winter & Spring 2021
In this issue, find special Memoir as Drama feature “Dialogue Box” by Debbie Urbanski. Also in this issue: stories by Emily Mitchell, Elizabeth Stix, Cara Blue Adams, JoAnna Novak, and more; essays by Emma Hine, Catalina Bode, Nicole Graev Lipson, and Josh Shoemake; and poetry by Emily Nason, Rose DeMaris, Dorsey Craft, Audrey Hall, Jasmine Templet, Kathleen Tarr, Greg McBride, Joseph Millar, Jill Osier, Hailey Leithauser, and more. Learn more...


beloit fiction journal spring 2021Beloit Fiction Journal

Volume 34, Spring 2021
Contributors to this issue include Sean Williamson, J. T. Townley, Casey McConahay, Andrew Bertaina, Paige Powell, Kathryn Henion, Maura Stanton, Caryn Cardello, Sara Heise Graybeal, Sam Gridley, Danny Thiemann Venegas, Mant Bares, Ben Austin, Bradley Bazzle, Meagan Perry, Will Kelly, Alisha Vayette, and Neal Hammons. Learn more...


chestnut review spring 2021Chestnut Review

Volume 2 Number 4, Spring 2021
The springtime brings a sense of renewal: feeling the sun beginning to heat up and shedding the cocoon of cold winter nights. Spring offers the opportunity to get out and discover something new. At Chestnut Review, we are also experiencing a turn, a closing our second volume and anticipating our third. This issue features work by Cutter Streeby, Gretchen Rockwell, Rebecca Poynor, Zackary Medlin, Lorette C. Luzajic, Satya Dash, Fatima Malik, Madronna Holden, David Wolfersberger, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Brittany White, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Mileva Anastasiadou, Lucille Miao, Xueyi Zhou, Rui-Yang Peng, and Howard Skrill. Learn more...


chinese literature today volume 9 number 2Chinese Literature Today

Volume 9 Number 2, 2020
In this issue, a selection Coronavirus Poems, “On Being Elsewhere” a feature by Lu Min, “Travel with the Wild Wind” by Xue Yiwei, and paintings by Wang Mansheng. Plus, poetry by Haobo Shen, Bai Lin, Zheng Min, and more, and a short story by Zhang Ning. Learn more...


mom egg review volume 19Mom Egg Review

Volume 19, 2021
In an extraordinary year, writers grapple with current changes and more long-lived concerns and relationships. The works demonstrate profound attention and the fine application of language to lived experience, quotidian and extraordinary. Contributions from Connie Post, Kyle Potvin, Claire Keyes, Elinor Hills, Caryn Cardello, Denise H. Bell, E. J. Antonio, Suzanne Edison, Caroline Goodwin, Jeremy Graves, Tina Kelley, Ann Hudson, Judith Skillman, Hilary Sallick, and many more. Learn more...


months to years spring 2021Months To Years

Spring 2021 online
We have a gorgeous spring issue for readers. Thirty-two writers, poets, photographers, and artists have entrusted us with the privilege of sharing their creative work with the world. Just a sample of the creative work in this issue includes: a reflection on mortality from the perspective of an identical twin; the challenges a doctor faced in navigating a dying patient's wishes when they contradicted his spouse's wishes; a sister's reflections on her caregiving relationship with her sister who died; and the world through the eyes of a hospice social worker in New York City as she visits the homes of dying patients and their families. An 89-year-old poet reflects on the best gifts of his life and a high school student photographer in India shares a visual slice of her world. We hope you enjoy the rich diversity of perspectives offered here. Learn more...


sky island spring 2021Sky Island Journal

Issue 16, Spring 2021 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 16th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 80,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


world literature today spring 2021World Literature Today

Spring 2021
World Literature Today’s spring issue, “Redreaming Dreamland,” gathers the work of 21 writers and artists reflecting on the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, including Patricia Smith, Joy Harjo, Jewell Parker Rhodes, and Tracy K. Smith. Additional highlights in the issue include a special section on Chinese migrant workers’ literature; an essay on how Giannina Braschi’s work keeps “popping up” in pop culture; fiction from Belarus and Iraq; plus reviews of new books by Najwan Darwish, Cixin Liu, Olga Tokarczuk, and dozens more. With this latest issue, WLT remains your indispensable guide to the best in contemporary international literature. Cover art by Greenwood Art Project artist Ebony Iman Dallas. Learn more...



Number 31, Spring 2021



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