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Magazines Received March 15, 2021

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plume march 2021 Plume

Issue 115, March 2021 online
This month’s featured selection includes an interview with Ann Arbor by Leeya Mehta with a selection of work by the poet. DeWitt Henry reviews Petition by Joyce Peseroff. In nonfiction: “Overdetermination (It’s Not as Boring As It Sounds)” by David Kirby. This month’s poets include Tanella Boni, John Kinsella, Charmaine Crockett, Jo-Ann Mort, Lis Sanchez, Kelle Groom, Martha Silano, Nin Andrews, David Huddle, and more. Learn more...


sheila-na-gig online spring 2021 Sheila-Na-Gig online

Volume 5 Number 3, Spring 2021 online
In this issue, new poetry by Rebecca Brock—winner of the Spring 2021 Poetry Contest—Vee Amey, Cynthia Anderson, Kate Bowers, Marion Starling Boyer, Frances Boyle, Simona Carini, Alan Catlin, Ana Cottle, Joe Cottonwood, Robert DeMott, Michael Estabrook, Geroge Franklin, Matthew Friday, Joshua Gage, John Grey, Atar Hadari, Susan Harvey, Brian L. Jacobs, Jen Karetnick, Paul Kiernan, Mercedes Lawry, Peter Leight, Dotty LeMieux, Jennifer Martelli, Frank Modica, Tom Montag, John Palen, Donna Pucciani, Barbara Sabol, Shei Sanchez, Roberta Schultz, Tufik Y. Shayeb, Martha Silano, Ellen Stone, Marc Swan, and Alan Walowitz. Plus a selection of work by poets under 30. Learn more...


tint journal spring 2021 Tint Journal

Spring 2021 online
Read 25 new literary creations by ESL writers from all around the world online and for free at our website. Each text is accompanied with visual art creations by international artists, and many feature audio recordings of the writers reading their work. The 25 new poems, short stories and essays by writers identifying with 19 different nationalities and speaking 18 different mother tongues are just as diverse in their subject matter: Ranging from immigration, food, loss, LGBTQ+ and race to horror and romance, they will cue readers to think about the pressing issues of our time and open new literary landscapes to enjoy. Learn more...



Against the Current

Number 211, March/April 2021

Mud Season Review

Issue 54, February 2021 online


Volume 106 Number 2, March/April 2021



Magazines Received March 08, 2021

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2river review spring 2021 The 2River View

Volume 25 Number 3, Spring 2021 online
New poems by Diane Thiel, Simon Anton Niño Diego Baena, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Moriah Cohen, Aran Donovan, Richard E. Messer, Dave Nielsen, Cristina Querrer, Rebekah Remington, Richard Spilman, and Jacob Stratman. Anagrams and polysemic drawings by Sally Van Doren. Learn more...


gargoyle magazine Gargoyle Magazine

Issue 73, Spring 2021
In this issue: family and relationship works, a thread of Greek myths, bullies, and a couple NASA poets. Nonfiction by Anne McGouran, Frances Park, Marilyn Stablein, and D. E. Steward; fiction by Sean Gill, Frederick Highland, Len Kruger, Jillian Oliver, Max Talley, Curtis Smith, and more; and poetry by CL Bledsoe & Michael Gushue, Roger Camp, Kathleen Clancy, German Dario, Holly Day, Alexis Draut, Robert Estes, Michelle Fenton, David Galloway, Sid Gold, Mark Melnicove, Lauro Palomba, Theresa Pappas, Jessica Purdy, Pamela Murray Winters, Kathi Wolfe, and many more.  Learn more...


missouri review winter 2020Missouri Review

Volume 43 Number 4, Winter 2020
Inside: first fiction from Isabelle Shifrin. Featuring poetry by John Gallaher, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, and Teresa Ott, fiction by Drew Calvert, Yxta Maya Murray, Mehr-Afarin Kohan, and Sam Dunnington, essays from Molly Wright Steenson and Phillip Hurst, and more, including a Curio Cabinet piece on Hans Christian Andersen. Learn more...


mudfish 22Mudfish

Issue 22, 2021
Mudfish 22 is bursting with poems, prose and art, that are revelations, that grab you by the lapels, that defy forgetting. They are before and after visions and celebrations of our world today. Guest art editor John Yau has filled the pages with work from young New York-based artists that is immediate and sparkling. Learn more...


south dakota review  volume 55 number 3 South Dakota Review

Volume 55 Number 3, 2021
New poetry by Heather Lang-Cassera, Wale Ayinla, Suphil Lee Park, Anne Champion, Ava Hofmann, Janice Zerfas, and Daniela Buccilli; fiction by Joseph Bathanti, Natanya Ann Pulley, and Grant William Currier; and essays by Tariq Al Haydar, Karen Salyer McElmurray, and Suzanne Manizza Roszak. Plus Patrick Hicks reviews Angel Bones by Ilyse Kusnetz. Learn more...


spoon river poetry review winter 2020 Spoon River Poetry Review

Volume 45 Number 2, Winter 2020
The Winter 2020 Issue of SRPR is now available. You will find: cover art by Jessi Simpson; The SRPR Illinois Poet Feature with new poetry by Carlo Matos and Amy Sayre Batista, with an interview of the poets by Simone Muench and Jackie K. White; The Editors' Prize winning poem by David Groff, as well as runners-up poems by Todd Copeland and Erica Bodwell, honorable mention poems by Kelsey Taylor, Cody Smith, and Gabriel Dozal; new poetry by Charlie Peck, David Starkey, Brad Johnson, O-Jeremiah Agbaakin, Xiaoly Li, Robert Evory, and more; and the SRPR Review Essay by Michael Theune. Learn more...



Blink Ink

#43, 2021
"Lost and Found." Microfiction by K.W. Peery, Gloria Garfunkel, Jimmy Huff, Paul Beckman, Vineetha Mokkil, Daryl Scroggins, Ben Roth, Todd Mercer, Tony Press, Michael Harris Cohen, Renuka Raghavan, Emma Phillips, Helen Merrick, Bill Mohr, Amanda Weatherwax, Alice Lam, Natalie Schriefer, Elaine Mead, Coleman Bomar, Sue Borgersen, and more.

Korean Quarterly

Volume 24 Number 2, Winter 2021



Magazines Received March 01, 2021

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allegro poetry magazine Allegro Poetry Magazine

Issue 26, March 2021 online
Welcome to the first edition of Allegro for 2021. Enjoy poems by Anthony Lawrence, Marc Woodward, Roger Bloor, Robin Helweg-Larsen, David Harmer, Glenn Hubbard, Jane Blanchard, Craig Coyle, Sophia Agyris, Robert Ford, Ian C Smith, Marius Grose, Phil Vernon, James Dowthwaite, Rebecca Gethin, John Rogers, Judy Clarence, Helen May Williams, Carolyn Oulton, Sean Chapman, Barbara Parchim, John McKeown, Phil Wood, Hélène Demetriades, Joe Cottonwood, Marc Janssen, Mark Totterdell, Mantz Yorke, Paula Aamli, Elizabeth Train-Brown, Louise Goodfield, and Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman. Learn more...


crazyhorse fall 2020 Crazyhorse

Number 98, Fall 2020
This issue features poetry by Kamilah Aisha Moon, Hadara Bar-Nadav, Daniel Schonning, and Amy Fleury; fiction by Jackie Thomas-Kennedy, Mi Jin Kim, and Jack Ortiz; and essays by Dawn D’Aries. Other contributors include Jeremy Radin, Vandana Khanna, Juan J. Morales, Janice Obuchowski, Bryn Chancellor, Mark Cox, Jim Banks, Katy Chrisler, Noor Hindi, Maria Hummel, G.C. Waldrep, Ricardo Wilson, Jeremy Radin, and more. Cover art by Susan Klein. Learn more...


crazyhorse fall 2020 Jewish Fiction .net

Number 26, February 2021 online
Jewish Fiction .net is thrilled to share something joyful in these challenging times: our beautiful new issue (#26)! 23 marvelous stories originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English, including one about Purim (“The Feast of Esther”), two about Passover (“What Elijah Brought” and “Plagued”), and a story that is intentionally set in between these two holidays (“Serah”). The first two of these four stories also take place during Covid. We hope all of these 23 wonderful works bring you insights, solace, and pleasure. Learn more...


lake march 2021 The Lake

March 2021 online
The March issue is now online featuring Clair Chilvers, Oz Hardwick, Elaine Lambert, Alex McConochie, Ronald Moran, Rebecca Myers, Angela Readman, Jay Sizemore, Sam Smith, Julia Stothard, Mark Totterdell. Reviews of Oz Hardwick’s Wolf Planet, Peter Ramos’s Lord Baltimore, Angela Readman’s Cooking with MarilynLearn more...


poetry march 2021 Poetry

Volume 217 Number 6, March 2021
Contributors to the March 2021 issue of Poetry include Jacqueline Woodson, Luis Daniel Salgado, Cornelius Eady, Marilyn Nelson, Mariana Llanos, Nour Al Ghraowi, Mosab Abu Toha, Nikki Grimes, Renée Watson, Michael Simms, Margarita Engle, Linda Sue Park, Elizabeth Acevedo, Kimberly Blaeser, Chen Chen, Pat Mora, Kim Stafford, Ari Tison, Heid E. Erdrich, Cedar Sigo, Naomi Shihab Nye, Joyce Sidman, Tanaya Winder, Suma Subramaniam, Mahogany L. Browne, Nathalie Handal, Chera Hammons, Kara Jackson, Dawn Quigley, Tina Boyer Brown, and Padma Venkatraman. Learn more...



The Capra Review

February 2021 online


Spring 2021

In These Times
Volume 45 Number 3, March 2021




Magazines Received February 22, 2021

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baltimore review winter 2021 Baltimore Review

Winter 2021 online
The Winter 2021 issue of Baltimore Review features poetry and prose by John Van Kirk, Mary Ardery, Tara Lynn Masih, Shailen Mishra, Basmah Sakrani, LeRoy Sorenson, Susan Messer, Alden M. Hayashi, Gregory Byrd, Emily James, A. J. Bermudez, Trapper Markelz, Jill McDonough, Bryce Emley, M. M. De Voe, Caroline Miller, Star Su, Kim Roberts, and Annie Sheppard. Learn more...


chattahoochee review winter 2021 The Chattahoochee Review

Fall 2020/Winter 2021
In the final issue of The Chattahoochee Review, find poetry by Darius Atefat-Peckham, John Brandon, Jesse Breite, Taylor Byas, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Maria Castro Dominguez, Courtney Faye Taylor, Bethan Tyler, Joke van Leeuwen, L. A. Weeks, Ross White, and more; hybrid by Jose Hernandez Diaz and Cheryl Pappas; fiction by Melanie McGee Bianchi, Gloria L. Huang, Pascha Sotolongo, and more; and art by Angela Davis Johnson. Learn more...


months to years winter 2021 Months to Years

Winter 2021 online
A journal of personal stories exploring mortality, death, and dying related topics. This issue features work by Gaye Brown, Helen Bowie, Patti Santucci, Briana Gervat, Mari-Carmen Marin, Michael Biegner, Bethany Bruno, John Timothy Robinson, Mary Ann Noe, Patricia Miller, Mara Lefebvre, Lee Landau, Sherri Levine, Susan Robison, Jeremy Gadd, and more.  Learn more...


river styx issue 104River Styx

Issue 103/104, 2020
In this issue: poetry by Nin Andrews, Gabriella Balza, Talia Bloch, Bruce Bond, Lyn Li Che, Jeff Gundy, David Kirby, Jenna Le, Timothy Liu, Adrian Matejka, Miho Nonaka, Emily Ransdell, Erin Saxon, Troy Varvel, Kiani Yiu, and more; fiction by Winston Bribach, Michael Byers, Jack Driscoll, and Andrea L. Rogers; essays by Maura Lammers, Jennifer Murvin, and Kerry Neville. Plus the winners of the 2019 River Styx Poetry Contest and the 2020 River Styx Microfiction Contest. Learn more...


thema spring 2021 THEMA

Volume 33 Number 1, Spring 2021
Writers and artists follow the theme of “Not of This World” in the Spring 2021 issue of THEMA. Some of the authors’ takes will definitely surprise readers. Contributors include Kayleigh McKee, James Swafford, Lynda Fox, Emily Hanlon, Margo Peterson, James Armstrong, Jennifer Erickson, Linda Berry, John Grey, Tricia Lowther, and more. Learn more...



The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 62 Number 2, Winter 2021

Southwest Review

Volume 105 Number 4, Winter 2021

Storm Cellar
Volume 9 Number 1, Winter 2021
The Winter 2021 issue — Vol. IX No. 1, nicknamed "Fission" — in which we reject all bad years, celebrate the flash contest winners, and generally get down with our bad selves. Featuring Negesti Kaudo, Stephanie Niu, Taylor Drake, Noah Farberman, Suphil Lee Park, Rebecca Morton, and more.



Magazines Received February 15, 2021

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main street rag winter 2021 The Main Street Rag

Volume 26 Number 1, Winter 2021
In this issue, find a featured interview with Ellen Birkett Morris by Beth Browne. Fiction by Ellen Birkett Morris, Lawrence F. Farrar, Michael Graves, Kathie Giorgio, and Steve Cushman. Poetry by Carrie Albert, Diana Anhalt, Rose Auslander, Joan Barasovska, Brenton Booth, Raymond Byrnes, Robert Cooperman, Rachel Dixon, Richelle Buccilli, Angela Gaito-Lagnese, Martha Golensky, Kari Gunter-Seymour, Ted Jonathan, Elda Lepak, Anne Hall Levine, Vikram Masson, Ken Meisel, David Mills, Randy Minnich, Harry Moore, Gail Peck, Ann Pedone, Gary V. Powell, Charles Rammelkamp, David Rock, Seth Rosenbloom, Russell Rowland, Tom Wayman, and more. Plus book reviews by Tim Bascom, Libby Bernardin, Ryan Clark, and others. Learn more...


malahat review winter 2020 The Malahat Review

Number 213, Winter 2020
This issue features work by Tawahum Bige, Megan Butcher, Rachel Lachmansingh, and Aaron Schneider. Plus the winner of the 2020 Constance Rooke CNF Prize: Christina Brobby who is also interviewed. Also in the issue: Michael Chang, Dani Couture, Anita Lahey, Eve Joseph, Ivan Hobson, Joanne Rixon, Aaron Schneider, Katie Zdybel, Megan Butcher, Rabiu Temidayo, and more. Learn more...


massachusetts review winter 2020 The Massachusetts Review

Volume 61 Number 4, Winter 2020
We are honored to present the very first Massachusetts Review issue focused on Native American writing. The issue’s poetry and prose show the depth and range of Native writing in our current moment. We put forward work by both new and established Indigenous writers that is diverse in its aesthetics and comes from tribal people who live all over the country. Essays by Tiffany Midge, Shaina A. Nez, Chandre Szafran, and more; stories by Stephen Graham Jones, Chip Livingston, Erika Wurth, and more; and poetry by Lemanuel Loley, Stephanie Lenox, Bojan Louis, Jessica Mehta, and more. Plus novel excerpts and hybrid texts. Learn more...


new england review volume 41 number 4 New England Review

Volume 41 Number 4, 2020
The Winter 2020 issue of New England Review is by turns bracing, inspiring, surprising, and devastating. Like every issue of NER, it gives readers a chance to expand their sense of the known world through language, image, and narrative. But what’s different is that this issue is almost entirely populated by emerging writers, and for many this is among their first publications. Fiction by Emily Hunt Kivel, Ji Hyun Joo, Ben Peled, and more; nonfiction by Lydia Paar, Zack Finch, and others; and poetry by Conor Bracken, Ae Hee Lee, Billie Swift, Dylan Weir, Hael Lopez, Samyak Shertok, and more. Learn more...



Black Warrior Review

Volume 47 Number 1, Fall/Winter 2020

Free Inquiry

Volume 41 Number 2, February/March 2021

In These Times

Volume 45 Number 2, February 2021




Magazines Received February 08, 2021

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bennington review issue 8 Bennington Review

Issue 8, Fall 2020
The “Fame and Obscurity” issue is here with poetry by Emily Pettit, Maia Seigel, Elizabeth Hughey, Jacob Montgomery, Oni Buchanan, Kathleen Ossip, Anne Marie Rooney, Jose Hernandez Diaz, jayy dodd, Catherine Pierce, Rob Schlegel, Ed Skoog, TR Brady, Ryo Yamaguchi, and more; fiction by Cynthia Cruz, Stuart Nadler, Lucy Corin, Bonnie Chau, and others; and nonfiction by Elisa Albert, Kelle Groom, Craig Morgan Teicher, Kirsten Kaschock, and more. Plus Justin Phillip Reed in the film section, and an interview with Elizabeth Willis by Katrina Turner. Learn more...


cimarron review issue 212 Cimarron Review

Issue 212, Summer 2020
Issue 212 features poetry by Michael Marberry, Robert Bharda, Emily Grelle, Adam Day, Ellen Cantrell, Jennifer Met, Morgan Hamill, Ben Aguilar, Carolyn Adams, Kim Kent, Donna Reis, and more; fiction by Toby Donovan, Rachel Hall, Thomas H. McNeely, and Abby Frucht; and nonfiction by Victor Yang. Cover art by John Kinney. Learn more...


hole in the head review february 2021 Hole in the Head Review

Volume 2 Number 1, February 2021 online
We begin our second year with this issue. Visit for new work by Tim Benjamin, Richard Jones, S. Stephanie, Connor Doyle, Ashley Mallick, Larkin Warren, Eva Goetz, Ron Riekki, Beth Copeland, Roger Camp, Heather Newman, Tom Barlow, Dennis Herrell, Lily Anna Erb, Dick Altman, Glen Armstrong, Erin Wilson, Yoni Hammer-Kossov, Matthew Moment, Cynthia Galaher, Lisa Zimmerman, Christy Sheffield, Tilly Woodward, and more. Also in this issue: an interview with and a mini chapbook by J.D. Whitney. Learn more...


into the void issue 18 Into the Void

Issue 18, Quarter 1 2021
Issue #18 is our most packed issue ever, 10% bigger than previous issues. The eye-catching cover image "Sub Seb 2" by Chalice Mitchell would really spice up your bookshelf. Inside the cover: fiction by Anne Baldo, Nim Folb, Eloise Lindblom, Karl Plank, Ash Winters, and more; creative nonfiction by Grace Camille and Bill Capossere; and poetry by Annie Cigic, Daun Daemon, Roy Duffield, Rebecca Faulkner, Molly Fuller, Beth Gordon, Chana G. Miller, Nathan Tompkins, and others. Art by Milan Ciric, Richard Downs, Angelo Nairod, Caren Jo Shapiro, and more. Learn more...


plume february 2021 Plume

Issue 114, February 2021 online
This issue’s featured selection includes an interview with Teri Ellen Cross Davis by Leeya Mehta, as well as work by the poet. John Wall Barger reviews That was Now, This Is Then by Vijay Seshadri. In nonfiction find A Frozen Present: D. Nurkse on the Language of Fascism and “The Land of Magic.” This month’s poetry selections feature Martha Serpas, Simon Perchik, Rachal Hadas, Samuel Cheney, Maureen Seaton, Anna Maria Hong, Betsy Scholl, and more. Learn more...


ruminate issue 57 Ruminate

Issue 57, Winter 2020/21
Issue 57: Mend investigates what needs to be mended, who does the mending, and how we might mend. As Megan Merchant writes in her poem “Mammography,” “Not all things heal when left alone.” Featuring the Janet B. McCabe prizewinning poems by Laura Budofsky Wisniewski, Yvette Siegert, Hajjar Baban, and Betsy Sholl. Learn more...


salamander number 51 Salamander

Number 51, Fall/Winter 2020-2021
Salamander #51, featuring: fiction by Jinwoo Chong, Gretchen Comba, Michael O'Brien, Carol Dines, and Kanza Javed; nonfiction by Darius Stewart; an art portfolio by Angela N. Weddle; reviews by Hope Wabuke, Marcela Sulak, and Jacquelyn Pope; and poetry by Michael Bazzett, Paula Abramo tr. by Dick Cluster, Suphil Lee Park, Jennifer Jean, Rebecca Morgan Frank, Despy Boutris, Christopher Citro, Erica Charis-Molling, Michael Chang, Juan J. Morales, Lisa Fleck Dondiego, Ashley Wagner, John Gallaher, Matthew J. Spireng, and many more. Learn more...


Capra Review

2020 online


Volume 69 Number 1, 2020



Magazines Received February 01, 2021

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adroit journal issue 36The Adroit Journal

Issue 36, January 2021 online
Adroit 36 is a brilliant collection of work—elegiac in its nature—both hopeful and loud in its grief. Poetry by Angelo Nikolopoulos, Ocean Vuong, Martha Collins, D. A. Powell, Ellen Bass, Alex Dimitrov, Tariq Thompson, Aurielle Marie, Nomi Stone, and more; prose by Ghinwa Jawhari, Blake Bell, Robert Long Foreman, Ethan Chatagnier, Steffi Sin, and Ben Reed; and art by Gyuri Kim, L.I. Henley, Connie Gong, and Tianran Song. Plus “Enlightenments” including interviews with Ellen Bass and Randall Mann, and 2020 Faves & Raves from the journal’s staff. Learn more...


brilliant flash fiction issue 28Brilliant Flash Fiction

Issue 28, January 2021 online
In the newest issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction, find fabulous flash fiction by Ravibala Shenoy, Avra Margariti, Jihoon Park, Kelsey Englert, Joe Farley, Tim Seyfert, CG Miller, Hannah Whiteoak, Yunya Yang, and Taylor Rae. Learn more...


concho river review winter 2020Concho River Review

Volume 34 Number 2, Fall/Winter 2020
In this issue: fiction by Tom Murphy, Doug Ramspeck, Terry Sanville, and Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue; nonfiction by Paul Juhasz, Jeffrey Lockwood, John Robinson, Rachel Schiel, and Steve Wing; and poetry by Diana Anhalt, Kathy Appleton, William Heath, Jane Blanchard, Tom Hunley, Claire Scott, Connie Wasem Scott, Daniel Wade, Neal Zirn, and more. Learn more...


creative nonfiction winter 2021Creative Nonfiction

Issue 74, Winter 2021
Creative Nonfiction #74: "Moments of Clarity" features stories of sudden realizations, things that can’t be unsaid, and power dynamics laid bare: a seventeen-year-old flirts her way into trouble; a daughter’s offhand remark shatters a family’s fragile peace; an employee quietly decides HR’s focus on diversity is actually kind of racist, and more. Also in this issue: epiphanies in nonfiction, legal advice for writers, and tiny truths. Learn more...


cumberland river review january 2021Cumberland River Review

Volume 10 Number 1, January 2021 online
New poetry by Jane Zwart, Paul Hamill, Alex Aldred, Merrill Oliver Douglas, Mary Elizabeth Birnbaum, Al Maginnes, Lauren Claus, Julia Wendell, David O’Connell, and Emily Light. Fiction by Ben Penley. Artwork by Chris Gwaltney. Learn more...


december winter 2020december

Volume 31 Number 2, Fall/Winter 2020
Featuring gorgeous cover art from Raqs Media Collective, new work from Eileen G’Sell, Albert Goldbarth, Noah Davis, John Sibley Williams, and the winner from our 2020 Curt Johnson Prose Awards, art from Brian Dettmer and Ebony Paterson, and much more. Learn more...


lake february 2021The Lake

February 2021 online
The February issue is now online featuring Edward Alport, Holly Day, Mike Dillon, William Ogden Haynes, Katherine Hoerth, Paul McDonald, Gordon Meade, Jill Sharp, J. R. Solonche, John L. Stanizzi, J. S. Watts, Emma Wells, Sarah White. Reviews of Colin Carberry’s Ghost Homeland, Paul Summers’ the dreamer’s ark, and Jennifer McGowan’s Still Lives with ApocalypseLearn more...


understorey magazine issue 19Understorey Magazine

Issue 19, 2020 online
Welcome to the “Food Work” issue. Katherine Barrett urges us to think more about essential workers. Cairistiona Clark, Moni Brar, Kathy Mak, Carmen Wall, Christine Pennylegion, and Chantal Martineau pen poems on the theme. Wendy Burton, Sophie Gazarian, and Suzanne Sloan provide creative nonfiction, and in fiction: Kelly Kaur, Jennie Hunter, Deb Stark, and Elizabeth Collis. Learn more...



Number 138, Winter 2020/2021


Issue 26, 2021 online
We're so excited to bring you this collection of powerful, relevant, and beautiful work by Charles Borkhuis, Hannah Corrie, Merridawn Duckler, Joe Elliot, Thomas Fink, Peter Grandbois, Genevieve Kaplan, Lisa Lewis, David Mills, JoAnna Novak, and Chuck Wachtel, art by Mary DiDoardo, Donté K. Hayes, and Elizabeth Shull, and text + image by Kristin LaFollette.


Volume 106 Number 1, January/February 2021




Magazines Received January 25, 2021

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2river view winter 2021 The 2River View

Volume 25 Number 2, Winter 2021 online
New poems by Kate Wylie, Marissa Ahmadkhani, Roger Camp, Jessica Dionne, Ryan Keeney, Lisa C. Krueger, Al Maginnes, January Pearson, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Ralph James Savarese, and Rachel Stempel, with winter photography by Kilian Schönberger. Learn more...


carve winter 2021 Carve

Winter 2021
This issue of Carve features eleven stellar writers. In the short fiction and accompanying interviews: Vincent Anioke, Toby Lloyd, Stephanie Macias Gibson, and James A. Jordan. Also in this issue, we celebrate Stacy Trautwein Burns’s publication of “Shelter Break” in Ruminate. In Gustavo Hernandez’s poem, we reach toward the future. In Rose Auslander’s, we consider tactility and embodiedness. We also sit with Kerry James Evans’s meditation on I, and Robert Carr’s billowing loss. Emily Breese writes on familial bonds. And finally, in a conversation with Anita Felicelli: illuminating thoughts about reality and identity, song and story, social norms, societal relationships, and simultaneous conflicting truths. Learn more...


kaleidoscope winter 2021 Kaleidoscope

Issue 82, Winter/Spring 2021 online
“We Are Worthy” is the theme of this issue. Our featured essay is “Wrap Me Up and Tie It with a Bow” by Shawna Borman. Author Marilyn Slominski Shapiro writes with vivid imagery in her story, “Rejoice the Archangel Raphael!” Judi Fleischman shares creative nonfiction, “My Man George." This issue contains our first lyric essay, and our first publication of a drabble. In poetry, anxious thoughts are “Intruders” in the mind of Mari-Carmen Marin. You’ll find many other stories, personal essays, and thought-provoking poems that reflect the experience of disability and life in the midst of a pandemic. Cover art by Philadelphia street artist Blur. Learn more...


terrain january 2021

January 2021 online
New on the site this month, find poetry by John Daniel, Robert Wrigley, Eric Pankey, Natasha Sajé, Jenifer K. Sweeney, and Naila Moreira with photos by Stephen Petegorsky; nonfiction by Christine Byl and Deborah Schillbach; fiction by Caprice Garvin; and an interview with Rob Carney by Jackson Reed. Emily Grubby reviews Cheryl J. Fish’s Crater & Tower, and in the “Currents” section: Mary Silwance, Kurt Caswell, and Rob Carney. Learn more...


Magazines Received January 18, 2021

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brevity issue 66 Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

Issue 66, January 2021 online
Issue 66 of Brevity is here! Find nonfiction by Jesse Lee Kercheval, Elena Passarello, Sonja Livingston, Ira Sukrungruang, Kate Hopper, Melissa Stephenson, Anne Panning, Hiram Perez, Noah Davis, Laurie Klein, Lizz Huerta, Francis Walsh, Tyler Orion, Dorian Fox, and Michael McAllister. Learn more...


chestnut review winter 2021 Chestnut Review

Volume 2 Number 3, Winter 2021 online
Our Winter Issue is now available in free download! Featuring work by fifteen amazing artists as well as the winners of our Stubborn Writers Contest: Maurya Kerr, Jen Ashburn, Dan Reilly, Sara Pirkle, Teal Fitzpatrick, Jasper Oliver, Cyn Nooney, Lazar Trubman, and Teddy Engs. Also in this issue: Kiyoko Reidy, Steven Croft, Yashodhara Trivedi, Milla van der Have, Tori Grant Welhouse, Matthew Sumpter, and more. Learn more...


hippocampus magazine february 2021Hippocampus Magazine

January/February 2021 online
We're excited to bring you the first issue of the year! The January-February 2021 edition features 14 pieces of creative nonfiction; our selection of essays and flash CNF includes: Sayuri Ayers, Chris J. Bahnsen, Jessica Power Braun, Emily Cluff, Vivian Lee Croft, Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick, Herb Harris, Melissa Hart, Porter Huddleston, Josh Parish, Jessica Ripka, Molly Thornton, Stephany Wilkes, and K. Zen 'obia. Learn more...


kenyon review february 2021Kenyon Review

January/February 2021
The Jan/Feb 2021 issue of the Kenyon Review is available now. This issue marks the beginning of Nicole Terez Dutton’s editorial stewardship of the renowned journal. Some of the many pleasures to be found include stories by the winners of the 2020 KR Short Fiction Contest—Janika Oza, Steffi Sin, and Stanley Delgado. The new issue also offers wonderful new work in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, including stories by Rachel Heng and Nay Saysourinho, essays by Sonya Larson and Ian Williams, and poetry by Michael Coppola, Diane Seuss, Vievee Francis, Jenny Xie, and the late Lee Sharkey. Learn more...


sky island journal winter 2021Sky Island Journal

Issue 15, Winter 2021 online
Sky Island Journal’s stunning 15th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 80,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips. Learn more...


tiger moth review winter issue 5Tiger Moth Review

Issue 5, 2021 online
Visit Tiger Moth Review for art and literature that engages with nature, culture, the environment, and ecology. In this issue: Cheryl Julia Lee, Neeti Singh, Anna Morris, Anne Yeoh, Pooja Ugrani, Sekhar Banerjee, Ian Goh, Marie Scarles, Rea Maac, Lorraine Caputo, Guna Moran, Ernest Goh, Joe Balaz, Turner Wilson, Peggy Landsman, Chris Johnson, Ashwani Kumar, Crispin Rodrigues, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho, Jaxton Su, Gail Anderson, Lucas Zulu, and more. Learn more...


walloon writers review 2020Walloon Writers Review

Issue 6, 2020
Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is a collection of poetry, short stories and nature photography inspired by Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This independent regionally focused literary magazine publishes annually. "edition 6" edited by Associate Editor Glen Young, is so titled as this is our first digital edition. Walloon Writers Review edition 6 is available on issuu and the link can be found on our website. No charge for the digital edition this year. Cover photography by Elizabeth J. Bates. Learn more...



Feels Blind Literary

Issue 5, Winter 2020 online
This issue's featured artist is Chris Biles. Creative nonfiction by Tricia Leaf, Kaleena Madruga, and Patricia Smith; fiction by Jennifer Fernandez and Brigette Pugh; and poetry by Zakia Ahmadzai, Judy Melchiorre, Shalini Rana, Juanita Rey, and Danielle Zipkin; and plays by Christina Cordano, Linda Howard Cooke, Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn, and Shelli Pentimall Bookler.

In These Times

January 2021

Mud Season Review
Issue 53, December 2020 online



Magazines Received January 11, 2021

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bellevue literary review issue 39 Bellevue Literary Review

Issue 39, Fall/Winter 2020
“Reading the Body.” Fiction by Emma Pattee, Jonathan Penner, Michele Suzann, Lauren Green, Mahak Jain, and more; nonfiction by Jeremy Griffin, Wyatt Bandt, Jack Lancaster, and others; and poetry by Jacob Boyd, Gina Ferrari, Cynthia Parker-Ohene, Sanjana Nair, Thomas Dooley, Beth Suter, and many more. Learn more...


colorado review fall 2020 Colorado Review

Volume 47 Number 3, Fall/Winter 2020
The Fall 2020 issue features poetry by Augusta Funk, nonfiction by Ania Spyra, poetry by Lucien Darjeun Meadows, fiction by Josie Sigler Sibara, and poetry by Caitlin Ferguson. More work by Haley Crigger, Mary Grimm, Clint McCown, John A. Nieves, Katherine Noble, Cullen Bailey Burns, Christopher Salerno, Anne Barngrover, Samyak Shertok, Jennifer Soong, Matthew Kelsey, Daneen Wardrop, Lucien Darjeun Meadows, and more. Learn more...


louisville review fall 2020 The Louisville Review

Number 88, Fall 2020
Issue 88 of The Louisville Review features poetry, short fiction, and (K-12) poetry. Poetry by Peter Grandbois, Simon Perchik, Laurie Welch, Maxima Kahn, John A. Nieves, Jason Tandon, Laine Derr, Tyler King, Margarita Cruz, and more. Fiction by Stan Lee Werlin, J. A. Bernstein, Jim Bellar, Lori Ann Stephens, Jen McConnell, and others. One book review by Mary Popham, and in the K-12 Cornerstone section: Kieran Chung, Sofia Dzodan, and Hannah Slayton. Learn more...


macguffin fall 2020 The MacGuffin

Volume 36 Number 3, Fall 2020
The MacGuffin’s Fall 2020 issue spotlights formal verse. In all, 19 different forms are featured from poets across the map, near and far. From sonnets to sestinas, pantoums to clerihews, all connoisseurs of the written word will find something to delight in. Our usual selection of fiction and nonfiction is interspersed, with personal essays from Nadia Ibrahim and Gretchen Clark, tales of loss—though not the same—from Dave Larsen and Trisha McKee, and a look at two very different families from Shirley Sullivan and Bethany Snyder. Rounding out this issue is the colorful work of Nicholas D’Angelo. Learn more...


southern humanities review winter 2020 Southern Humanities Review

Volume 53 Number 4, Winter 2020
In the current issue: nonfiction by Taylor Bororby and Ceridwen Hall; fiction by Nicole Baute, Torrey Crim, Gloria L. Huang, and Megan Kakimoto; and poetry by Celia Bland, E. G. Cunningham, R. M. Kinder, Daniel Lassell, Rodney Terich Leonard, Jennifer Maier, Emilie Menzel, Lucas Daniel Peters, Derek Sheffield, Simon Shieh, Nathan Spoon, and Beatrice Szymkowiak. Learn more...


tipton poetry journal fall 2020 Tipton Poetry Journal

Issue 46, Fall 2020
This issue of Tipton Poetry Journal features 40 poets from the United States (17 different states) and five poets from Australia, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, and Ukraine. Work by Claire Scott, Julie L. Moore, Liz Dolan, Jeanine Stevens, Holly Day, Paul Daniel Lee, Janet Jiahui Wu, John Cardwell, Madelyn Camrud, Jane Attanucci, Will Schmit, Alessio Zanelli, Carol Tyx, Cameron Morse, Andrew Hubbard, Dave Malone, and more. Plus, a review of Norbert Krapf. Cover photo by Joyce Brinkman. Learn more...


zone 3 fall 2020 Zone 3

Volume 35 Number 2, Fall 2020
In this issue: nonfiction by Hadil Ghoneimj, Steven Harvey, Kathryn Nuernberger, and more; fiction by Scott Brennan, Mary Louise Hill, Sarah Layden, Nathan Moseley, and others; and poetry by Ellery Beck, Jennifer Brown, Jesse DeLong, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Andrew Johnson, Arden Levine, Matt McBride, Leah Osowski, Charlie Peck, Marlo Starr, Dan Veach, and more. Cover art by Jiha Moon. Learn more...


The Midwest Quarterly

Volume 62 Number 1, Fall 2020

North Dakota Quarterly

Volume 87, Numbers 3/4
In the latest issue: fiction by Max Halper, Kareem Tayyar, Donna Lee Miele, and more; essays by Leah Mensch, Mike Miley, Taylor Brorby, and more; and poetry by Kruti Brahmbhatt, William Virgil Davis, Diane Scholl, Jessica Cory, Rajendra Sharma, Lawrence Rhu, Alisha Yi, and many more.



Magazines Received January 04, 2021

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blue mountain review issue 20 Blue Mountain Review

Issue 20, November 2020 online
In the latest issue: Poet Lee Herrick delivers heart and fire and Sebastian Mathews writes about melody and technique. Travel with Jeremy Bassetti or spend an in evening in Nashville’s Red Phone Booth. Also in the issue: a sit down with Jessica Jacobs and Nickole Brown, Freddie Ashley of the Actor’s Express, and the life and works of Rebecca Evans. Plus even more fiction, essays, and poetry. Learn more...


driftwood press january 2021Driftwood Press

Volume 8 Number 1, January 2021 online
Featured in our latest issue is the 2020 Adrift Contest winning story "Myopic" by Mason Boyles, selected by T. Geronimo Johnson, alongside another story, "Whomp," by Lynda Montgomery. From the whispers behind grief to the galactic weight of finding a new identity, the poetry in this issue drills into some of mankind's most intimate desires and conflicts. Wrapping up the issue are visual arts and comics by Kelsey M. Evans, Sam Heydt, Jacob Goldwasser, and Kat Y. Tang. Learn more...


glass mountain fall 2020 Glass Mountain

Volume 25, Fall 2020
The Fall 2020 issue of Glass Mountain features the Robertson Prize winners: Sarah Han Kuo in fiction, Yasmin Boakye in nonfiction, and Stephanie Lane Sutton in poetry. Also in this issue, find art by Martin Balsam, Jailyne España, Rain Mang, and more; fiction by Rain Bravo, Eric Dickey, Caitlin Helsel, and others; nonfiction by Linda Schwartz; and poetry by Danny Barbare, Emily Fernandez, Kathy Key-Tello, Stephanie Niu, and more. Learn more...


plume issue 113 Plume

Issue 113, January 2021 online
Stop by this month’s Featured Selection for an interview with Chanda Feldman and Erika Meitner conducted by Sally Bliumis-Dunn. Bianca Stone writes about why she makes poetry comics. Instead of the usual book review section, this month you can see what Plume’s editors have enjoyed reading this year. This month’s poetry selections come from Brandi George, Kurt Luchs, Jalal al-Din Rumi, G.C. Waldrep, Saida Agostini, Brian Swann, Alexandria Peary, and more. Learn more...


plume issue 113 Prime Number Magazine

Issue 191, January 2021 online
Welcome to our first issue of 2021! This issue offers information on the 2021 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction, with judges Stacy R. Nigliazzo (poetry) and Dennis McFadden (short fiction). You’ll also find our 2020 Pushcart Prize nominees, recent winners of our free 53-Word Story Contest, and poetry selections by our guest poetry editor Lindsey Royce and short fiction selections by our guest short fiction editor Rhonda Browning White. Learn more...



Willawaw Journal

Issue 11, Winter 2020 online
In this issue: writing by Michael H. Brownstein, Mara Beneway, Sarah Beddow, Frank Babcock, Trina Gaynon, Sarah Lilius, Frank Rossini, Cameron Morse, and more. Art by Carol Crump Bryner.






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