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Magazines Received September 13, 2021


allegro poetry Kenyon Review

September/October 2021
The Sept/Oct 2021 issue of the Kenyon Review features the winners of the 2021 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers; stories by Heather Bourbeau, Catherine Carberry, Marcela Fuentes, and Bess Winter; an essay by Laurie Kutchins; and poems by Beth Bachmann, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Bruce Beasley, Nicole Callihan, Miriam Bird Greenberg, Linda Gregerson, Matt Hart, Rajiv Mohabir, Nancy Reddy, Wesley Rothman, George Seferis (translated by Jennifer R. Kellogg), and Lee Young-ju (translated by Jae Kim). Learn more...


lakes september 2021 The Lake

September 2021 online
The September issue is now online featuring John Cole, Robert G. Cowser, Hayley Mitchell Haugen, Tom Kelly, Don Narkevic, Joyce Schmid, Kiriti Sengupta, J. R. Solonche, Ian Stuart, Tineke Van der Eeken, Sarah White. Reviews of J.R. Solonche’s Selected Poems 2001-2021 and Fleur Adcock’s The Mermaid’s Purse.  Learn more...


plume september 2021 Plume

Issue 121, September 2021 online
This month’s featured selection includes an interview with Amaia Gabantxo by Mihaela Moscaliuc. Nonfiction by Chard DeNiord. Cameron MacKenzie reviews John Wall Barger’s Resurrection Fail. This month’s poetry selections: Mary Halvorson, Natalka Bilotserkivets, Lynnell Edwards, Sherri Felt Dratfield, Rajiv Mohabir, Robert Nazarene, Rogan Kelly, Sarah Arvio, Troy Jollimore, Floyd Skloot, Carolyn Oliver, Carolina Hotchandani, C. G. Hanzlicek, and Linda Pastan. Learn more...


spoon river poetry review summer 2021 Spoon River Poetry Review

Volume 46 Number 1, Summer 2021
In this issue: work by Kim Hyesoon trsnalted by Don Mee Choi, Aaron Lopatin, Linnea Nelson, Jacob Stratman, James McKee, Leslie Ann Minot, John C. Morrison, Andrea L. Fry, Andrew Hemmert, María Negroni translated by Michelle Gil-Montero, Enzo Silon Surin, Carlos Soto-Román translated by Daniel Borzutzky, Lara Dopazo Ruibal translated by Laura Cesarco Eglin, Michelle Gil-Montero, Cindy King, Austin Segrest, Amanda Shaw, John Blair, Adam Tavel, Paula Harris, Bruce Robinson, Ginny Wiehardt, Karen Hilberg, Ennio Moltedo translated by Marguerite Feitlowitz, and Rocío Ágreda Piérola translated by Jessica Sequeira. Learn more...



Topical Poetry

Issue 15, September 2021 online


Magazines Received September 07, 2021

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allegro poetry Allegro Poetry Magazine

Issue 27, September 2021 online
Issue 27 on the theme of 'Geography' is now online. Poetry by D A Prince, Lynne Lawner, George Moore, Ruth O’Callaghan, Rebecca Gethin, Finola Scott, Phil Vernon, Grant Tarbard, John Grey, Simon Perchik, Alistair Noon, Kelley White, Kristine Johanson, Chris Pellizzari, Joe Crocker, Caroline Davies, Philip Burton, Paula Aamli, Stuart Mckenzie, Toby Jackson, Psalmuel Benjamin Oluwasheun, Kris Spencer, Cathryn McWilliams, Ilse Pedler, Rosalind Adam, Loretta Fahy, Nina Parmenter, Chris Kinsey, Gwen Sayers, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Katie Martin, Jennie E. Owen, Ama Bolton, Duncan Forbes, Julian Dobson, and Angi Holden. Learn more...


cutleaf issue 16 Cutleaf

Issue 16, September 2021 online
In this issue, Peggy Xu remembers the joy of culinary whiplash that results when food and culture combine in “Yam’Tcha.” David B. Prather shares three poems beginning with one that takes us into the beautiful mind of “The Boy in the High School Science Room.” And Ray Trotter depicts a scene of speculation and frustration when two men wonder what’s inside a locked workshop in “Scavengers.” The images in this issue were created by German biologist Ernst Haeckel who was fascinated by medusae, the umbrella-shaped animals commonly called jellyfish. Learn more...


dillydoun review issue 8 The Dillydoun Review

Issue 8, September 2021 online
The September issue is here! Short stories by Chaya Kahanovitch, Amelia Kleiber, Liam Strong, and A. Whittenberg; flash fiction by Catherine Chang, Sarah Enamorado, Bob McNeil, Marcelo Medone, Mark Putzi, Gary Reddin, and Sky Sprayberry; flash nonfiction by Wendy BooydeGraaff, Marco Etheridge, Melanie Kallai, and Maggie Walcott; prose poetry by Steve Gerson and Mary Lynn Reed, and poetry by Genevieve Betts, Matthew James Friday, Anagha Khandelwal, Lana La Framboise, Doug Van Hooser, and Anna Papadopoulos. Learn more...


jewish fiction .net issue 28 Jewish Fiction .net

Issue 28, September 2021 online
We’re excited to announce our beautiful new Rosh Hashana issue! Here you’ll find 12 delightful stories, as refreshing as apples and as sweet as honey, originally written in five languages: Czech, Hungarian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. The Czech story, “Luck,” is the first one we’ve published translated from that language, and this brings to 17 the number of languages represented in Jewish Fiction .net. Also, in honour of the upcoming holiday, our new issue includes a Rosh Hashana story: “Here I Am.” Enjoy our new issue and Happy New Year! Learn more...


macguffin summer 2021 The MacGuffin

Volume 37 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2021
The cover of the MacGuffin’s Vol. 37.2 is a postcard, painted by featured artist Kathleen Frank, sent from summer vacation. Travel stories abound: hike to ESSNWNAU-AL in Gracjan Kraszewski’s “First Impressions” and fly out to Saskatchewan on a brief hunt for truth and a certain mythological creature in Alexander Wentzell’s “Big Feet.” At the end of the day, take a load off with Maryann Corbett’s “Hotel Housekeeping.” For those stuck in summer school, Hedy Habra’s “Or How Did I Even Think I’d Make It Back in Time for Class?” is your point of departure, though you may miss the bell. Learn more...


poetry september 2021 Poetry

Volume 218 Number 5, September 2021
In this issue: work by Justin Danzy, Ina Cariño, Daye Phillippo, Jai Hamid Bashir, Eugenia Leigh, Christell Victoria Roach, Janelle Tan, Marianne Chan, Jinhao Xie, RK Fauth, Philip Metres, Saddiq Dzukogi, Danni Quintos, Jim Whiteside, Lisa Low, Fritz Ward, Chris Santiago, and Gabriel Dozal. Learn more...


rattle fall 2021 Rattle

Volume 27 Number 3, Fall 2021
The Fall 2021 issue features a tribute to Indian Poets. The world’s largest democracy is also the second-largest English-speaking population. We explore the state of contemporary poetry in India, featuring 16 Indian poets and a profound conversation with Forward Prize-winner Tishani Doshi. The issue also includes both cover art and a brilliant sestina by Shreya Vikram, a young poet who debuted in this year’s RYPA anthology. The open section is full of familiar names and new faces, including two past Rattle Poetry Prize winners in Joseph Fasano and Alison Townsend, plus Jason Olsen’s long footnoted look at the celebrity apology. Learn more...


 woven tale press september 2021 The Woven Tale Press

Volume 9 Number 7, September 2021 online
The earth hanging by a thread, and more. In this issue: Alysa Bennett, Stephen Campiglio, Tricia Capello, Patricia Glauser, Edward Lee, Roger Mitchell, Tim J. Myers, Ken Post, Megan Staffel, Maxwell Suzuki, Martha Tuttle, and Susan B. Wadsworth. Learn more...


Storm Cellar

Volume 9 Number 2, Summer 2021
The “Fusion” issue is here with work by Jennifer Love, Jihoon Park, Jackie Yang, Austin Treat, Karol Lagodzki, Valerie Witte, Brianna Cunliffe, Mel Sherrer, Kelsey Day, Berico Henry, Sam Lane, Gwen Hart, Sophia Liu, Lauren Paredes, Sydney Yount, and more.



Magazines Received August 30, 2021

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cutleaf issue 15 The Adroit Journal

Issue 38, August 2021 online
Issue 38 is here! Poetry by David Hernandez, Mark Doty, Patricia Liu, Margaret Ray, Chris Santiago, Maja Lukic, Rachel Long, Mai Der Vang, Rebecca Morton, Rita Dove, and more; prose by Tucker Leighty-Phillips, Raye Hendrix, Krystle DiCristofalo, and Perry Lopez; and interviews with Rachel Yoder, Forrest Gander, Brandon Taylor, and Shangyang Fang. Plus art by Michelle Liu, Min Seung Kim, Emily Huang, Austin Kim, and more. Learn more...


baltimore review summer 2021 The Baltimore Review

Issue 38, August 2021 online
We are pleased to present our Summer 2021 issue with poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction by: Jeffrey Bean, David Bergman, Stephen Cramer, Vishnas R. Gaitonde, Robin Gow, Claire Kortyna, Kelley J. P. Lindberg, Jarid McCarthy, James McKean, Chido Muchemwa, Patricia Patterson, Lis Sanchez, Seher Fatema Vora, Jieyan Wang, and Yunya Yang. Learn more...


dillydoun review august 2021 The Dillydoun Review

Issue 7, August 2021 online
A new issue is only a couple days away, but don’t miss Issue 7 with poetry by Julie Benesh, Robert Beveridge, Eve Chilali, Robin Gow, Lily Mayo, Anita Nahal, and more; prose poetry by Cecilia M. Gigliotti; nonfiction by Jeff Lawenda; flash fiction by David Brensilver, Jean-Paul Lor, Kevin Joseph Reigle, and Té V. Smith; and short stories by Seven Autumns, Gail Hammill, J.B. Hill, Hayden Sidun, and others. Learn more...


malahat review summer 2021 The Malahat Review

Issue 215, Summer 2021
The Summer 2021 issue of The Malahat Review features poetry by Elena Bentley, Patricia Caspers, Leah Callen, Christina Shah, Jamella Hagen, and Saeed Tavanee Marvi; fiction by Philip Huynh, Geoffrey Line, Carlee Bouillon, and Cedar Bowers; and nonfiction by Sean Sam and Paul Dhillon. Plus book reviews covering titles of all genres. Learn more...


missouri review summer 2021 Missouri Review

Volume 44 Number 2, Summer 2021
“Moving On.” Inside: First fiction by Danica Li. Alex Ramirez on boxing, defeat, and Diego Corrales. Poetry by Bruce Campbell, Tiana Clark, V. Penelope Pelizzon, and Nancy Reddy. Stories by Samantha Xiao Cody, Shakarean Hutchinson, Daphne Kalotay, and Becky Mandelbaum. Plus Dave Zoby’s “Oil Town Overture,” features on costume collaborations between Edith Head and Alfred Hitchcock, Magritte, and Lisa Katz looks at intersectionality and identity in four recent women’s memoirs. Learn more...


qu literary magazine summer 2021 Qu Literary Magazine

Volume 44 Number 2, Summer 2021
In this issue: fiction by Sarah Starr Murphy and Andi Diehn. Nonfiction by Joseph Cuomo. Poetry by Ron Riekki, Sydney Haas, Katie Ellen Bowers, Darius Atefat-Peckham, Michael Buckius, Rae Hoffman Jager, Austin Garrett, Amanda Hartzell, and Hannah Cohen. Writing for stage & screen by Madeline Puccioni and Eric Braman. Plus, Steven Rinehart on “The Fine Art of Being Someone Else.” Learn more...


Topical Poetry

Issue 14, August 2021 online



Magazines Received August 23, 2021

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cutleaf issue 15 Cutleaf

Issue 15, August 2021 online
In this issue, Vanessa Nirode deciphers the vague alteration notes left for the often-over-looked, behind-the-scenes tailors for television shows. Benjamin Woodard gives a breath-taking account of Barry, a man in his mid-50s, who acts impulsively while out for an evening stroll with his wife. Ohio Poet Laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour writes about what happens when you try to love someone who thinks he doesn’t deserve to be loved. The images in this issue are film stills taken from the short film “I Like Tomorrow” by Jennifer Reeder and Nancy Andrews. “I Like Tomorrow" is a sci-fi musical that combines live action and animation about a lonely lady astronaut. You can watch the film online until the end of August 2021. Learn more...


grand little things august 2021 Grand Little Things

Issue 15, August 2021 online
This month on Grand Little Things: poetry by Jane Kennedy Mitchell, Steve Mentz, Sean Patrick, David Russell Mosley, Evan Vandermeer, Ken Gosse, Tonya Walter, Amanda Ryan, Martin Potter, and Bob McAfee. Learn more...


grand little things august 2021 The Main Street Rag

Volume 26 Number 3, Summer 2021
In this issue: fiction by Kristi Humphrey Davis, Brett Dixon, Ankur Razdan, Babak Movahed, Douglas K. Currier, and David Sapp; poetry by Michael S. Glaser, Buffy Aakaash, Ellen Austin-Li, Rachel Barton, Anthony Butts, Ted Clausen, Richard Cole, John Cullen, Holly Day, John Philip Drury, Susan Entsminger, Craig Evenson, Ken Fifer, Kasha Martin Gauthier, Carol Hamilton, Ken Holland, William Snyder, Jr., William R. Stoddart, Maryfrances Wagner, Kari Wergeland, Nicole Walker, Richard Widerkehr, Beth Oast Williams, and more; and book reviews by Chapin Cimino, Ryan Clark, Terresa Haskew, Jeanne Julian, George Longenecker, Maria Rouphail, and Richard Allen Taylor. Learn more...


nimrod spring summer 2021 Nimrod International Journal

Volume 64 Number 2, Spring/Summer 2021
Endings & Beginnings. Fiction by Sruthi Narayanan, Titus Chalk, Michael Nye, and others; creative nonfiction by Katie Culligan and Kirsten L. Parkinson; and poetry by Chelsea Wagenaar, Richard K. Kent, Grant Clauser, John A. Nieves, Chelsea Bayouth, Emma Aylor, Suzie Eckl, Magpie Miller, Christen Noel Kauffman, Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt, Trevor Moffa, Pam Baggett, Mamie Morgan, Rilla Askew, Kira Trainor, Elinor Ann Walker, Jan Clausen, Sarah Carleton, Katie Hartsock, Gabriel Spera, and more.  Learn more...


Breakbread Magazine

Volume 1 Issue 2, June 2021

Mud Season Review

Issue 57, August 2021 online



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