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Books Received

Books on this page are primarily from small, author-published, or POD-based book producers.

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Published October 20, 2021


Aan Zee, Joachim Frank, University Press of the South

Blue Madagascar, Andrew Kaplan, Smugglers Lane Press

Chasing the Darkness, Cassie Sanchez, Morgan James Publishing

A New Dream Arises: Kopp Chronicles, Gregory Kopp, Independently Published

Oy Vey, Maria!: A Mrs. Kaplan Mystery, Mark Reutlinger, The Wild Rose Press


Coach, Run, Win, Ken Sayles, Morgan James Publishing

Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths, Alyssa Couture, John Hunt Publishing

Line to Line: An activity book to bring out your inner poet, Mark Smeltzer, Independently Published

Love for a Deaf Rebel: Schizophrenia on Bowen Island, Derrick King, Provenance Press

Racing with Aloha, Fred Haywood, Morgan James Publishing

Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty, Adam Gnade, Bread & Roses Press


Alas the Day, Ben Robinson, Independently Published

Bleb, Sanjeev Sethi, Hybriddreich

Hesitancies, Sanjeev Sethi, CLASSIX

In Disturbed Soil: Poems Across the West, Lee Patton, Kelsay Books

Rebirth of Free Verse: Society, j.e.Rosser, Spring Cedars

Staying Whole while Falling Apart, James Gering, Interactive Press

Take a Deep Breath: Living With Uncertainty, Igor Goldkind, Independently Published

We Are Beach Glass, Emily-Sue Sloane, BookBaby
Published July 21, 2021
  • 1001 Energy Tips, Bill Clark, Dorrance Publishing

  • The Experience Maker, Dan Gingiss, Morgan James Publishing

  • In My Next Life I’ll Get It Right, Rosemary Mild, Magic Island Literary Works

  • Mario Writes a Poem a Day for a Year and So Can You, Mario Milosevic, Green Snake Publishing

  • That Covid Episode, Twisa Dandapat, Prowess Publishing


  • (Mostly) True Tales From Birchmont Village, Peter J. Stavros, Independently Published

  • Rone Isa, Robin Murarka, self-published

  • You’re Pretty Gay, Drew Pisarra, Chaffinch Press


  • All the Tie in the World, Kelly R. Samuels, Kelsay Books

  • Face me: a declaration, Olivia Keenan, The Unapologetic Voice House

  • The Four Colors, Ankur, Hawakal Publishers

  • Look Mom I’m a Poet (And So Is My Cat), Andrew Shaffer, Dime House

  • Serenity View: Poems & Images from the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dr. Marlene MD, BookBaby

  • Spells & Other Ways of Flying, Barbra Nightingale, Kelsay Books

  • WAIT, Kemuel Edmond, Independently Published

Published May 19, 2021


  • Paws Healing the Earth, Ed. Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, River Paw Press


  • . . . And What Do You Do?, Norman Baker, Biteback Publishing

  • Unbroken Spirit: My Life Before and After Quadriplegia, Gilbert John, Amador Publishers

  • Voices of Teenage Transplant Survivors: Miracle-Like, Susan J. Sample, Emerald Publishing Ltd.


  • Attention, Distraction, Possible: Three Plays, Elle Crane,

  • Ethan Fox and the Eyes of the Desert Sand, E. L. Seer, Ethan Fox Books

  • Mama’s Boy, Camai Franklin, Independently Published 


  • At Work on the Garments of Refuge: Poems, Ralph Dranow & Daniel Marlin, Rose Press

  • The Bold News of Birdcalls, Edward Morin, Kelsay Books

  • Matters in My Mind: A Collection of Semi-Autobiographical Poetry, Jude Tobias, Independently Published

Published February 25, 2021


  • Along the Frank Lloyd Wright Trail, James Zellmer, Amuz

  • Life In Full Colors: Unlock Your Childlike Curiosity to Uncover and Activate the Creative Intelligence You Are, Corry MacDonald, self-published

  • The Listening Road, Neil Tomba, Nelson Books

  • Millie! A Love Story, Louis Lavalle & Roseanne Lavalle, Quiet Creek Publishing

  • Out of the Cave, Chris Hodges, Nelson Books


  • Blood Red Sand, Damien Larkin, Dancing Lemur Press

  • Carlos Crosses The Line, Edward D. Webster, Casa de los Sueños Publishing

  • Chasing Rainbows, D.M. Jones, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

  • Cuttle, Chelsea Britain, Bleau Press

  • The Dunnes of Brittas: An Irish Family’s Saga of Endurance, Kevin Lee Akers, Bassett Street Press

  • He Said, She S.A.I.D, Bruce McLaughlin, AlphaGraphics Loudoun

  • Florida Wildlife Warriors: Book 2, Connie Mann, Sourcebooks Casablanca

  • Journey of the Spirit Man, George Mendoza, Wise Tree Press

  • The Maltese Attack, Jay Perin, East River Books

  • Max and the Spice Thieves, John Peragine, Crumblebee Books

  • Penny Pinching Tips for the Morally Bankrupt, Libby Marshall, Atomic Vortex Press

  • The Poohman, Walter S. Zalewski Jr., Page Publishing


  • Sappho’s Moon, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Cyberwit
Published December 22, 2020


  • Leverage: The Guide to End Your Binge Eating, Linda Vang, Morgan James Publishing
  • The Lost Secret, Monica Main, Waterside Productions
  • Rainstorm of Tomorrow: The Ever-Flowing Banquet of Philosophy, Renyuan Dong, MIS Press
  • Touching Gently, Charles I. Hargrove, Ambler Publishing Company 


  • At the End of the World, Turn Left, Zhanna Slor, Agora Books
  • Family Solstice, Kate Maruyama, Omnium Gatherum
  • Ladies of the Canyon, Douglas Wood, Prospective Press
  • A Pontiac in the Woods, Fred Misurella, Blue Triangle Press


  • Amusing Animals From A to Z, Tawanda Marbury, Amazon
  • Max and the Spice Thieves, John Peragine, Crumblebee Books
Published September 23, 2020


  • The Activists, Rainer Link, River Grove Books

  • Fate's Arrows, Malcolm R. Campbell, Thomas-Jacob Publishing

  • I Am Kate Wilson, Katya Williams, Cali Girl Entertainment

  • Flint: An Elegy and Book of Dreams, Adriana Díaz Enciso, self-published

  • Kings Row, Jeffrey Voccola, Hidden River Press

  • The Pigeon Whisperer, Motaz H. Matar, Amazon

  • A Summer to Remember with Ted Williams, Paul Korins, BookLocker

  • The Plaque: This Is Our Country, Too, Donald Himelstein, W & B Publishers


  • Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing, Bea Boccalandro, Morgan James Publishing

  • Extinction Level Event, Mettanandamark, MoshPit Publishing

  • Finding Sweet Spots: Balancing in a Moving Universe, Tom Zatar Kay, Independently Published

  • Healthcare Heroes: The Medical Careers Guide, Mary Choy, Sigel Press

  • Rainstorm of Tomorrow: The Ever-Flowing Banquet of Philosophy, Renyuan Dong, MSI Press

  • Sex, The World History: Through Time, Religion and Culture, John Gregg, Xlibris

  • The Stewardess Chronicle: A Cautionary Tale, Romonia Jean, BookBaby

  • Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow, Jeremy P. Boggess, Amazon

  • To All The Places I've Had Sex Before, LAUX, New Degree Press

  • Warrior: Challenge Accepted, Jessica Duemig, Bright Publishing LLC


  • American Fries: Poems & Stories, Jared Morningstar, Alien Buddha Press

  • Freedom by Elda Pappada, FriesenPress

  • Great Balls of Doubt, Mark Terrill, Verse Chorus Press

  • In the Space Between Universes, Amanda R. Morningstar, Alien Buddha Press

  • The Invisible Waterhole, Joe Kidd, JKSB Media LLC

  • Warbler, Jane Schapiro, Kelsay Books

Published July 22, 2020


  • City, Winter, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Smashwords

  • Dark End of the Street, Andrew Madigan, Next Chapter Publishing

  • Lucky Brilliant, Maureen Sherbondy, Black Rose Writing 

  • The Man on the Rails, Rovshan Abdullaoglu, Amazon

  • Snapshots: A Collection of Short Stories, Eliot Parker, Morgan James Publishing


  • The Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns, Mitzi Szereto, Services

  • Best Zatar Art: Electric & Popping, Tom Zatar Kay, Amazon

  • Dear Hubby of Mine: Home Front Wives in World War II, Diane Phelps Budden, Red Rock Mountain Press

  • From Teen to Teen: How to Attain Your Best Life, Vuong Pham, self-published

  • FUNNY: Dyslexic and Delicious Satirical Comedic, Tom Zatar Kay, Services

  • Hardbarned!, Christopher J. Driver, Mill City Press

  • Make Your Mess Your Memoir, Anna David, Launch Pad Publishing

  • Practicing for Love: A Memoir, Nina Kennedy, RoseDog Books

  • The Triumph of Diversity: How to Rejoice and Benefit from the Interconnectedness of Mankind, Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, Open Books


  • Beyond the Walk, Don Himelstein, W&B Publishers

  • If Anyone Can Hide It, It’s Me, Matthew Stegman, self-published

  • Inside Out, Marjorie Maddox, Kelsay Books

  • Parallel Universe Me Has No Scars, Matthew Stegman, self-published

  • Safe as Lightning, Scudder H. Parker, Rootstock Publishing


  • The Unexpected Adventures of Remi, Shweta Roy, APK Publishers
Published May 20, 2020


  • Stitching a Life: An Immigration Story, Mary Helen Fein, She Writes Press

  • Watermark, Elise Schiller, Spark Press


  • Circumcision Scar, Jay J. Jackson, Hookona Books

  • Handbook for True Democracy, John G. Mentzos, U.R.R. Publishing

  • Hunting the Unabomber, Lis Wiehl, Nelson Books

  • Learn to Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life, Thomas Jordan, BookBaby

  • Retreat to Victory in 1915, Nancy Cramer, The Poppy Press

  • Surrounded by Others and Yet So Alone, J. W. Freiberg, Philia Books

  • They Were Soldiers, Joseph Galloway & Marvin J. Wolf, Nelson Books

  • Was Michael Jackson Murdered? You Be the Judge, Everett Watson, Dorrance Publishing Co.


  • Inspired by Gina, Regina Marie Blaylock, Dorrance Publishing

  • The Persistence of Memory and Other Stories, Jan Maher, Dog Hollow Press

Published January 14, 2020


  • American Neolithic, Terence Hawkins, The Calliope Group

  • Crow Calling, Sherry Roberts, Osmyrrah Publishing

  • The Gargouille, Xander Bailey, Whisky River Books

  • iola O, G.M. Monks, Bink Books

  • Ivory Tower, Grant Jenkins, Atmosphere Press

  • Perpetual Check, F. Nelson Smith, Bear Hill Publishing

  • Trail of the Warrior, R.H. Pfeiffer, Words in Light


  • The Great American Family: A Story of Political Disenchantment, Weam Namou, Hermiz Publishing

  • The Perpetual Beginner: A Musician’s Path to Lifelong Learning, Dave Isaacs, Nashville Guitar Guru

  • Relentless, John Tesh, Nelson Books

  • Uncommon Ground, Timothy Keller & John Inazu, Nelson Books

  • What Am I? Fruits, John Benzee, Split Seed Press


  • Bring Quick the White-Boys, Robert W. Wood, Omonomany Press

  • The Citadel 2, David Stone,

  • Phobophobia, Karl Elder, Cyberwit.netl

Published October 30, 2019


  • Danny Smashed, Tony Sawicki & Gregory Mantore, BookBaby

  • Demigods, J. Giambrone, Indies United Publishing House

  • Magnolia Landing, Tamara Mallimo, self-published

  • The Noble Society of Bullford, Vera Nova, Outskirts Press

  • Wild Boar in the Cane Field: A Novel, Anniqua Rana, She Writes Press


  • The Dung Beetles of Liberia, Daniel Meier Jr., Boutique of Quality Books

  • Reconnecting My Brokenness: Tips to Renew Your Mind, Ashley Monique, WestBow Press

  • Shouting into the Mist, Stephen J. Kinkade, Covenant Books


  • This Moment: Bold Voices from WriteGirl, Ed. Keren Taylor, WriteGirl

Published August 15, 2019


  • Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide: Volume 6, Ed. Sean & Corie Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press


  • Innamorata, Contessa DeMarco,

  • Plum Bottom, Esther Escott, Escott Books

  • The Ahava Order, Robert Przybylski, Royal Hawaiian Press

  • The Ahava Order II – Vampires, Robert Przybylski, Royal Hawaiian Press

  • Swapping Purples for Yellows, Matthew Duffus, Sothern Fried Karma

  • Terror Island, A. W. DeAnnuntis, Giant Claw Press


  • 1000 Stocks that a Young Warren Buffet Might Buy, James Pattersenn Jr., Trilogy Publishing Group

  • The Big Picture of Business, Hank Moore, Morgan James

  • The Big Picture of Business: Book 2, Hank Moore, Morgan James

  • Boomer Brand Winners & Losers, Barry Silverstein, GuideWords Publishing

  • Children in Prison, Jerome Gold, McFarland

  • I Choose Peace, Doug Bender, Nelson Books

  • The Power of You, Jeremy Arbore, independently published


  • Where Will You Go, Ricky Jo, Tom Murdoch, Momma Katie

Published May 30, 2019


  • I Love You Like That, Heather Cumiskey, She Writes Press

  • Silent Lee and the Adventure of the Side Door Key, Alex Hiam, Webster Press


  • The Cookbook: Coming of Age in Turbulent Times, Wiliam Powell, Reputation Books

  • Did America Have a Christian Founding?, Mark David Hall, Nelson Books

  • Friendish: Reclaiming Real Friendship in a Culture of Confusion, Kelly Needham, Nelson Books

  • How to Set Up & Run a Fashion Label, Toby Meadows, Laurence King

  • Raising Boys Who Respect Girls: Upending Locker Room Mentality, Blind Spots, and Unintended Sexism, Dave Willis, Nelson Books


  • Infinity Standing Up, Drew Pisarra, Capturing Fire Press

  • mamaist: a different sort of light, Alan Botsford, Dark Woods Press

  • Poetry and Prose and Lovers of My Love, Janet Wilson, Notion Press


  • The Phantom Files, William B. Wolfe, Dreaming Robot Press

Published April 16, 2019


  • Blue Rubber Pool, Tim Bryant, Black Opal Books

  • The Carolina Connection, Lee Mims, Black Opal Books

  • The Vegan Embargo, L.F. Mascarenhas, self-published

  • Water Wars, Charley Bartholomay, Blue Water Captain


  • Basque Mythology, Patxi Xabier Lezama Perier, self-published

  • Dreaming of a Better World, Roy C. Starr, Starrwriter Publishing

  • Faith, Forensics, and Firearms, Charles Zeiders, Chiron Publications

  • Left for Dead at Nijmegen: The True Story of an American Paratrooper in World War II, Marcus A. Nannini, Casemate Publishing

  • Prepare to Die!!! And Other Stuff Nobody Told You: A Practical Guide for Dealing with the Inevitable, Peter Callan, independently published

  • Renovate your Relationships, Scott Vaudrey, Nelson Books

  • The Titanic Effect: Successfully Navigating the Uncertainties that Sink Most Startups, Todd Saxton, M. Kim Saxton, Michael Cloran, Morgan James Publishing

  • The Happy Mind: A Simple Guide to Living a Happier Life Starting Today, Kevin Horsley, TCK Publsihing


  • The Four Stages of Poetry, Marysa L Storm, independently published

  • Humanity, Ken Bazyn, Resource Publications

  • Love Poems and Other Terrible Problems, Charles Zeiders, Fisher King Press


  • Prince Dustin and Clara: Secrets of the Black Forest, Daniel Lee Nicholson, Fossil Mountain Publishing

  • Welcome to Washington, Fina Mendoza, Kitty Felde, Black Rose Writing


Published March 20, 2019


  • Eva’s Daughter: A Holocaust Survivor Story, Marion Hoffman, Bay Crest Press

  • The Family Dinner, Quinn Charles, One More Press

  • The Resurrection of Jesus, Yancey Williams, YPress

  • The Secret in the Cliffs, Kristin Tucker, eLectio Publishing


  • Before They Left Us, Rosemary Ann Davis, Old Road Publishing

  • Big Picture of Business: Books 1 & 2, Hank Moore, Morgan James

  • Breathing Money, Lynn Fitzpatrick Newman, Terroir Press

  • Harry Potter and the Cedarville Censors, Brian Meadors, McFarland

  • Heaven Shining Through, Joe Siccardi, Xulon

  • Made for the Middle, Micahn Carter, Nelson Books

  • Me Again Only Better, Francesca Sammarco, Page Publishing

  • Non-Profit Legends, Hank Moore, Morgan James

  • Pop Icons and Business Legends, Hank Moore, Morgan James

  • The Right Kind of Strong, Mary A. Kassian, Nelson Books

  • True Riches, John Cortines & Gregory Baumer, Nelson Books

Published January 21, 2019


  • Amnesia Nights, Quinton Skinner, Fentum Press

  • Big Red, Damien Larkin, Dancing Lemur Press

  • Debt Collectors in Love, John Sandman, Whole Bean Books

  • Jupon and the Dagger of Zurr, Prerna Kumar, Notion Press

  • A Knife’s Edge, Eliot Parker, Publisher Page

  • Virginia Woolf in Manhattan, Maggie Gee, Fentum Press


  • Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands that Shaped our Childhood, Barry Silverstein, GuideWords Publishing

  • Essence of 1970’s Japan, Fredric C. May, eLPR Solutions

  • The Official U.S. Army Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Dept. of Army, Lyons Press

  • Taste of Naples: Neopolitan Culture, Cuisine, and Cooking, Marlena Spieler, Rowman & Littlefield

  • The Quiet Blossom: A Story About the Modern Wild West, the American Dream, and Marijuana, Michael A T Clark, Dancing Moon Press

  • The Wrong Side of the Room: A Life in Music Theater, Norman Mathews, Eburn Press


  • Sanctum, Marc Pietrzykowski, Pski’s Porch

  • Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection, Sukarma Rani Thareja, Amazon

Published October 19, 2018


  • Fatima and the Sons of Abraham, Val Bonacci, self-published

  • Shirtless Men Drink Free, Dwaine Rieves, Leapfolio


  • Edible Wild Plants and Useful Herbs, Jim Meuninck, Falcon Guides

  • The First Writings of Napoleon Hill: Truthful Living, Jeffrey Gitomer, Amazon Publishing

  • Generating Business with Referrals without Asking, Stacey Brown Randall, Morgan James Publishing

  • How to Become a Digital Leader: A Roadmap to Success, Cathy C. Smith, Amazon Digital

  • One Pill Makes You Stronger: The Drug that Scorched My Soul, Jill Stegman, Transformation Media Books

  • Tuesdays with Jack, Pauline Daniel, Granville Island Publishing

  • What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t, Ann Marie Sabath, Career Press

  • Where the Colors Blend, Stephen Copeland, Morgan James Publishing

  • You Can Invest Like a Stock Market Pro, James Pattersenn Jr., Trilogy Publishing Group


  • Hungry Words, R. Bremner, Alien Buddha Press

  • I was the girl with the moon-shaped face, Heather Lang Cassera, Zeitgeist Press

  • Revealing Self in Pictures and Words, Tom Taylor, Eye Point Press

  • So Be It, Ralph Culver, WolfGang Press

Children's/YA Lit

  • Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide: Volume 5, Edited by Sean and Corie Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press

Published August 27, 2018


  • 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies & Other Stories, Townsend Walker, Deeds Publishing

  • Berlingeles, Stefan Kiesbye, Revelore Press

  • The Cake You Can’t Bake, Helen Hsi, Amazon

  • The Egret, Russell Hill, Pleasure Boat Studios

  • My MacArthur, Cindy Fazzi, Sand Hill Review Press

  • The Rites of Passage, Jonathan A. Taylor, Arnoland Press

  • The Second Goodbye, Patricia Smiley, Midnight Ink

  • Silverhorn, Marri Champie, Kasva Press

  • The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane, Bryce Bentley-Tales, NineStar Press


  • Kick Ass Kinda Girl, Kathi Koll, Ward Publishing

  • Silent Spring – Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War, Patrick Hogan, Whatnot Enterprises


  • Opportunity Begins with Unity, Ed. Woodson Pyle Burnet, Quiet Mouse Publishing

  • The Evolution of Woman: Poems by a Healer and a Preacher’s Daughter, Amanda Joy Glover, self-published

  • Fantasies: Love-Making Poems, Fabian Adekunle Badejo, House of Nehesi Publishers

Children's/YA Lit

  • Zosma, Jason Michael Primrose, Mascot Books

  • A Pixie’s Promise, Dianna Sanchez, Dreaming Robot Press

Published July 17, 2018


  • The Quisling, Lawrence Matrick, Bellevue Publishing

  • The Ramadan Drummer, Randolph Splitter, Pandamoon Publishing

  • Storm: Book One, Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu, Amazon

  • Terms of Engagement: Stories of the Father and Son, Paul Alan Ruben, Larkin Books


  • H.O.P.E. for the Alzheimer’s Journey, Carol B. Amos, Morgan James Publishing

  • Magnetic I-Ching (Book Supplement), Daniel Young, Paradoxy

  • Teacher: You Are Enough And More, Claire Rachel Maghtas and Karen Jean Epps, Morgan James Publishing

  • Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change, Linda DeFruscio-Robinson, Brown Books


  • Journey of a Bedroom Poet, Catherine Napalai Faulder, self-published

  • The Last Jazz Fan: And Other Poems, Kenneth Salzmann, Gelles-Cole Literary Enterprises

  • A Love Story: Poems of God’s Eternal Love, Regina Marie Blaylock, Dorrance Publishing Co.

  • The Annotated Murder of One, Jared Pearce, Aubade Publishing

  • Voices of War, Gary Beck, Atlantean Publishing

Published June 12, 2018


  • A Bridge for Christmas, William Schwenn, Brighton Publishing

  • Galahad’s Fool, Conrad Bishop, WordWorkers Press

  • I Detest All My Sins, Lanny Larcinese, Intrigue Publishing

  • Lilith’s Legacy, Renee Vivien, Snuggly Books

  • The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday, David Corbett, Black Opal Books

  • Long Walk Home, John L. Lansdale, BookVoice Publishing

  • Love is the Punch Line, Kathleen Jones, Moonshine Cove Publishing

  • Report to Megalopolis, Tod Davies, Exterminating Angel Press

  • Scar Tissue, Patricia Hale, Intrigue Publishing

  • The Silliest Stories Out of Bustleburg: America’s Worst City, Jimmy Misfit, JMS Books

  • Tiny Shoes Dancing and Other Stories, Audrey Kalman, Terrella Media


  • H.O.P.E. for the Alzheimer’s Journey, Carol B. Amos, Morgan James Publishing

  • Teacher: You Are Enough And More, Claire Rachel Maghtas and Karen Jean Epps, Morgan James Publishing

  • Transgender Profiles: Time for a Change, Linda DeFruscio-Robinson, Brown Books


  • Love and Errors, Kimberly Dark, Puna Press

Children's Lit

  • Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence, Linda DeFruscio-Robinson, Brown Books

  • Gumgah and the Grumpledonk, Jacques Nyemb, Not So Super Publishing

  • The Secret Key of Pythagorum, Michele Angello, Morgan James

Published April 16, 2018


  • The Architect of Frustration, Wayne Alan Brenner, Café Armageddon

  • The History of the Decline and Fall of America: A Semi-Fictional Satire, Scott Erickson

  • The Phantom Files: Twain’s Treasure, William B. Wolfe, Dreaming Robot Press

  • Precept, Matthew de Lacey Davidson, First Edition Design Publishing

  • The White: the Tensurrealistic Party, Lepota Luba Cosmo, Lulu


  • Celebrated Marquis: An Italian Noble and the Making of the Modern World, John D. Bessler, Carolina Academic Press

  • The Holistic Gut Prescription, Lauren Deville, Morgan James Publishing

  • Paint Your Hair Blue, Sue Matthews with Andrea Cochane, Morgan James Publishing


  • Asylum Seeker, Rich Murphy, The Poetry Press

  • Back Alley Poems, Ken Greenley, Improbable Productions

Children's Lit

  • I Love Who I Am: Self-Love for Kids, J. O’Keefe, Grace Hall Publishing

  • Sally the Stone and Friends, Sally Schnarr

Published March 14, 2018


  • Fresh News Straight From Heaven, Gregg Sapp, Evolved Publishing
  • Full Circle, Regina Timothy, Amazon
  • Lachesis' Allotment, Diana R.A. Morris, Not Avail
  • Light within the Shadows, Pnina Granirer, Granville Island Publishing
  • Lucky or Not, Here I Come, Gerry Orz, self-published
  • Orope: The White Snake, Guenevere Lee, Morgan James Publishing
  • Peculiar Savage Beauty, Jessica McCann, Perspective Books
  • Return of the Jaguar, Norm Cuddy, Granville Island Publishing
  • Roses in December: Haunting and Macabre Tales, Matthew de Lacey Davidson, First Edition Design Publishing
  • Table Fales, Earl Mathis, self-published


  • Ethnics and Society, Alexander Dugin, Arktos


  • Hallowed Be Thy Gun, Gary Beck, Atlantean Publishing
  • Please Don’t Forget Me, Matthew de Lacey Davidson, First Edition Design Publishing
  • What Souls Might Bear, Matthew de Lacey Davidson, First Edition Design Publishing
Published February 14, 2018


  • Do You Love Me?, Sharon Ervin, Intrigue Publishing
  • Jane’s Baby, Chris Bauer, Intrigue Publishing
  • Traveling High and Tripping Hard, Joseph Davida, Dark Planet Press
  • Tree, Melina Sempill Watts, Change the World Books


  • I Am Me: My Personal Journey with my Forty Plus Autistic Son, Marlene Ringler, Morgan James Publishing
  • Outward Success is an Inside Job, Bobby Albert, Morgan James Publishing
  • The Power of Perception, Shawn Andrews, Morgan James Publishing
  • What Can You Believe In When You Don't Believe in God?, Michael Werner, Humanist Press


  • The Bluebird Run, Greg Keeler, Elk River Books
  • The Tree with No Leaves, Kristina M. Sutton, Amazon
Published January 17, 2018
  • in some sense innocent, Hans Burger, Xi Draconis
  • Tombstone: (Not a Western), Francis Levy, Black Rose Writing
  • Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, John C. Maxwell, Morgan James
  • Everybody Always, Bob Goff, Nelson Books
  • Exposed: The Secrets the Car Dealerships Don’t Want You to Know, Ron Staszak, Vehicle Information Resources
  • He Could Make Words Sing, David Green, DCG Publishing
  • Once Upon A Lifestream Dream, RL Cook, Createspace
  • The Power of Things Unseen, Leanne R. Wood, Morgan James
  • Remember Who You Are, Paula Brown Stafford & Lisa T. Grimes, Morgan James
  • The Ultimate Actualist Convention, Ed. Morty Sklar, Cinda Kornblum, & Dave Morice, The Spirit That Moves Us Press
  • Writing for Bliss, Diana Raab, Loving Healing Press
  • A Dance Around the Cauldron, Linda Lerner, Lummox Press
  • Every Watering Word, Tanya Manning-Yarde, Wasteland Press
  • A Long Rope at the Edge of the Void, Douglas Blazek, Edition Muta
Published November 16, 2017
  • Behind Mount Rushmore, Darlene P. Campos, Vital Narrative Press
  • Clara at the Edge, Maryl Jo Fox, She Writes Press
  • Four Short Stories and Ten Love Poems, Raymond Philip Asaph, Bring It to the People Publishing
  • Growth and Change are Highly Overrated, Tom Starita, Amazon
  • Louisiana Catch, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Modern History Press
  • PIanotown, Russell Helms, sij books
  • Revelation at the Labyrinth, Nancy Flinchbaugh, eLectio Publishing
  • Revolution 2050, Jay Chalk, Dancing Lemur Press
  • Selfies, Gabriel Gilbert, Lulu
  • Tiger Pelt, Annabelle Kim, Leaf~Land LLC
  • Welcome to the Saint Angel, William Luvaas, Anaphora Literary Press
  • West of Love: A Story Cycle, Francis Davis, Brighthorse Books
  • Accused #13 in the Shah’s Iran: A Memoir of Injustice, Kian Parsi & Phillip Villarreal, McFarland
  • I, A Squealer, Richard Bruns, Twin Feather Publishing
  • I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!, Ginger Hubbard, Nelson Books
  • Inside the Atheist Mind, Anthony DeStefano, Nelson Books
  • Jonathan Williams: The Lord of the Orchards, Ed. Jeffrey Beam and Richard Owens, Prospecta Press
  • Life Without Lack, Dallas Willard, Nelson Books
  • The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down, R. Albert Mohler, Nelson Books
  • Too Sharp to Fail, Kiana L. Wilson, Morgan James
  • Kissitudes of Life Volume II, Arthur Weil, self-published
  • Mortal: Poems 2007-2016, Thomas Dillon Redshaw, Brighthorse Books
  • Royal Blue Car, Evelyn Posamentier, RAW ArT Press
Published September 20, 2017
  • 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, Ed. Corie & Sean Weaver, Dreaming Robot Press
  • The Big Free, Martha B. Boone, Morgan James
  • Hiding in Third Person, Phil Bradley, Archway Publishing
  • Landslide, Melissa Leet, Antrim House Books
  • Morgue Rage, Alicia Anthony, self-published
  • Pushing Up Daisies, Penny Clover Petersen, Intrigue Publishing
  • Wish for Amnesia, Barbara Rosenthal, Deadly Chaps 
  • The Age of Promise, Randy Robison, Nelson Books
  • The Billion Dollar Byte, D. Justhy, Morgan James
  • Get Smarter Marketing, Jill Brennan, Morgan James
  • Going Down to the River, Doug Seegers & Steven Eubanks, Nelson Books
  • Henry, Katrina Shawver, Koehler Books
  • Ketone Therapy, Bruce Fife, Piccadilly Books
  • The Optimistic Food Addict, Christina Fisanick Greer, MIS Press, LLC
  • Party of One, Joy Beth Smith, Nelson Books
  • Whose Words These Are, j. Justin and John J. Dilenschneider, Significance Press
  • CAPS Poetry 2015, Ed. Marina Mati, CAPS Press
  • A Celebration of Western New York Poets, Ed. Patricia Tansey, Buffalo Legacy Publications
  • Poetry by an Elderly, Liberal, White Guy, Harry E. Gilleland, Jr., self-published
Published August 14, 2017
  • The Church of the Holy Child, Patricia Hale, Intrigue Publishing
  • The Elifer Chronicles: Epidemic, Julie Boglisch, Cawing Crow Pressdo
  • Miscast Spells, Rose Corcoran, self-published
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Published June 11, 2013
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Published October 11, 2012
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Published July 10, 2012
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Published April 12, 2012
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Published March 16, 2012
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Published January 26, 2012
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Published January 26, 2012
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