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Magazines Received June 15, 2021


2river view summer 2021The 2River View

Volume 25 Number 4, Summer 2021 online
New poems by Ted Kooser, Matthew Freeman, Will Harmon, Sheree La Puma, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Matthew Murrey, Benjamin Nash, Karen June Olson, Charles Rafferty, SM Stubbs, Diane Thiel, and Sally Van Doren. Learn more...


bellevue literary review spring 2021Bellevue Literary Review

Issue 40, Spring/Summer 2021
In this issue, find poetry by contest winners Saleem Hue Penny and Eileen Elizabeth Waggoner, as well as Stephanie Berger, Joanne Godley, Haolun Xu, Kwame Dawes, Chelsea Bunn, Kai Coggin, Pooja Mittal Biswas, and more; fiction contest winners Galen Schram and Benjamin Kessler as well as James Prier, Douglas Fenn Wilson, Jacob R. Weber, Emily Saso, Hadley Leggett, Moshe Zvi Marvit, and David Allan Cates; and nonfiction by contest winners Amy V. Blakemore and Justine Feron as well as Shanda McManus, Christine Chen, and Nadia Ghent. Learn more...


plume june 2021 Plume

Volume 50 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2021
June’s featured selection is “Jen Sperry Steinorth: On Creating and Claiming Space with Her Read” by Amanda Newell. Jane Zwart reviews Worldly Things by Michael Kleber-Diggs. In nonfiction: “The Solid Objects of Stagnant Empires” by Irina Mashinski. Poetry by Boris Khersonsky, Ludmila Khersonsky, Isip Mandelstam, Patricia Clark, Jeff Friedman, Meg Pokrass, Nicole Cooley, Bruce Bond, and more. Learn more...


plume june 2021 Radar Poetry

Issue 30, June 2021 online
Issue 30 is here! Featuring poetry by Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Brendan Constantine, Jason B. Crawford, Ja'net Danielo, Ann DeVilbiss, Sheila Dong, David Donna, Margaret Draft, Amy Dryansky, William Fargason, Robert Krut, Romana Iorga, Amy Lerman, Carolyn Oliver, Justin Rigamonti, Melanie Kristeen Robinson, Carolyn Supinka, Danielle Susi, Sharon Tracey, and Ruth Williams. Artwork by Sarah Detweiler, Tia Factor, Kirsten Francis, Angelina Gualdoni, Jared Leake, Gina Gwen Palacios, Twon Pearson, Mari Renwick, and Tema Stauffer. Learn more...


west trade review summer 2021 West Trade Review

Volume 12, Summer 2021 online
The summer issue features fiction by Desmond Fuller and Gregory Borse; poetry by Gina Marie Bernard, Monica Mills, Gaven Wallace, Anna Zwade, Yasmina Martin, Ann Weil, John M. Davis, KG Newman, Mara Lee Grayson, Mark Seidl, Kakie Pate, Jessica Hudson, Marc Frazier and Lance Le Gyrs; creative nonfiction by Amy Bowers, and much more. Learn more...


Magazines Received June 07, 2021

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event summer 2021EVENT

Volume 50 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2021
EVENT’s latest Non-Fiction Contest Issue is here, featuring the three 2020 winning essays, and an exciting assortment of poetry, fiction and reviews to keep you entertained. Work by Alexis Pooley, Madeline Sonik, Adrienne Gruber, David Zieroth, Malgosia Halliop, David Ishaya Osu, James Pollock, Jade Riordan, Richard A. Brait, Gregory Wolff, Antony Di Nardo, Erin Kirsh, Liz Harmer, A.W. Moreno, Jann Everard, Alexandra Mae Jones, and more. Learn more...


missouri review spring 2021Missouri Review

Volume 44 Number 1, Spring 2021
2020 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize Winners, a conversation with Camille T. Dungy, Kate McIntyre on the progeny of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, arts features about punk’s influence on contemporary art and the Great British Teddy Girls. Fiction from Mona Susan Power, Gail Upchurch, Jesse Lee Brooks, an essay by Sage Marshall, and poetry from Brandi Nicole Martin and Jane Satterfield, and even more. Learn more...


rattle summer 2021Rattle

Issue 72, Summer 2021
The Summer 2021 issue features a tribute to Appalachian Poets. The 22 poets in this special section write about family, history, and modern life. The tribute section was so good, we had to stretch the issue to 124 pages to fit it all in. In the open section, the poems are as strong as ever, featuring reader favorites Francesca Bell and Ted Kooser, along with a number of excellent poets new to Rattle’s pages, writing about everything from sexual desire to cancer, big foot to peeing in the pool, including a long poem from Clemonce Heard on the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre. Learn more...


sleet magazine summer 2021Sleet Magazine

Volume 13 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2021
Sleet Magazine's Slim Summer Edition is now live! We reveal gut-wrenching new poetry by Jim Moore and Michael Kleber-Diggs. Sleet features life and death CNF from Margaret Bell and Dr. Alexander Gong, as well as sparkling fiction by Euan Currie, Scott Gardner and Erin Winseman. This edition is not to be missed!  Learn more...


sou’wester spring 2021Sou'wester

Numbers 107 & 108, Spring 2021
In this issue, find fiction by Karin Aurino, Joe Baumann, Matthew Bruce, Bryana Fern, Rachel Furey, Justin Herrmann, Siew David Hii, Mehdi M. Kashani, Kate LaDew, Nathan Alling Long, Lope López de Miguel, Fejiro Okifo, R.S. Powers, Katie Jean Shinkle, Noel Sloboda, RaShell R. Smith-Spears, Samantah Steiner, Matthew Sullivan, and Tina Tocco; and nonfiction by Martha Phelan Hayes, Louise Krug, and Cynthia Singerman. Plus a special pandemic poetry section curated by Dr. Howard Rambsy II featuring Amy M. Alvarez, Angel C. Dye, Sequoia Maner, and Carmin Wong. Learn more...



Blink Ink

Number 44, 2021
The “Water” issue of Blink Ink features micro-fiction by Anne Silva, Claire Polders, E. E. Rhodes, Luciana Francis, Martha Lane, Gloria Garfunkel, Kim Murdock, Salvatore Difalco, Claire Polders, Paul Rousseau, Prapti Gupta, S.B. Borgersen, Jon Fain, Emma Phillips, Miriam Kotzin, Meg Tuite, Adina Davis, and more.

The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 62 Number 3, Spring 2021

Resources for Gender and Women's Studies

Volume 41 Numbers 1-2, Winter-Spring 2021


Magazines Received June 01, 2021

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boulevard spring 2021Boulevard

Numbers 107 & 108, Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 edition of Boulevard is now available with winning poems from the 2020 Poetry Contest by Bryan Byrdlong, the winning essay from the 2020 Nonfiction Contest by Jonathan Wei, and a craft interview with Emily St. John Mandel. New poetry by Adrian Matejka, Adedayo Agarau, JD Amick, Clare Banks, Lory Bedikian, Ava C. Cipri, Laura Davenport, Kwame Dawes, Rosalind Guy, Rachael Hershon, Lisa Low, Jane Morton, and more; new fiction by A. J. Bermudez, David Crouse, Giles Harvey, Megan Kakimoto, and others; and new nonfiction by Salman Bhatti, Laura Joyce-Hubbard, Abby Seiff, and Jodie Noel Vinson. Cover art by Joanna Baltar Montaña. Learn more...


the lake june 2021The Lake

June 2021 online
The June issue is now online featuring Estaban Allard-Valdivieso, Georgi Bailey, Daisy Bassen, Sylvia Freeman, Neil Fulwood, Margaret Galvin, Maren O. Mitchell, Fiona Sinclair, J. R. Solonche, Richard Allen Taylor, Damaris West, Sarah White, Rodney Wood. Reviews of Seán Ó Ríordáin’s Apathy is Out, Patrick Wright’s Full Sight of Her, Laura Cronk’s Ghost Hour. One Poem Reviews: Claire Booker, Tom Rudd, J. C. M. Hepple, John Gerard Fagan, Phil Vernon. Learn more...


Malahat review spring 2021The Malahat Review

Number 214, Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 issue features the Winners of the 2021 Open Season Awards: Matthew Hollett, Zilla Jones, and Tanis MacDonald. Poetry by Saeed Tavanaee Marvi, Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin, Leslie Joy Ahenda, Manahil Bandukwala, Sophie Crocker, Kari Teicher, Tia Paul-Louis, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Hussain Ahmed, and more; fiction by Bill Gaston, Jeanne Shoemaker, Andar Wärje, and C.P. Boyko; and nonfiction by Emily Riddle and Kelly Norah Drukker. Plus a selection of book reviews, as well as cover art by Marigold Santos. Learn more...


thema summer 2021THEMA

Volume 33 Number 2, Summer 2021
The latest issue of THEMA explores the theme: The Tiny Red Suitcase. Work by Madonna Christensen, Cathy Bryant, Stuart Jay Silverman, Lynda Fox, Jesse Doiron, Rayna Bright, Sivakami Velliangiri, Linda Berry, Laura Blatt, Brian Reyburn, Kathryn Leonard-Peck, DJ Tyrer, Laura Ruth Loomis, J.L. Lapinel, Cathy Cole, George Sarnat, Matthew Wallace, James Penha, Madeleine McDonald, and Larry Schug. Cover art by Kathleen Gunton. Learn more...



Aji Magazine

Issue 14, Spring 2021 online
We are thrilled to announce that our spring issue is live online. With over 40 artists and writers contributing to this issue, we've got a bright mosaic of diverse perspectives.

Walloon Writers Review

Edition 6, 2021


Magazines Received May 24, 2021

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arts & letters spring 2021 Arts & Letters

Issue 42, Spring 2021
The Arts & Letters Spring Issue is now available for purchase! This issue features the 2020 Unclassifiable Prize winner. Fiction by Stephanie Gangi, Noley Reid, Simone Martel, and Kent Kosack; flash by Dan Kennedy and Matt Greene, unclassifiable work by Kat Mustatea; and poetry by Philip Arnold, Trent Busch, Roy Bentley, Lila Dlaboha, Marianne Boruch, Laurie Lamon, Clay Matthews, Laura Bylenok, Abbie Kiefer, Manisha Sharma, and Justin Hunt. Learn more...


concho river review summer 2021 Concho River Review

Volume 35 Number 1, Spring/Summer 2021
This issue features fiction by Jim Barnes, James Robert Campbell, Jonathan Lindberg, Elizabeth Cummins Muñoz, and Clay Reynolds; nonfiction by Robert Kostuck, Shelley Pernot, and Christopher Thornton; and poetry by Barbara Astor, Roy Bentley, Michael Atkinson, Jonathan Bracker, Dana Sonnenschein, Matthew J. Spireng, Marc Swan, Larry D. Thomas, Georgia Tiffany, Alessio Zanelli, and Aleksander Zywicki. Plus, an interview with Laila Lalami by Karen Cody. Learn more...


hippocampus magazineHippocampus Magazine

May/June 2021 online
We're excited to share a new issue of Hippocampus Magazine with you. The May-June 2021 was released last week. Inside, you'll find work by Brian Benson, Rachel Bunting, K.B. Carle, Chapin Cimino, Hailey Rose Hanks, Stuart Horwitz, Gwen L. Martin, Stephanie Parent, Abigail Rose, Paul Rousseau, Kate Sheridan, Claire Sicherman, and SJ Sindu. Learn more...


south dakota review 2021 South Dakota Review

Volume 55 Number 4, 2021
In this issue, poetry by Jan Beatty, Luisa A. Igloria, Matthew Thorburn, Shira Dentz, Sarah Bate, Caroline Goodwin, Christine Stewart-Nuñez, Brenna M. Casey, Kristel Rietesel-Low, Clay Matthews, Sonia Greenfield, and Cate Peebles; short stories by Amanda Schmidt, Sam Foley, and Geoff Schmidt; an essay by Nicole Walker; and two novel excerpts by Janice Lee (from Imagine a Death) and Allison Adelle Hedge Coke (from Veldt). Learn more...


Arc Poetry Magazine

Issue 94, Spring 2021

Lake Effect

Volume 25, Spring 2021

Southwest Review

Volume 106 Number 1, Spring 2021



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