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Magazines Received September 21, 2020


brevity september 2020 Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

Issue 65, September 2020 online
The essays in this guest-edited special issue consider all aspects of illness and disability: what it is, what it means, how our understanding of disability is changing. Our anchor author is novelist and essayist Esmé Weijun Wang, author of The Collected Schizophrenias. Other authors featured include Barbara Lanciers, Meg Le Duc, William Fargason, Ona Gritz, Kelly Weber, Maya Osman-Krinsky, Tiffany Promise, Ellen Samuels, Laura Brady, Jeanene Harlick, Amie McGraham, Katie Schwarz, Caroline Bock, and Erin Vachon. The "Experiences of Disability" issue is guest edited by Keah Brown, Sonya Huber, and Sarah Fawn Montgomery. Artwork by Jill Khoury. Learn more...


jewish fiction .net issue 25 Jewish Fiction .net

Issue 25, September 2020 online
This Rosh Hashana marks exactly ten years since the founding of Jewish Fiction .net! Since our first issue came out on Rosh Hashana 2010, we have published over 430 works of fiction never before published in English, which were originally written in sixteen languages. We are a truly international journal with readers in 140 countries. Our new, 10th-anniversary issue of Jewish Fiction .net is now out and features 18 first-rate works of fiction originally written in Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. We hope this special issue brings you pleasure, intellectual delight, entertainment, and comfort during this challenging time. Learn more...


kaleidoscope issue 81 Kaleidoscope

Issue 81, Summer/Fall 2020
During periods of unrest and uncertainty, when ominous dark clouds roll in and the sky becomes black, it can be easy to give in to feelings of despair. This issue contains stories of adversity but it also offers hope. Featuring the essay “Between Rooms” by N. T. McQueen, the story “Mother Bear” by Melissa Murakami, and the essay “Nacre Upon Nacre” by Jenna Pashley Smith. In addition to these three, this issue contains an array of thought-provoking poetry and other wonderful stories of fiction and nonfiction. Issue 81 brings the promise that storm clouds will dissipate and the sun will shine again. Learn more...


new england review v41 n3New England Review

Volume 41 Number 3, 2020
Featured work by May-lee Chai; Jeneva Stone; Laurence de Looze; Alyssa Pelish; John Kinsella; Clifford Howard; and translations of Scholastique Mukasonga, Karla Marrufo, and Nelly Sachs. Fiction by Kenneth Calhoun, Meron Hadero, Kate Petersen, and Kirk Wilson; poetry by Anders Carlson-Wee, Victoria Chang, Justin Danzy, Elisa Gabbert, torrin a. greathouse, Christina Pugh, and more; plus cover art by Heidi P. Learn more...


spoon river poetry review v45 n1Spoon River Poetry Review

Volume 45 Number 1, Summer 2020
The Summer 2020 Issue of SRPR is now available. In this issue, you’ll find cover art by Brittany Schloderback; the SRPR Illinois Poet Feature with new poetry by Simone Muench and Jackie K. White, with an interview of the poets by Carlo Matos and Amy Sayre Batista; and new poetry by Jose-Luis Moctezuma, Paul Martinez-Pompa, Julia Wong Kcomt translated by Jennifer Shyue, Michael Leong, Emily Carr, and more. Learn more...


still point arts quarterlyStill Point Arts Quarterly

Issue 39, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue homes in on “The Secret Life of Objects.” Featured artists include Cary Loving, Birgit Gutsche, Aaron M. Brown, Jeffrey Stoner, Patty Joslyn, Katherine Miller, MJ Edwards, and Lauren Rader. Featured writers include Dawn Raffel, Judith Sornberger, Emily Uduwana, Kathleen Aponick, William Doreski, Keltie Zubko, Adrienne Stevenson, Susan Currie, Mary Lane Potter, Andrea Hansell, Laurie McConnachie, W. C. Bamberger, and John Kaprielian. Learn more...



805 Lit + Art

September 2020 online
Our latest issue of 805 Lit + Art honors the 19th Amendment Centennial by celebrating Black women creators. In literature, Black women have been historically underrepresented, but are charging forward to shape the future of publishing in the US and across the globe. Our issue features 40 Black women writers and artists, one quarter of them previously unpublished.

New Letters

Volume 86 Number 4, Summer 2020


Issue 25, September 2020 online

Storm Cellar

Volume 8 Number 3, Summer 2020
The new issue of Storm Cellar is here. Fiction by Angie St. John, A.J. Atwater, Yasumi Tsuhara, Corina Bardoff, and Colby Vargas; flash by Michelle Spokes; nonfiction by Jay Hansford C. Vest; poetry by Stephanie Chang, Asad Emaan Ali, Meghan Purvis, Michael Chang, Emily Kerlin, Darius Atefat-Peckham, and Simon Perchik.


Magazines Received September 14, 2020

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creative nonfiction fall 2020 Creative Nonfiction

Issue 73, Fall 2020
This issue celebrates stories of the self in the world. Writers find (or, at least, try to find) meaning in familiar as well as unimaginable moments—the loves, losses, and joys that define our lives. Also in this issue: the seductive dangers of self-mythologizing, the memoir-in-pieces, tiny truths, and more. Will Storr, Jerald Walker, Abby Mims, Mary Beth Ellis, Will Bridges, Jill Deasy, Rachel Beanland, Megan Doney, Anna Monardo, Beth Kephart, and Gabe Montesanti. Learn more...


paterson literary review issue 48Paterson Literary Review

Issue 48, 2020
The 2020 Issue #48 of the Paterson Literary Review features poetry, fiction, essays, memoir and reviews, and includes all the winning and honorable mention poems for the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards. Poetry by Gary Fincke, Leah Umansky, M. L. Liebler, Vida Chu, Matthew J. Spireng, Lyn Lifshin, Kate Flaherty, Amy Barone, Jan Beatty, Penny Perry, Alice Morris, and many more; prose by Dennis Barone, Frances Park, and others; creative nonfiction by Mark Fabiano; memoirs by Flora T. Higgins, Mary D. Edwards, and Marcy Levy. Learn more...


tint journal issue 4Tint Journal

Issue 4, Fall 2020 online
Tint Journal is the literary magazine for English as a Second Language creative writers, established in 2018 and based in Graz, Austria. We publish the finest of non-native English writing, including short stories, essays and poems. Issue Fall’20 has been released: read 25 new literary creations by ESL writers from all around the world, now online and for free at our website! Issue Fall '20 also includes visual art creations by artists from all over the globe, combining the artistic realms of literature and art, as well as audio recordings of the writers reading their work. Learn more...


triquarterly issue 158TriQuarterly

Issue 158, Summer/Fall 2020 online
Featured in the Summer/Fall 2020 issue is work by Aram Mrjoian, Will Brewbaker, Shangyang Fang, Joe Meno, Nick Malone, Maggie Su, Sebastián Hasani Páramo, torrin a. greathouse, and Anita Olivia Koester. Plus work by additional writers, including a selection of video essays by Emma Piper-Burket, Nick Malone, and Sophie Paquette. Learn more...




Issue 41, 2020
The “Home Cooking” issue features micro-fiction by Abhinita Mohanty, April Bradley, Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri, Graham Robert Scott, Karin Osterberg, Beth McMurray, Lisa Marie Lopez, Andre DeCuir, Alex Reece Abbott, Don Noel, Andrea Isiminger, Francine Witte, Cathy Bryant, Electra Rhodes, Lynn Mundell, Winter Justice, Gary Degani, Amy Barnes, and more.


Magazines Received September 08, 2020

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allegro poetry magazine september 2020 Allegro Poetry Magazine

Issue 25, September 2020 online
September is here with a new issue of Allegro Poetry Magazine. Find work by Ruth Aylett, Alwyn Marriage, Susan Castillo Street, Anna Saunders, Kathy Gee, Finola Scott, Carolyn Oulton, Stephen Kingsnorth, Clair Chilvers, Clive Donovan, Jane Blanchard, Marion Baraitser, Dan MacIsaac, Steven Jackson, Alan Kissane, Tim Love, Robert Dunsdon, Louise Wilford, Kim Whysall-Hammond, Francesca Weekes, Eric Chiles, Stuart Flynn, Phil Huffy, Jeremy Gadd, Norton Hodges, Tony Beyer, Gill Lambert, Sheila Jacob, Warrick Wynne, Edwin Stockdale, Carla Scarano D’Antonio, and Oli Gledhill. Learn more...


festival review summer 2020 The Festival Review

Volume 4, Summer 2020 online
The Festival Review is pleased to announce the release of Volume 4 for Summer 2020. Explore modern voices in poetry, read exciting new fiction, discover the joy of work in translation, and more. All the new pieces are currently available to read for free on our website. A beautifully designed ebook version of Volume 4 is also available in our online store. Your support helps us to expand independent publishing and create more opportunities for writers around the world. Subscribe today at to help us amplify new voices in modern literature. Learn more...


kenyon review september october 2020 Kenyon Review

Volume 42 Number 5, September/October 2020
This issue features a special poetry section, “All of This Is True,” guest-edited by Reginald Dwayne Betts, whose own poetry, a memoir, and essays explore the world of prison and the effects of violence and incarceration on American society. Betts has selected powerful work by fifteen poets including Sean Thomas Dougherty, April Gibson, Randall Horton, Roger Reeves, and others. The new issue also includes the winning poem and two runners-up in the 2020 Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers as well as four new works of fiction by Samuel Jensen, Dina Nayeri, Matthue Roth, and Marianne Shaneen. Learn more...


louisville review spring 2020 The Louisville Review

Number 87, Spring 2020
The latest print issue of The Louisville Review features fiction by Holly Tabor, Pamela Gullard, Bridget Mabunga, and Rebecca Thomas; nonfiction by Joseph Myers, Patricia Foster, Jessica Crowley, and Katherine Mitchell; and drama by Allie Fireel, Allen M. Price, Haydee Canovas, John Shafer, and Addae Moon. Poetry by Laura Judge, Joseph G. Anthony, James B. Goode, Shauna M. Morgan, Frank X Walker, Anastasia Stelse, Kate Niles, B.J. Wilson, Richard Jones, Candice Shy Hooper, Laurie Sewall, and more. Plus work by K-12 writers in the “Cornerstone” section. Learn more...


plume september 2020 Plume

Issue 109, September 2020 online
This month’s featured selection: “The Chronicler of a Blue Planet: An audio interview with Ranjit Hoskote by Leeya Mehta” with work by the poet. Christopher Buckley pens the essay, “Out of Fresno—Poetry & ‘Career,’” and Susan Blackwell Ramsey reviews Hailey Leithauser’s Saint Worm. This month’s poetry selections include James Noël, Amit Majmudar, David Blair, Fred Marchant, J.P. Dancing Bear, Angela Ball, Ron Slate, Ashley Mabbitt, and more. Learn more...


rattle fall 2020 Rattle

Number 69, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue features a timely tribute to service workers—those working in the lodging, food service, tourism, customer service and other industries in direct service to customers. Though planned long before the pandemic, service workers have been hit particularly hard this year, and we’re happy to be honoring poets who work in those fields. The conversation features Jan Beatty, covering her decades of experience working as a waitress, as well as the topics of adoption and the writing process. Another eclectic open section features 22 poems in a range of styles that are sure to make you laugh or cry. Learn more...



Arc Poetry Magazine

Issue 92, Summer 2020


Magazines Received August 31, 2020

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2river view fall 2020 The 2River View

Volume 25 Number 1, Fall 2020 online
2River begins its twenty-fifth year with the Fall 2020 issue of The 2River View. New poems by Deborah Bacharach, Andrew Cox, Mario Duarte, Paul Jones, Richard Jones, Susan Landgraf, Bern Mulvey, Cecil Morris, Salawu Olajide, Ben Sloan, and Liane Tyrrel. Learn more...


black warrior review boyfriend village august 2020 Black Warrior Review

Boyfriend Village, August 2020 online
Choose your boyfriend in the “Secret Boyfriend” edition of Boyfriend Village. Work by JinJin Xu, Charles Theonia, Jai Hamid Bashir, Rone Shavers, Landa wo, EA Kane, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Yi Sang, Rebekkah Leigh LaBlue, Monchoachi, and Ross Showalter. Plus “20 Atomic Sonnets,” a chapbook by Rosebud Ben-Oni and work by featured artist Nicole Won Hee Maloof. Learn more...


fiction southeast august 2020Fiction Southeast

August 2020 online
New on the Fiction Southeast website this past month, work by Christopher Murphy, Gauraa Shekhar, Ashley Havrid, Ben Sandman, Nicholas Dighiera, Michael Vojtech, and Nathaniel Edwards. Learn more...


terrain org august

August 2020 online
Visit for the new work on the site this month. Arne Weingart reviews The Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers and Melissa L. Sevigny interviews Pam Houston. Fiction by Beth Alvarado; nonfiction by Tamie Parker Song, Scott Russell Sanders, and Paul Riley; and poetry by Seth García, Garrett Hongo, Collier Brown, Jennifer Bullis, Noah Davis, and Rae Paris. In currents: Charles Revello, Patricia Schwartz, Lyn Baldwin, Rob Carney, and Sarah Ruth Bates. Learn more...



Bellingham Review

Volume 43 Issue 80, Spring 2020


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